An Extraordinary Experience by Dave Rossi

( Una experiencia extraordinaria de Dave Rossi (Esp))

In a very interesting interview between Dr. Michael Salla and Dave Rossi (1) many topics are discussed. In this article I will discuss an extraordinary experience that Dave Rossi has had with

During the interview Dave Rossi says that he had decided that he wanted to learn how to develop anti-gravity technology and that he immersed himself into this topic. He has a Youtube channel (2) and a Patreon platform called Generation Zed (3) and perhaps by talking, listening and reading about it for about a year something extraordinary happened in the spring of 2022.

At a certain point (4) he said that he had an experience – and he is still not sure if it was an actual physical experience, or perhaps an astral, or that it happened in a dream state – in which he was abducted but not in any malevolent way at all. He describes a fluid-like beautiful craft that he was taken to, and he saw a blue being that was significantly taller than an average human.

This being did something to the right side of his brain, which didn’t feel invasive or threatening in any way. The next thing he remembered was waking up the next day and he felt as if a switch was turned on. He started to develop a liking for chemistry, particle physics, electrical engineering, optics etc. These were topics that he had essentially failed in during high school, but now he suddenly was able to understand equations in highly sophisticated scientific papers, and he was even able to interpret equations in various ways. He could ‘feel’ the equations as blue visuals in his head.

He was able to highly advanced pattern analyses and pattern recognition. In the rest of the interview he talks about how he actually developed anti-gravity technology and how he was contacted in various ways by all kinds of scientists and government organizations. A very remarkable and inspiring story.

Ohorai (8)

Although Dave Rossi wasn’t sure what actually was the nature of his experience, I would like to play around a bit with this idea that actually met a blue being that helped him in suddenly becoming a kind of master of scientific equations. What kind of blue beings have we come across on this website so far? The first species that come to mind are the Ohorai, one of the three species from a planet that orbits a star that is locally known as Ohora, but that we call Arcturus (8,9).

I can’t find anything on the lengths of the Ohorai in the description in Elena Danaan’s A Gift from the Stars (10), but David Rousseau has described his meeting with blue beings from Arcturus and he said that they were quite tall indeed, almost 10 feet (8,11). These Ohorai might just have been the ones that Dave Rossi had met. Here’s another argument. In the interview Dave Rossi talks about learning how you could actually change matter (12,13). Do the Ohorai have any affinity with science and technology? Let’s read a part from A Gift from the Stars:

Arcturians Ohorai are known for their power of healing, transforming matter, as well as bending and manipulating light itself. They accomplish these things with their conscious mind and the ‘Ohorai Way’ is a spiritual practice remown through the galaxy as an art of the spirit” (10, p.95)

Other candidates are the Zenae from the Andromeda Constellation, whose male population in particular is said to be blue skinned (14). Alex Collier said that his prime contact, Moraney (15), is about 8 feet (2,4m) which is also quite tall, but not as tall as the Ohorai who would be about 3 meters in height.

When thinking about blue beings, the blue gods of India also come to mind. See the page on the Adari (16) for more on them. In an attempt to create some order in all these species I had made up this League of the Hairless (17). Perhaps it would be useful to have ‘a Blue League’ as well, even though baldness seems to popular among the blues too 🙂

If you have any other suggestions, add a comment below. Dave has said something quite interesting about Elena Danaan as well, but that is for another article.

On January 31, 2023 Dr. Salla had an interview with both Dave Rossi and Elena Danaan on the scientific principles behind extraterrestrial technologies (18), which was followed by another update in April 24, 2023. This time without Elena. They talked about ways to Bring Anti-gravity & Quantum Healing technology to the World (19).

(1) Introducing Anti-gravity & Quantum Energy technologies with a new understanding of old science
(2) Generation Zed Youtube. I saw that Dave actually has Dan Winter in his shows a couple of times (5) We know Dan Winter from a few interviews with Elena Danaan on topics like plasma fluids and the Nine (6).
(3) Generation Zed Patreon
(4) Dave Rossi describes his experience which led to an opening up to all kinds of scientific knowledge and understanding. All of a sudden he was able to play with mathematical equations easily. Watch his description of this here.

Dan Winter and Dave Rossi (5)

(5) Take for example the video called Dan & Dave’s DEEP-DIVE | Alchemy Of The NODE, Aura “LEAKAGE”, Super-Fluid AETHER & Toroidal Geometry or Jay Weidner, Dan W., Riel & Dave | Manifesting What YOU Want, Alchemy of TIME, Gaia TV & Much MORE
(6) A few of the interviews between Dan Winter and Elena Danaan: THE NINE: Diving into the origins with Dan Winter ~ Feb 23 2022 (6pm EST) , STARGATES AND PORTALS with DAN WINTER and DAN WINTER: THOTH, PYRAMIDS, SEEDER RACES AND MYSTERY OF THE NINE EXPLAINED BY SCIENCE ~ AUG-03-2022. They also talked about Enki and Thoth (7). The thing with Dan Winter is, at least that is my experience, is that he is so incredibly brilliant and fast that it is very hard to keep up with him. From what I have seen of Dave Rossi, he seems to be able to present things in a way that is a lot easier to understand.
(7) We have spoken about Thoth as well lately, since he seems to be the same one as Ningishzida. See Some Thoth Thoughts
(8) The Ohorai, Glaideal, Noo-Linn from Arcturus
(9) The Real Names of Various Stars – How they are called by the own People
(10) Danaan, E. (2020) A Gift from the Stars
(11) David Rousseau Website 1
(12) See the fragment from the timestamp that this links starts with: (from 1)
(13) Talking about changing matter or programmable matter. Elena has talked a bit about some future abilities that would lie in store for us, once we can finally move on to the next level. See Some New Human Abilities to look Forward to
(14) The Zenae from the Andromeda Constellation
(15) Meeting Moraney and Changing the Colors of the Eyes
(16) Where did the Blue Gods of India come from?
(17) The League of the Hairless
(18) The Scientific Principles behind Extraterrestrial Technologies
(19) Bringing Anti-gravity & Quantum Healing technology to the World

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