The Exodus from Maldek

In a video from december 10, 2022 both Elena Danaan and Chris O’Connor talk about Maldek, and once again Chris presents a perspective that seems at odds with the information that Elena has been bringing forward (2). I want to go into that and there is a link with the Ant People (5) that were seen by JP, the military contact of Dr. Michael Salla below the surface of Florida a few months ago.

The Asteroid Belt – Remnants of the Planet Maldek (9)

We have spoken about Maldek a few times before on this website. Maldek, the planet that was destroyed, forming the asteroid belt, would have harboured a colony of the Aldebaran Anunnaki (Janosians). They called their planet ‘Janos’. They left for the Aldebaran system after the cataclysm took place on Maldek (6). In a footnote on the page on the ‘League of the Hairless’ (7) I quoted the reason behind the destruction of the planet, as it was described in the Seeders. It is useful to repeat it here again:

72.000 BC – A war started on Maldek and some of the inhabitants fled to Earth, Mars and Venus, taking with them some of the ‘Yeti’populations. The conflict involved the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Intergalactic Confederation on one side, and the Maytra and Nebu Orion Grays on the other side, after Nebu outposts were taken down in the solar system.

Ciakahrr and Nebu had outposts on Maldek and we need to remember that Maytra, Ciakahrr and Nebu are all part of the nefarious Alliance of the Six (the three others are the Zeta Reticuli, Kiily Tokurt and Solipsi Rai but these didn’t get involved in this particular conflict). The war ended in a nuclear disaster in which the planet Maldek was blown up. Everybody who was still on the planet was killed and this catastrophe also caused Mars to start losing its atmosphere” ((The Seeders, pp. 500-501), 8)

So much for the background. In the video below you can hear Elena Danaan add some new information, namely that the Ant People (5) would have lived both on Mars and Maldek. Let’s listen along:

Elena Danaan talks about the Ant People (probably from the Seeders’ root race of the Ashai), Maldek and Mars (1)

In the above video Elena says that the Ant People mainly moved to the Americas when they had their exodus from both Maldek and Mars. In the Seeders we can hear that many of the inhabitants also went to live on the continent of Lemuria, or Mu:

71.900 BC – The geography of the planet was different in this period of time. A large piece of land existed in the south Pacific Ocean, remembered as “Lemuria”. These territories, who were already a compound of different colonies, received the Martian refugees from the Nebu war in the Sol System and the cataclysmic explosion of planet Maldek.” (8, p.501)

After Elena talked about the Ant People from Maldek, Chris adds information that doesn’t seem to match with the story of the fight between the Intergalactic Confederation and the Galactic Federation of Worlds on the one side with the Maytrea and the Ciakahrr on the other side, leading to the nuclear annihilation of the planet. Chris talks about a ‘more mammalian based race who were with the Ant People. And I always knew that they were fighting amongst themselves, ending up, unfortunately, destroying their planet.’

I might interpret this falsely, but it sounds a lot like Chris is suggesting that the Ant People together with this Mammalian based species, destroyed their own planet, without any outside interference, no Nebu, no Ciakahrr and no Intergalactic Confederation or Galactic Federation of Worlds would have played a part.

Chris O’Connor on Maldek

At the end of this excerpt, Chris talks about the Sasquatch being the ones into which the Mammalian based species would have predominantly incarnated into. Elena does confirm the element of these Sasquatch coming from Maldek. When I looked around a bit on the internet to find out more about the Sasquatch I came across a trilogy from Sunbow, called ‘The Sasquatch Message to Humanity – conversations with Elder Kamooh‘ (11).

In the first book (11) you can find quite a lot of references to the Ant People and Maldek, although the stories don’t seem to match with what is said above. The book seems to imply that Maldek was destroyed by ‘the Elders’ in order to prevent the ‘lower lords’ from invading Earth again (12).

(2) We have seen this phenomenon before; think about Chris’ claim that Enlil’s mother would have been an Earth-based Reptilian (3), and that he would have served on a secret space program group from the United Nations in another density Saturn (4).
(3) The Nagai, Igigi and the Question of Enlil’s Mother
(4) The Interstellar Post on Saturn
(5) The Ant People
(6) The Story of the Aldebaran Anunnaki and Outpost 361
(7) The League of the Hairless – Grays and the Like
(8) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders
(9) Image from Fine Art America. We have come across other solar system related belts lately as well. This was in the context of the Ciakahrr planet in the Kuiper Belt (10). Ceres is also part of the Asteroid Belt: see The Liberation of Ceres
(10) A Draco Planet in the Kuiper Belt
(11) Sunbow (2016) The Sasquatch Message to Humanity
(12) Below is an excerpt from (11) from page 141. Maldek and Apollyon are one and the same planet.

