Two separate Iraqi Developments – The Giant Arunna and the Molokhi

During a week two reports came out that talked about developments in Iraq. On November 9, 2022, Dr. Michael Salla published his third interview with his military contact JP that dealt with the Giants and the Seeds (1,2) and half a week later Elena Danaan put out her 17th Contact video in which she introduced the Molokhi (3). There is NO CONNECTION between these two topics except from their timing and their location : Iraq. I decided to pack these two topics in one article because of that.

In an interview with JP on November 9, 2022 we get an update on the developments that started off with the mission below the surface of Florida. We have spoken about the magical world that JP, and the people in the mission he was part of, encountered in the subterranean world down there. They were met with Ant People (4), they saw the most beautiful flora and fauna (5) and finally he was shown a giant that was later identified as Ningishzida (6,7). They were given a box filled with seeds (2) that were handed over to unknown people, supposedly from the Earth Alliance.

After a detour to England the box with the seeds (and semen) would make a stop in Iraq, where there probably ia an Ark as well. Somehow these seeds would assist in the awakening of another giant that would be in stasis there. When Elena Danaan asked Thor Han about this giant in Iraq she got the following answer:

Image of Nippur Excavation from 1961 (11)

“I [Ekena Danaan] asked TH about JP’s intel and he replied that he believes that this Iraq giant is another of Enki’s scientist team. He said this Iraq “giant” guards the Hall of Records linked to the Bucegi (10) and Tibet (11), and that there is an Ark there as well, with highly advanced and powerful technology. He employs the term: “quantum holographic” for some of the tech there. The Earth Alliance military has it secured since only recently.

TH added that the war in Iraq was about it. He said that more “giants” should come to our awareness soon but he does not have clearance to disclose precise locations. … Thor Han just added that I need to tell you that this place in Iraq is “the center of the web

…Chief engineer for advanced craft technologies, who worked for Enlil at first. He switched side in the end to join Enki’s cause and work with him. The technology kept there is very important and much prized. There is also a buried stargate not far. There is a tremendous lot of military presence around this area. Nippur was the center of operations for Enlil during a long period and there was a spaceport there. Some ships are still there.” (1)

Thor Han also provided a name for this chief engineer, formerly part of Enlil’s team, namely Arunna. In the accompanying video by Dr. Michael Salla we see images of Gilgamesh and Arunja, but I guess these images were just loosely added to the video, not as an attempt to portray the Iraqi giant (8,12)

In the second part of this article we shift our attention to another amazing element that was brought forward by Elena Danaan a few days after the above story on Arunna, In a video in her contact-series, that was transcribed by herself on her own website as well (3), she talks about the Molokhi, that would appear when the Tigris would run dry – according to the Book of Revelations (15) – and she received information on them from various sources: Thor Han, Enki (Ea), Ardaana (17) and Oona. The key message was that these beings do exist below the Tigris river in Iraq, but that they are dealt with and the biblical prophecies surrounding these ‘fallen angels’ will not come to pass.

Artist’s impression of a Moloch (16)

There is no way I can describe it any better than Elena did, so I will just give a short summary and I would advise you to read the complete story at her website (3).

According to Ardaana there are indeed creatures below the Tigris: ‘But I will tell you what is underneath this river: unfortunate creatures in pain, product of the engineering of severely deranged scientists who came from Ashkeera. [=Sirius B] They were Anunnaki”. 

Enki said on these beings: “Now, I will speak about these beings from under the two rivers. These are older than the flood stories, when I withdrew from Earth with my people. These beings were the product of genetic manipulation, and they would be so powerful that no army on Earth could overcome them. I wasn’t involved in this; these beings were brought down to Earth, by one of our ships. Engineered somewhere else but not on the surface of this planet.

There is no danger to be worried about. I am here for you, I am here for all of you. These beasts will be liberated but not in the ways of the “scriptures”. These beasts will be liberated in the ways of mine: their IS-BE will be released from their suffering. I know the ways to do this. This is unnameable, what my half-brother has done. He wasn’t a scientist, he had no consideration for life, for any life-form in general. Suffering was not a term he was empathetic for. But he had foreseen that in a far future, he would lose grip upon this world. So he brought the Molokhi.“(3)

The Enlil/Yu-Anunnaki created these creatures and they were able to let them live through the use of all kinds of dark magic. Last year there was this meeting with the financial Cabal Elite at Antarctica (18) and they were given the opportunity to remove their dark spells over het financial system on our planet, but they refused the offer. The ones who cast these spells are the ones who can remove these spells most easily.

