Enki and the Andromedan Council

( Enki et le Concile d’Andromède )

Back in August 2022 I wrote a post in which I announced to invest more in studying the work of Alex Collier (1). I started off enthusiastically with a few articles (2-7), but I can’t say that Alex has started to play a vital role on this website, although it feels as if he had been present, somewhere in the background 🙂 This post is about information from Alex’ Andromedans about the Enki faction and their connection with the Andromedan Council.

Alex Collier (31)

It has been an interesting ride, the last couple of months. For me, the main development was my ability to break free from a kind of Elena Danaan-spell, which allowed me to roam more freely and to think more clearly. Since Elena kept on repeating how Megan Rose was a divisive factor, I felt free to check out Megan’s work and see for myself what all this alleged misinformation was all about. This of course didn’t stop me from fully respecting Elena Danaan’s information.

One of the differences between Elena Danaan and that from Val Nec (8) that I encountered was their position on the Anunnaki. This triggered interesting discussions within the Elena Danaan Study Center (9) and it resulted in a few articles on this issue (10-11). I even bumped into a species, the Kur, that apparently were present during the time when the Anunnaki did their genetic trick on us (12). All this pulled me towards the work of Alex Collier: what did the Andromedans say about them, really?

In order to find out what the A’s said about the Anunnaki I read everything on the Anunnaki from every paragraph of the interviews, lectures and speeches that Alex Collier has given from the period 1994 until 2011, together with a few letters and articles (13). You can find them all in one big pdf-file (14), but you can also read them at Alex Collier’s website (15). While reading through his material I was also triggered to write some updates on existing pages (16,17).

Within all those articles I could find the term ‘Anunnaki’ only a couple of times. The Andromedans seem to prefer to use the term ‘Nibiruans’ to designate this particular Anunnaki family we have come to know all too well. Let’s first hear what the Andromedans have to say about the origin of the Nibiruans:

Those from Nubiru (Nibiru) were a tribe that came about as a result of a ”marriage” between some groups between Sirius B and Orion. It was in essence a “royal marriage” between groups that formed a “tribe”. This “tribe” was called Nubiru. The word Nubiru, in the ancient Sumerican language, means “between two peoples”. I know Sitchin calls it something else. The offspring were not allowed to go with the extraterrestrial parents when they left the Earth, because they were considered “half-breeds” (18,19)

In a lecture from 2001 Alex talks about the Nibiruans and their wish to enter our solar system to gather some ‘mining equipment’ that they left behind. The Andromedans allow them to get their stuff back, but they are not to have any direct contact with Earth. They don’t seem to be too happy with these Nibiruans as you can read, especially in the third paragraph.

Some Human Mining Equipment (22)

Our solar system is extremely crowded now. There are ships from thirty one different planetary races here. Also, Nibiru is on its way back into the solar system. Many of the `mother ships’ are already here and have been here, primarily around Saturn (23). 

The Nibiruan race, or rather the tribe of Nibiru which is exactly what it is, asked the Andromedan council for permission to enter the solar system to gather mining equipment that they left here when they vacated this area 5200 years ago (24). The Andromedan council agreed to it. The council agreed to let them back in but not to have direct contact with the Earth.

I will tell you honestly that the Andromedans absolutely do not trust the Nibiruans because of what they did the last time they were here, the genetic manipulation, the pole shift, trying to drown everybody, the division of the races, the creating of different languages, and creating the four of many different religions on the planet that were used to separate us.

They are a classic Orion paradigm, `divide and conquer’. I know that there are people out there that have an opposing view. I don’t know what to tell you. You’ll just have to trust your instincts. I’m just delivering the message. The Andromedans do not trust them at all as well as many of the other races as well.”

Not only would they have asked to get their mining equipment back, they would also have asked the Andromedan Council to regain ownership over our world. In 1998, Jon Robinson (25), a very close friend of Alex, who passed away in 2021, wrote a letter (28) to the Andromedan Council. This letter can still be found on the website of Alex Collier, so it is safe to presume that Alex backs the contents of the letter.

