Scientists are Keeping a Friendly Eye on Elena Danaan

( Les Scientifiques gardent un œil amical sur Elena Danaan )

During the interview between Dr. Michael Salla and Dave Rossi on December 29, 2022 (1) they not only talked about how Dave suddenly was able to easily see patterns and understand complicated scientific equations (2), they also mentioned a certain French archeologist. I have taken out that part of the interview and you can watch it below.

For those unable to watch the video, or understand English, I have added a transcript of this part of the conversation, from the point that Dave Rossi starts answering Dr. Michael Salla’s question on Elena Danaan. I edited it a bit to make it readable.

DAVE ROSSI: “Scientists behind the scenes, from various departments not just one, and of various department agencies, you name it, have essentially reached out to me, and other have said essentially that the message and the work that she is speaking on, to a very large degree is quite accurate, relative to what they’re being briefed on and what they understand to be the case behind the scenes.

Scientists watching Elena Danaan (3)

Now unfortunately, I can’t really go into details in a public regard but it is certainly something that is taken very seriously and she is watched and listened to and viewed very, very avidly. There is in fact a very strong correlation with whatever this incredible lady has tapped into and with what – at least in the west – is being analyzed and understood to be the case in terms of what’s coming from the UFO/ UAP phenomena in addition to what we could call a Galactic Federation of Types.

DR. MICHAEL SALLA: “And of course we’re talking about Elena Danaan and that is someone that is actually looked at as a very credible person and I know that her books, that have come out over the last couple of years have really been rich in details with different extraterrestrial civilizations and some of the Technologies and what you’ve experienced is that these scientists that are in touch with you, those that are trying to understand these equations and the inventions and how they pertain to to their ongoing experiments, that they actually read her books or watch her podcasts.”

DAVE ROSSI: “Very,very avidly. Very much so. In fairness I don’t mean to put myself on a pedestal. I think that a lot of these guys understand my equations they’re just interested to see if maybe I have a different take on them but other than that absolutely, there’s a strong observation, I don’t want to say surveillance, I will say a friendly observation from various elements, departments and groups within such departments, and elements that keep a strong, I guess we could say eye and ear on people like Miss Danaan and it’s not because they have nothing else to do. Let’s put it that way.”

(1) Introducing Anti-gravity & Quantum Energy technologies with a new understanding of old science
(2) An Extraordinary Experience by Dave Rossi
(3) Image adapted from a picture that I found at Story Blocks

One thought on “Scientists are Keeping a Friendly Eye on Elena Danaan

  1. Old generation of scientists have a lot to catch up as the old regime of control human mind from mj12, darpa, nasa, science , technology , ufo/upa ………..since the old are either dead or removed, have opened a gate. We just want the truth !!

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