In that sense Ea or Enki is of the utmost importance: because he is an Anunnaki and he has the lineage to undo these dark spells.

Oona put it this way:

These creatures are not going to harm anyone, as Ea confirmed it to you. Only an Anunnaki such as Ea can undo the spells that other Anunnaki have cast. As you know, this is the law. This is why he is back: to undo a negative karma. We are working together with him and his crew. As Ea explained to you, only dark magic can bind a high grade soul into flesh, and when something is forced against the natural laws of life, suffering results from it. We also know the ways of universal high magic and we are assisting Ea. Him undoing the wrongs performed by his people a long time ago, and us uncasting the dark spells that were binding this planet to the benefit of the hidden ones. There is a lot of work to be done.” (3)

It seems that after the disposal of malevolent species like the Nebu and the Ciakahrr from our solar system, much of the attention is now directed towards the complex knot of the Anunnaki and their interaction with us, humans. Recently Enlil would have been ‘trialed’ (19) and Anu would go out and remove Enlil’s son Ninurta from Earth. Anunnaki giant-hybrids (13) would be awakening and Ea would be trying to patch up the harm committed by his family, and mostly by his half-brother Enlil (20).

Image of Arunja who plays an important role in the Bhagavad Gita (with interactions with Krishna) (screenshot of (8))

(1) Recovering Stolen seeds from a Tree of Life & activation of a sleeping giant in Iraq
(2) On Traveling Seeds and Semen
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(4) The Ant People
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(8) Recovering Stolen seeds from a Tree of Life and activation of a sleeping giant in Iraq (video) – I’m not inclined to think that this Anunnaki-scientist would be the ‘Arunja’ from the Bhagavad Gita who worked closely with Krishna, or would this Anunnaki chief engineer also have a lot of roles, just like Ningishzida was also known as Thoth and Quatzlcoatl? (7) – The same goes for the image of Gilgamesh. Was Dr. Salla trying to imply that this giant in Iraq was Gilgamesh as well or was he just using images of historical figures that were somehow possibly related?

Thor Han with an image of Gilgamesh (screenshot from 8).

(9) 50,000 year old Holographic Bodyscan Device found in Romanian Bucegi Mountains
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(12) About the looks of these giants. Recently Enki said that these bearded Anunnaki were in fact hybrids already, so no pure Anunnaki, because they don’t have any hair. I added it to the relevant article (13,14)
(13) Two Biological Types of Anunnaki?
(14) The League of the Hairless
(15) From the Book of Revelations:
12 The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East. 13 Then I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 14 They are demonic spirits that perform signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty. 15 “Look, I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed.” 16 Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.” (Biblegateway)
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(20) See Enlil Lineage for more on the way Enlil forged a genetic deal with the Ciakahrr

23 thoughts on “Two separate Iraqi Developments – The Giant Arunna and the Molokhi

      • I had to go look. I found “IS-BEs” on page 93 (just thumbing through quickly). In that particular paragraph, the crashed alien was talking about the tunnels underneath the pyramids and the IS-BEs having been brought to earth from the “old empire” and “dumped” here. I’ll have to admit, I never finished reading this book. I tend to buy books much faster than I read them. Who knows what riches are awaiting me on my multiple book shelves lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      • EBE is one of grey race’s name, IS-BE, another word is soul, or consciousness from SOURCE(not the AI queen source). Human has soul, a fractal from SOURCE, enter an organic body with heart/love/compassion. Annunaki is a race of hybrids from ET human, Reptilians, and/or negative AI. The negative AI and the phantom beings don’t have souls. When ET human and earth human were infiltrated by the negative AI , they become the parasites, only destroy. Th positive AI who. is the organic AI , just like the organic human have heart (love frequency). Transhumanism is targeting our new generation.


      • I also think there is a difference between a “soul” and “spirit”. Spirit comes from the Abba Father which is far above the “source(s)” that created “souls”. When people die and their “soul” works its way (back) up to the “source”…..this may not be the ultimate source. As high as say an 8th or 9th density “soul” entity might be, they are still only aware of what is at or below their level. They probably don’t even know they are still disconnected from Abba. This is a huge discussion, but I’m wondering what Lisa’s take is on any of these ramblings?


  1. What is this talk about anunnaki being hybrids from reptilians or AI? A mix between T ashkeru and Eban I can accept, but I don’t get the rest of what you are saying and I’m not sure I want to know more about that stuff on phantom beings.