This intervention aborted the attempt of the Archons to invade Earth,
but they still had large and fast growing populations on planet
Maldek or Apollyon, that were supplied with new forces through their
star gates.

The Star Elders knew that it was a matter of time before
the lower lords would reform a new army, likely more powerful, for a
new invasion. In order to save the solar system from this darker fate,
they had to eliminate the star gates and armies of fallen souls,
constantly building up in a larger threat.

They took a grave and rare decision in the annals of the universe: to
destroy a planet with life in order to save a solar system’s spiritual
consciousness. With technologies only known to them, the Star
Elders Council sacrificed the planet Apollyon, which exploded and
turned into the actual asteroid belt.

3 thoughts on “The Exodus from Maldek

  1. The fact that all the statements are contradictory and actually cause confusion has often been hinted at.
    I’d like to bring Alex Collier back into play here. What did he actually say on this subject?
    I would like to quote again from “Alex Collier – Interview & Presentation Transcripts 1994-2011 (CLEAN)” p.37:

    …You know of the story about Maldek being destroyed. They actually say that Earth used to be the planet that was there. But that asteroid belt was actually a part of what belongs in our Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Very few planets have the geological shape and trenches and oceans like we do. It’s very rare and that’s what they’ve said. That the asteroid belt used to be a part of Earth…

    I haven’t found anything else. When and why Maldek was destroyed. But maybe someone else will find more.

    Just a speculation from me:
    Alex Collier also wrote/said in “Alex Collier – Interview & Presentation Transcripts 1994-2011 (CLEAN)” p. 23.

    What happened to Mars? Apparently 69.3 million years ago a very large planetary asteroid came through our solar system, and was also pulling with it a lot of debris. This asteroid, from what Vasais told me, was so magnetically powerful, that as it came through Mars and Saturn; what it did because of Mars size, it ripped Mars from its original orbit and pulled it out 19 million miles further within 24 hours. As the asteroid was coming through, Mars was apparently moving this way, and it just pulled it out of its orbit 19 million miles. Which of course devastated anything that was on it. It’s atmosphere, the lifeforms etc. This cosmic war devastated Mars and the lifeforms that were in existence on it. It also caused Mars to pole shift three times in as many days. Just picture if you can this happening to the Earth. For something that literally rips us from its orbit, we are being pulled this way. But as we are being pulled towards this magnetic thing, the earth is rolling like a ball towards it. Moving water, dirt, sand, everything.
    That’s what happened to Mars. Mars was moved into its new orbit which is where it is today.

    Could it be that Maldek was also destroyed at this time?
    I can not say it. Would also be another temporal contradiction to Elena Danaan.

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    • This is an inconvenient aspect of this developing new ‘paradigm’: the old work of Alex Collier sometimes doesn’t match with what Enki/Elena says. I talked about this event 439,000 years ago in another article ( and you give another example of this. I was afraid of this when I picked up the work by Alex Collier and I don’t want to spoil the fun by focusing on all these differences, but in the end the truth must prevail, even it means that either Alex or Elena are wrong about certain matters.

      I haven’t come across any inconsistencies with regard to Thor Han’s words; I noted some tiny inconsistencies in the way Elena described things, but those are quite tiny ( and then there are the things about Enki’s account of our history, with this thing about the order of the Orion and Lyran wars that still bothers me (

      I downloaded the transcripts as well and I added them to this site ( If we are taking all this seriously (which I am, otherwise I wouldn’t have spent nearly so much time on this website), we need to confront ourselves with this aspect as well, although I don’t want to confront Alex or Elena with anything, because they are doing such a great job in informing us about all these things.

      But when Alex writes that the Andromedans said that it was a stray asteroid that hit Earth and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs some 70 million years ago. This is clearly different from the current ‘The Seeders cleaned the Planet to stop it from being a Reptilian-only planet’-idea. We can’t just ignore this.

      “At the same time that this was occurring to Mars, apparently one of the pieces of debris that was in the tail section of this asteroid broke free and somehow just went off on its own and was captured by the Earth’s gravitational pull. Apparently it hit the Earth, this asteroid or this comet, whatever you want to call it, hit the Earth somewhere around Central America in the Atlantic Ocean causing the planet to do a pole shift as well. It hit it so hard. This was 69.3 million years ago. According to the Andromedans this is what killed off all the dinosaurs. This was going on at Mars and on the Earth at the same time except Mars really……………. Thank goodness or we wouldn’t be here talking about it today.” (idem, p.23)

      This would imply that either the Andromedans didn’t really know what happened, or that Alex’ contact didn’t know what really happened, or that Alex has interpreted it wrongly. Or the alternative is that Enki’s account and the Seeders-account are false in this regard. Then there also is that Lacerta account on the destruction that would have taken place that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs (

      Complicated issues.


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