It has been brought to our attention that the Nibiru race have come forward to the Andromedan Council to present their claim of ownership of the Earth and all upon it, including some of the surrounding planets that make up the Sol system….The Nibiru’s propose their claim of ownership over us is due to their specific genetics relating to our current physical holographic body types. How could the Nibiru possibly claim ownership over life that they had no responsibility in creating in the first place?….The Nibiru claim that our current physical body represents their race more than any other race that has visited Terra in the past, due to genetics that they introduced within us by their Creational Scientists. (28)

A Council Meeting Table (28)

If the Anunnaki wanted to regain ownership over our planet and the Andromedans distrusted them that much, why would they have supported the arrival of Enki in our solar system? It turns out that Enki’s branch of the Nibiruans already had a special status. They would have even gotten a ‘seat’ in the Andromedan Council itself! Read along from a lecture from 2002:

Several months ago we posted an update regarding Nibiru. That specific group of Nibiruans were allowed induction into the Andromedan council. The Andromedan council is held in Andromeda. It is at last count made up from 173 star systems in our galaxy that are part of this.

The Andromedans do not control it or manage it. They only hold the meetings there and serve refreshments. It is held in there system their star system. The system of Zenetae in the Constellation of Andromeda not the galaxy of Andromeda. That is somebody else trying to muddy up those waters.

A specific family of Nibiru has been given induction into the council. That family is part of the lineage of „Enki‟. Some of you have read Zecharia Sitchen. It is the „Enki” lineage. Jehovah or Enlil, they wouldn‟t even give him the time of day.

In another part we can read about the way this Enki-group was allowed to partake in the Andromedan Council. The voting apparently was not unanimous. Below you can read which groups had the strongest hesitations:

Apparently, a portion of the Andromedan council felt that they were trustworthy enough to be on the council and were given permission to re-enter the solar system. I know that the Andromedans, the Pleadians, the Procyons, those from Sirus `A’, Signus Alpha, and several others strongly opposed that because of trust factors. Councils are like the U.N., it’s a Democracy. The majority rules. That’s were it is at. Time will tell all of us what is going to happen. I’m not Nostradamus, I don’t know. (21, question 15)

There is a lot more to be found in Alex’ work that relates to the Nibiruans/Anunnaki. I think the above is more than enough for this article. What to think of it all? Perhaps Elena Danaan can ask Enki to verify this information provided by the Andromedans? (29) What would be the current state of affairs? Apparently important groups, like the Pleiadeans and the Andromedans, opposed even the Enki-branch within the Andromedan Council. What would be their current position towards the role of Enki in our solar system? It is clear that everybody agreed on the other Nibiruan branches of Enlil: no more. I would presume that the Anunnaki of the Enki-branch are watched very closely, but they still have the benefit of the doubt, backed as they are by the Andromedan Council.

What are your thoughts? Please share them below in the comments or visit the brand new Alex Collier and the Andromedans Study Group. You can also follow my work at the Galactic Anthropology channel.

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Alex Collier during a Lecture at the Ranch 1996 (30)

(8) I use the imaginary name ‘Val Nec’ instead of the real Val Nek, to show that I am not taking sides in this discussion whether Megan is actually still in contact with Val Nek or not. It might be true, it might not. For now it is not relevant to study the work of Megan Rose.
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(13) It was quite a task to work my way through all those texts. I made notes about every time the following words were used in the texts: Nibiru, Nubiru, Enki, Enlil, Marduk, Anunnaki, Nubireans, Nibureans.
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(24) This date of about 5200 years ago that is connected to the departure of the Nibiru tribe roughly coincides with what we can read in Elena Danaan’s The Seeders (20). On page 511 we can read: “3800 BC – As a result of dreadful wars, the ancient custodian ‘gods’ left the planet for good, passing the rulership onto their hybrid human bloodlines
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(28) (23) Since I couldn’t find any Andromedan Council pictures, I chose this one from the European Union. This doesn’t mean that I support the European Union. The original image is taken from: https://www.foreignbrief.com/daily-news/eu-leaders-gather-for-council-meeting-for-first-time-since-european-elections/
(29) I added this question to the questions that others might pose during one of the many webinars: Questions & Missing Webinar Topics
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