Experiencers Describe Going through a Stargate

Art by Ashley Kujan (9)

Describing the experiences of Elena Danaan sure is a great ride through a Mind-Expanding World. Hardly ever do a few days pass without another amazing story or event in these galactic realms. On December 11, 2022 (1) Elena described how she went through a stargate for the first time. In the same video Tony Rodrigues (2) also describes his regular stargate experiences during his 20-year-and-back program (3). I present the relevant (short) parts from the long interview and provide some comments. When you have the time available I recommend watching the complete video of course.

We have briefly spoken about portals and stargates in an earlier article (4). In that particular article I already mentioned this portal or stargate behind the planet of Jupiter which was described by both Tony Rodrigues and Elena Danaan. In the first fragment we can hear Elena describe how she went through this stargate and that this wasn’t really a pleasure ride at all. She felt nauseous and experienced symptoms of feeling seasick or motion-sick, which lasted about a minute, probably shortened because she was wearing a density belt (5).

Elena Danaan describes her first stargate experience (1, 2 minutes)

She goes on to describe her nebula-experience, which will be the dealt with in a next article. Like I said, earlier, Tony Rodrigues was also part of the ‘panel’ and he described how he and the crew he was part of went through portals on a regular basis. It wasn’t always this particular natural stargate behind Jupiter, but he describes the possibility of spaceships being able to actually create a portal themselves. The Jupiter portal was used to travel great distances often to other galaxies.

Tony Rodrigues talks about going through stargates nearly every day for a few months (1, 1.5 minutes)

After her visit to the Carina Nebula (1) Elena returned to the stargate and she was able to see it clearly. Below is a description of this stargate eye-witness. She says how it didn’t really look like the stargate from the series, although it did have this liquid-like blueish quality. She says that the portal looked more like a bubble, consisting of dark energy. Listen to her yourself:

Elena describes the looks of the stargate at her return from the Nebula (1, 1’21”)

To round off this article I would like to let Tony talk about other aspects of star gates. He said that sometimes things went wrong because the coordinates weren’t completely right. This could mean that a starship ended up somewhere in the atmosphere of a planet, causing it to be instantly coated with ice for instance. The normal procedure would be to leave a portal outside of a planet (6). Not only did things go awry as far as spacial coordinates were concerned, but sometimes there were temporal flaws as well. Tony Rodrigues says how his ship ended up somewhere 16 hours too early. They had to wait for 16 hours to continue their mission.

He states that every spaceship seemed to stick to the 10-minutes recovery-time for its personnel before continuing their mission. This could lead to various spaceships waiting or recovering at the borders of a portal. Elena had noticed the presence of multiple spaceships around portals/stargates as well. Tony added that not all spaceships were there for their 10-minutes recovery, but some were there to protect the portal. We have talked about important portals before; both the Lyran Wars and the Orion Wars would have been waged because of the presence of valuable portals (7,8).

Tony Rodrigues about purchasing coordinates for the use of a portal and he describes some mistakes (1, 2 minutes)

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