The Giant from Slovenia near Peca Mountain

Peca Mountain – Slovenia (9)

In another fascinating ‘debriefing’ session between Dr. Michael Salla and JP (1), JP talked about a third giant that was going to be found and ‘activated’ out of his stasis in the near future. After Ningishzida/Thoth below Florida (2,3), Arunna below Iraq (4), he was now told by ‘Nordics’ (5) that there was also a giant near Peca Mountain in Slovenia.

Just like was the case in Florida, this ‘King’ was guarded by others. In Florida it were the Ant-People (10). Here JP was told during a flight aboard a spaceship from these ‘Nordics’ that there was also a kind of army that had awoken recently. They were also from a subterranean world.

JP describes how their king was also wrapped in his beard, just like Ningishzida. I have taken a part of this interview in which he talks about this Slovenian giant. You can listen to it below.

I was prompted to write this page (even though it would have been wiser to go to bed), because I got intrigued by a comment from a Slovenian woman in a telegram group who mentioned an old Slovenian legend, with a theme that seems to match what JP was told. Here’s what was written on that group and as a comment below the telegram post of this article

In Slovenia, we have a legend about a king who sleeps in a mountain. I wonder if it is connected with the events that are happening…

King Matjaž (11) (he sure has a long beard)

“Once upon a time, a long time ago, a rich king named Matjaž ruled in Slovenia. Peace and prosperity reigned in the land. But a horde of terrible Turks arrived from the east and attacked the country. In an unequal battle, Matjaž and his army fought bravely, but the soldiers fell one after another, until only a handful of men remained by the king’s side.

When the king realized that the Turks were too strong, he fled with his army, and being a just ruler, he was not killed, but the mountain opened before him and took him in. He is now sleeping there at the table with his soldiers, and when his beard has wrapped around the table nine times, the Slovenian king will wake up and come to save his people, oppressed by foreigners.”” (12)

There is even a link between this King Matjaz and the Peca Mountains. Read along:

III. The other rulers were jealous of the mighty Matjaž and they gathered a great army against him. Matjaž had to withdraw with one hundred surviving heroes into a cave in Peca, which opened to him and hid him from his adversaries.” (13)

Here’s the fragment in which JP talks about this Slovenian Giant (1):

JP talking about the Slovenian Giant and his Protective Army (from 1)

(1) Nordic ET Supply Missions to Ganymede & Europa’s Secret Underground City
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(4) Two Separate Iraqi Developments – The Giant Arunna and the Molochs
(5) I would almost say that Nordics has become somewhat of an old-fashioned description of people who have this blonde Scandinavian look, ever since Elena Danaan appeared on the scene. Perhaps they are Ahel from Erra like Thor Han (6), or people from the Alpha Centauri or Proxima Centauri System, like the Selosi (7) or the Meton (8)?
(6) Getting Acquainted with the Ahel
(7) On the Selosi from Alpha Centauri B
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(9) Peca Mountain – Near the Slovenian-Austrian border – Image from Wikipedia
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(12) Even though this story of King Matjaz has got some interesting parallels with JP’s story, like the army, Slovenia and the long beard, there are a few elements that are different from the Florida and Iraqi Anunnaki (half breeds), like the timing. This story seems to be only a few hundred years old and king Matjaz doesn’t strike me as an Anunnaki-scientist from Enki’s team.
(13) Read more about King Matjaz atž/

4 thoughts on “The Giant from Slovenia near Peca Mountain

  1. Gene decode has been talking about the reinfoecements to our alliance from innerEarth. Supposedly before,they were in a contract or deal with antihuman elements but now have realized that certain nonhuman races will not stop at clearing the topside real estate as the dracos or other NAAs put it. At least one other spacevandal group has been Very Focused on breaking shields or protections in place securing Agarthans.

    These NAAs have been torturing,raping,abducting,enslaving,dumbing the Angelic Humans and others with an eye on the ultimate prize of capturing all the stargates portals and strategic resources. I hope this giant and army are about to open a can of whoopass on the NAAs. We have been bullied for How Long????????? What became of Paragon47 -supposedly an accesspoint to underocean u.s.o 2500 miles from FLA? Is the draco queen still lurking in Israel or under the Vatican???

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    • Hi there Real Human, Gene Decode is not among the sources that I cover on this website, but he keeps coming up at times. It would be great to see some corroboration from him with the material on this website. The material from Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla, Alex Collier and a few others is already so extensive that I simply can’t keep up with people like Gene Decode.

      It would be nice if there were people who are knowledgeable about Gene Decode’s work and who can find the links (or differences) with the insights from the info from the ones that are prominent on this website. You mention a draco queen in Israel or under te Vatican. The only Queen I know of is the Nebu Queen from the M42-nebula in the Orion system. There is nothing I know about any draco queen, although the Draco’s or Ciakahrr are said to have been very active below the Vatican. Within the framework of this website the Ciakahrr are gone, not only from our planet, but from our solar system altogether.

      Does Gene Decode say anything about awakning Giants or Enki and the Intergalactic Confederation?

      The idea is that these Ciakahrr were ‘dumped’ here in our galaxy because they created too much havoc in their galaxy of origin.

      What does NAA stand for?


      • You can find NAA from Ascension Glossary, Negative Alien Agenda.
        Nebu Queen is an AI, Draco Queen is a Draco/reptilian, humanoid.
        Dr. Michael Salla is a Enki supporter after I read his correspondence with a German in 2004 yesterday.

        Hoovid, one of 24 civilization, the seeders (p.98)
        Israelis were descendants of the extra-terrestrial civilization of Hoova, whose leader was Jehovah according to Tom in the only planet of choice. I don’t know Tom is real from the nine, or a spirit of Thoth. He claimed that the sphinx statue is him and he built the Pyramid. If he said were true, then he is Thoth.

        Enlil is from Annunaki Jehovian line and also YAHWEH according to Sumerian tablets Enki is from Annunaki Ra-Thoth line. And other Annunaki also have different group or line.


  2. Gene decode’s report is more on the earth alliances’ activities and current earth situations since he is a Navy Veteran.(I think, submarine Navy). I like him and his information is reliable.

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