Whose DNA shall I use Today? On Our Genes from the Stars.

The foundation of this website rests on the idea that we as a human race are the result of genetic interaction with all kinds of extraterrestrial races. According to Alex Collier we would carry within ourselves DNA markers from at least 22 races who have contributed to our genetic package (2).

(Genetic Engineering by our forefather, image taken from (6))

In a video-interview on May 3, 2022 with Elena Danaan, Jean-Charles Moyen and Randy Kramer by Merrily Milmoe, Elena expanded on this (2). She said that the first seeders came and took the present primates that were present on Earth and added the information from 11 races to make a 12-race genetic being, which would have formed the first generation of human beings.

After that first seeding the Anunnaki (3,4) would have performed ‘their show’ on us and this would have been followed by all kinds of races that sometimes were refugees from the Lyran Wars (5) or the Orion Wars.

Elena Danaan said that everyone has at least these 12 races in their genes, since human beings were made with the genetic input of 11 other races (and the original primate’s genes, 7). Not everyone however, would have the (apparently maximum) number of genes in their cells. It can range from 12 to 22. Both Elena and Jean-Charles would have the complete package of 22 different genetic information stemming from 22 races.

The mix of various genetic star lineages can make all kinds of matches between souls from all kinds of star systems. Alex Collier says that the presence of so many different ‘genes from the stars’ makes us potentially very powerful since we would have the innate possibility to actually connect to these seeder races. Elena also says that we are considered to be one of the most valuable currency in the galaxy because of this ability to potentially tap into the collective memories of these 22 civilizations.

(image taken from (8))

This brings us to the title of this article. Just imagine that we, with our consciousness, have the potential to connect to at least 12 extraterrestrial civilizations through our genes. This would allow us the possibility to tune into the mode of thinking, being of these various species. Isn’t that an interesting idea to play with during your meditations, or during gentle walks in nature? How would you approach a certain issue when you are attuned to a Selosian state of mind (9), or perhaps more like the Anunnaki or perhaps those from the feline looking species of the La’an?

Perhaps you are inclined to approach certain situations with a reptilian perspective, whereas you could also opt for a higher dimensional perspective connected to other beings?

For now it is yet unclear who all these seeder races were and what there motivations were for interacting with us. Perhaps the various Hall of Records and Arks that seem to be popping up all around the world help us in remembering our stellar origins.

In a video from August 11, 2022 Elena Danaan elaborates on Cellular and Soul memories (10). This theme is further elaborated upon in another video from August 23, 2022 (11).

(1) We are a race of Avatars
(2) Super Soldiers & Super StarSeeds Compare Experiences:Jean-Charles Moyen, Randy Cramer & Elena Danaan
(3) Nibiru, the Planet of the Anunnaki in the Immaru Star System
(4) The Seeding of Mankind by those of Aldebaran
(5) Getting acquainted with the Ahil
(6) Is Genetic Engineering in Humans Ethical?
(7) I’m not sure about this number 11 or 12. If the original seeders or the P’taal added DNA of 11 other races to the primate that would mean that there are in total 21 races that added to the original primate. But then again perhaps the 22th race is the one that led to the formation of the first primate.
(8) Biodynamic Basics: Tuning into Nature – Star Gazing
(9) On the Selosi from Alpha Centauri B
(10) EXPLORING CELLULAR AND SOUL MEMORY (Aug 11 2022) Remembering what you are made of.
(11) WHO THE TERRANS ARE – Where is home? / Aug 22 2022

8 thoughts on “Whose DNA shall I use Today? On Our Genes from the Stars.

    • No, it’s absolutely fine. It is related to the article and I like it when people think along. I just added endnote 32 as a result of Swerdlov’s Montauk book. He talks about a telepathic chat he had with ‘the original Butterfly’ and how they assisted in seeding the butterflies on our planet, and their role on our planet.

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  1. I suspect my soul was last of the Zygon (Danaan, p. 74). If I have to remain here any longer, I want my skin to be pale blue.

    There needs to be an accounting of the crimes and the criminals, and either that is going to happen or it is not going to happen. If it does not happen while the criminals are still alive to be put on trial, I don’t want to be here.

    As a race, you can’t go through a holocaust, such as Terrans have gone through during past 100 years, and not investigate the atrocities and put those responsible on trial. Danaan is wrong when she says, “Your leaders did not listen to our warning.” They were not our leaders because we didn’t choose them. (That is an ignorant statement for someone who claims to be spiritually advanced; but the Ahel are into sex, so they are not as advanced as they think they are.)

    So, if there are investigations, trials and sentences, I volunteer to help with that.


    • Hi there Diana,

      What is that (Danaan, p.74) referring to? I couldn’t find it in her books at page 74.

      And if you like it or not in our system we accept/believe that we have chosen our leaders, or at least we allow them to govern us. And what is that about the Ahel having sex? Do you think that having sex automatically means that your level of awareness is limited? I tend to agree. I would say that it depends on the way you are intimate with each other.

      And I can understand that you want to see the cabal criminals pay for their deeds. They had a chance to escape, but they refused. This might mean that they will experience so accounting in a rough way, perhaps.


      • On page 74 of The Book of Alien Races, Elena says the Zygon “never were interested in Terra’s affairs and they keep themselves outside of any conflict or negotiation concerning Terra. Although a small group of Zygon have chosen to experience helping the Terran species through their vibratioal elevation, and to do so, incarnate on Terra.” But I also like the serious look on the face of the Zygon woman Elena drew.

        If you think any of the globalist leaders were chosen by the people, you haven’t been paying attention. Elections are rigged, and even if they weren’t, human beings have been conditioned and lied to from birth. That isn’t choice and it isn’t even informed consent.

        Forms don’t like to hear this, but having sex is spiritual backwardness. It’s forbidden to Buddhist monks and nuns. You can investigate how many Christian and Hindu saints had sex. The only saint I know of who did was the Tibetan one, Padmasambhava, but if you aren’t at his level, having sex won’t get you to his level.

        Regarding tribunals, it has nothing to do with the perpetrators themselves, and everything to do with taking away their power in society. There is a strange belief among Terrans that once a person reaches a high position, he can’t be fired. They need to be removed from their positions and their pensions taken away. Some need to be imprisoned for the good of society.


      • Aha, it is page 80 in my version of the book. I thought you were somehow quoting Elena Danaan and her soul-origin.

        No, indeed, when you consider the Cabal as the globalist leaders then we haven’t elected them indeed, and I also have to agree that many elections are probably rigged, with the latest American one as the biggest example (although I don’t trust the French elections either), but on the other hand, Viktor Orban won in Hungary despite the WEF/Soros/EU/US and Zelensky, and so did Vukic in Serbia. So, there are some fair elections, like the ones in South America where Chavez and Morales won.

        I still think that there are ways of having sex (perhaps in a 5D-world) that don’t imply spiritual backwardness. I’m sure it can be very beautiful and elevating when two open-hearted people meet. But I get what you are saying, there are many potential pitfalls 🙂

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