Maria Orsic as a Fifth Column from the Galactic Federation of Worlds

Maria Orsic (9)

On February 19, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla launched the interview he had with Jean-Charles Moyen and David Rousseau (1,2). He had spoken with both Jean-Charles (3) and David Rousseau (4) before separately and the interview with Jean-Charles triggered three articles on this site (5,6,7). In the recent interview with the two of them their experiences are compared with each other.

One of the things that they both mention is the presence of Maria Orsic as a teacher in a kind of telepathy-class on the Solaris, a French-American Secret Space Program ship. This class would have consisted of only two kids from Earth with the rest of them being from other worlds.

The role of Maria Orsic has been rather ambiguous: what was she doing in the Vril Society, what was her connection with the Nazi’s and how can she be a teacher on a ship aligned with the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW)? After this interview it seems that Maria Orsic has been a kind of Fifth Column within the Nazi-program in order to keep an eye on them for the sake of GFW.

In the comments-section of the interview on Salla’s site the author Herbert Dorsey (1) gives a very enlightening summary of Maria Orsic and her connection with German and a race from Aldebaran.

It was interesting to discover that the teacher on the Solaris, Maria Orsic, was the same Maria Orsic that formed the Secret Vril Society in 1921 in Munich, Germany. I did a lot of research on her for my book, “Secret Science and the Secret Space Program” (8)

Maria Orsic was born on October 31, 1895. Maria Orsic was a psychic who had a number of female psychic friends and organized the Vril Society from this group. Before long, this group was channelling information from the Sumi who lived on a planet in the Alderberan star system in the constellation Taurus. The Sumi claimed that it was their forebears that created the ancient Sumerian civilization on our planet.

Notes taken by Maria Orsic and Sigrun containing Sumerian and Templar writing (11).

These Vril psychics channelled the complete plans for an other world flying machine or Jensite Flug Machine(JFM) in German.. The written instructions were determined to be in the ancient Sumerian language and had to be translated back into German by the Pan Babylon society. After this translation, Maria Orsic asked her father if he understood the plans. He said that he did not, but he would take these plans over to his friend, Dr. Otto Schumann, a professor at the University of Munich and see if he did.

Maria Orsic (9)

Schumann was fascinated by the plans and said let’s build it and see what it does. The Vril Society then joined forces with the Thule Society to build the JFM-1 in early 1923. The Thule Society provided the financing and the Vril Society, the information. The Vril levitators were improved and the bugs removed throughout the whole JFM series. These two secret societies considered Dr. Otto Schumann as the father of the Vril levity disks and pretty well kept these developments secret during the 1920s.

But, in the 1930s the Nazi Party was organized by members of the Thule Society. And by the start of World War II, the SS gained access to the Vril saucer technology.

Maria Orsic was very opposed to this Vrll technology being used for a weapon of war and kept the more advanced saucers for herself and other Vril members in a secret hanger. The Vril psychics kept in constant contract with the Sumi during the war and totally disappeared at the end of the war. They are some that believe they joined the Sumi with their advanced Vril saucers.

Dr. Otto Schumann was brought to the U.S. after the war, where he is only famous for his discovery of the Schumann resonance between the Earth and the ionosphere.

The Summi may have been in the Federation of Worlds. That could be the pathway for Maria Orsic to join the Federation of Worlds and be on the Solarius. By now she would be 127 years old. Probably the Secret Space Program “med bed” technology has been used to keep her body and appearance younger. Perhaps Dr. Salla could inquire about Maria Orsic’s present appearance.” (1)

A day after I put out this post, Herbert Dorsey added another piece of information on what would have happened to Orsic and others in the Vril-group. Here’s what he wrote at the comments at (1):

I decided to see if my greatest source of information on Maria Orsic, the prodigious French researcher and author, Maximillen De Layafette has updated information on Maria Orsic since writing my 2014 book. After studying his updated information, I know that Maria Orsic and the other 4 ladies of the Vril definitely went to join the Sumi in the Aldeberan star system shortly before Munich was destroyed by allied bombing. Their civilization was very advanced and they could prolong life in a youthful state for many centuries. This answers my question about about Maria Orsic’s physical appearance.

According to information from Elena Danaan, nearly everyone who lives on other planets than Earth uses the term ‘Phryll’ to refer to the universal life energy. If you want to get to know more about that take a look at (10). Many more details on Maria Orsic and the Vril society can be found at (11).

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Age Regression by 20 Years – Moyen and Relfe

( 20 歳までの年齢回帰 – Moyen と Relfe )

In another intriguing interview that was published on December 26, 2021, Dr. Michael Salla talks to Jean-Charles Moyen about his service in the French Secret Space Program (1). I would surely recommend reading or watching this revealing interview.

One of the things that struck me was that concept of being age-regressed some 20 years back to the past. Salla says in his introduction on (1):

“After his formal recruitment into France’s military, he served on two spacecraft belonging to a joint Franco-US space fleet from 1991 to 2011( the Solaris and the Excelsior) before being age regressed and returned to his point of departure.” (8)

The reason why I was triggered by this period of going back 20 years in time after having spent 20 years in a secret program, was because I had read about this phenomenon before in the report of another whistleblower, namely Michael Relfe. He and his wife Stephanie wrote a book called ‘The Mars Records’ in 2000 (2). On page 9 you can see the following time line:

From Mars Records, page 83 in the pdf (2)

The similarity with the experience of Jean-Charles Moyen (JC) is striking. Here’s a quote from Dr. Michael Salla’s (MS) article (1):

[MS] Explain what happened at the end of your 20 and back program.

[JC] End of the service after 20 years, back in time in 1990, molecular regression (to return physically to 21 years old) and erasing of my memory in a kind of tube sending powerful waves in my brain to make me forget everything. I woke up in my bed in the military hospital, but just before they took me back to my room, I remember hearing someone say: erased everything correctly this time.

To find out more about the impressive story by Jean-Charles Moyen take a look at his 15 time capsules on youtube (3).

In the video belonging to the article by Dr. Salla there was a small discussion on this matter of age-regression as well (4). Here’s a part of that discussion:

Tony Rodriguez is mentioned in the above youtube-discussion excerpt. I would advise watching an interview Elena Danaan had with Tony Rodriguez on July 14, 2021 (5) and a new one on February 9, 2022 (6). Dr. Michael Salla also had an interview with him on January 9, 2022 (7)

Not everybody is age-regressed 20 years back to their past. Al Bielek says that he was age regressed from being a 37-year-old man with the name of Edward Cameron to a 9 month-old baby with the name Al Bielek. Read more about this at (9). Chris O’ Connor said that he went through three of these 20-year-and-back programs (10).

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