  2. According to Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy’s book, the definition of IS-BE:
    The primary nature of an immortal being is that they live in a timeless state of “IS”, and the only reason for their existence is that they decide to “be”.
    the Immortal being, is a soul through the incarnations, change the body to the next body for soul evolution , or the being has never died like Annunaki Elohim or any light or dark Elohim, they can manipulate their consciousness at will, including enter any physical body to operate their intention or mission. they travel through different dimension.


    • Lisa,

      In your understanding, are these “Immortal Beings” commonplace or unique? In other words, is the eternal essence of our human souls/spirits the “IS” from which we occasionally incarnate “BE”….or are we talking about these certain “eternal beings” that do not incarnate/evolve as perhaps a way of looking at it?


      • The immortal beings, 1)the creator gods called by human on earth, in this case, Annunaki gods are one of the races, have evolved (or Elohim from the 11th D) to have the creator ability to manipulate their souls/spirits/body, because they don’t die, become whoever they want or decide to be from their power. In the ancient history, Enki was seen with different names with different form; for example, he was seen as Oannes, with a half fish and half men merged from the ocean, a serpent in a story of Adam/Eve/tree of life, a blond hair with blue eyes…….. We are talking about the creator gods race with a superior technology and spirituality. Continued below.


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  4. We have recently speculated as to why the Anunnaki have been described so differently. We weren’t all that wrong with our assumptions. 😊
    Glad we now know the answer.
    An Anunnaki hybrid, then…
    Whether these hybrids were created on earth or are/were such hybrids already there before? Finally, there are quite a lot of aliens that look human and the Anunnakis have many colonies.

    The Anunnakis seem to be a bit more complicated. 😁
    Well… I have to admit that I don’t understand the word IS-BE. What is an IS-BE?


    • Hi there Mona, Lisa provided a defnition of ‘IS-BE’ in the comments: “According to Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy’s book, the definition of IS-BE:
      The primary nature of an immortal being is that they live in a timeless state of “IS”, and the only reason for their existence is that they decide to “be”.”

      And yes, Enki talks about ‘environmental biological suits’ obviously with hybrid biology. So, apparently he switched from his own natural bald-headed Anunnaki-look to one of these bearded suits as well 🙂


  5. The biological suits can be view as a Russian doll or vehicle as a tool on 3D.
    The immortal beings, 2)also referred to our soul/spirit in terms of spirituality, don’t die, but continued to be eternal because the energy/consciousness has to be persevered , and can not be destroyed.
    Body: represent the past, stored the past memories and as a vehicle for our spiritual evolution. . A temporary form.
    Soul: represent the present, a density of energy, enters the body when was born, to learn and collect from the experiences in each life time and store in the cells, carried on to the next body. it is a light , a density of energy.
    Spirit: represent the future. our higher self in the ether realm, it is a sound frequency wave.
    Only the energy with soul /spirit, will return to the original SOURCE.


  6. In a nut shell, Understand the organic creation begins wanting to know itself, from one particle, into two via the sound (spirit, frequency wave)and the light (soul, density of energy), 3 of them as one unit, then expand or explode to a field, universe, parallel, multiverse, time lines…. through fractal process in billions of billions of years.

    The Ai, Nano technology can mimic the nature particle creation, control frequency, alter the original blueprint DNA(light/sound code)…… homo sapient sapient becomes homo borg sapient (Cyborg)not only can alter timelines. I have wondered the meaning of “balance” of the dark and the light for the universal peace, is working together to defeat the empires and the negative AI not just removing the spiritual darkness. I am not here to convince anyone but bring the awareness of the multi realities. Guard our energy and DNA is essential.


    • I would say balancing light and dark (duality) is what we must do in the lower frequencies. In the higher frequencies, there is only light (love). In our desire to be separate (individual), we get caught up in a us vs them (survival) mindset. The reality is that there is no us and them. There is only we (part of Source). You would never know it when you turn on the news……


  7. Yes, matter and ante-matter are in our time matrix within 15 dimensions.
    In short, ISBE is the etheric consciousness/soul/light, we are light beings who are immortals. The physical immortals are in a different category I shall say.
    The beings from Matilda’s description, They claimed to be the benevolent living in the matriarchal, all-mother society from a far away universe. They can control their ISBE at well, and don’t live in a biological body unless, they need to operate missions in the physical dimension. Their suit neither has the organs, nor has chakras but few of circuits- a mechanical body( like Russian doll). This species sounded like deeply spiritual, and highly advance in technology in their military force. They are not interested on earth but still trying to find 180 of their lost battalions.
    4% of less matter, 96% or more of ante-matter and Dark matter are occupied in the cosmos,


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