On the Origin of the Asian People

Asian Peoples (4)

( Sur l’origine des Peuples Asiatiques )

While continuing my journey through the book ‘Thiaoouba‘ (1-3) I was triggered to consider the possibility that certain races neither originated on Earth, nor would have been genetically engineered by master geneticists, but would have simply moved to this planet themselves from other worlds.

And then I’m not talking about the 22 extraterrestrial races that were identified by Elena Danaan (5). How does this idea fit with that paradigm? How does this combine with information from other sources? Could the Asian people, or the ‘yellow race’ be one of those groups? Does it make sense? These are the topics that are touched upon in this article.

Just like Elena Danaan, Michel Desmarquet was physcially taken aboard a spaceship and was welcomed by friendly people from other worlds (2). These people however are not mentioned in the work of Danaan. They brought him to their world called Thiaoouba and he was told about important historical events that would have taken place on our planet.

Some 1,350,000 years ago people from another planet called Bakaratini (6) that is located in the Centaur Constellation (7) realized that their planet was cooling down, and that they had to search for another planet to live on. There were two different species, or races, living on that planet. During a period of 50 years they would have moved 3.6 million black people and 3.6 million yellow people to Earth which was uninhabited at the time. The black-skinned people colonized Australia (which was in that time still connected to the Asian continent) and the ‘yellow’/Asian people chose the territory of present day Myanmar (11). They established peaceful societies. To learn more about them I recommend reading chapter 3 of the book (1).

So, let’s see how this resonates with other sources. The first element I want to pay attention to is the timing of their arrival. In the historical account of Enki there is no mention of people living on Earth at around 1,35 million years ago (12). The Seeders would only return at around 439 thousand years ago (13), to do a few upgrades on their experiment (14), leading to what the Anunnaki called the black heads, the primate that they, the Anunnaki in their turn, used to upgrade to become human beings at about 370 thousand years ago. Well, you know the story. Ashayana Deane does mention the entry of a new root race on the planet 1,25 million years ago (15). There is no word about people from a planet in the Centaur constellation, however.

Various Ethnic Groups or Races – Image taken from Pinterest (20)

This idea that certain races would have been added to the surface of our planet is something that Patricia Cori also spoke of in her contacts from the Sirian High Council (16). In their account the black, red, yellow and white races would have been invited by the Sirian High Council to send their people from different planets, from various corners of the universe, to inhabit the Earth. The ultimate goal would have been to eventually create a unique stellar human being who would gradually and over time combine the characteristics of all these different kinds of people (and then came the Anunnaki who messed up this experiment).

Cori doesn’t mention people who came of their own accord, as it is described by Desmarquet.

One of the reasons why I seriously consider the validity of the Thiaoouba-material is that there is some logic to it, and it covers an area that is not yet satisfactorily covered within Enki’s account of our history, namely the differences between the races on Earth. If Enki made the Adam by combining the dormant genomes of the 11 seeder races (5,17) with his own Anunnaki genes, how does that explain the differences between the races? Would they have all changed so typically in 300,000 years? I haven’t come across anything about this aspect in Elena’s material.

So, there is some logic to the idea that people from other worlds with their own characteristics arrived on our planet. They colonized a part of the planet and established their societies. They mixed with the black people creating the Arab-looking people. All these Asian people might have had long-established civilizations at the time that the Anunnaki arrived and started doing their ‘thing’ in Sumeria. But what about the Seeders? They couldn’t have missed the Asians, could they?

It is tempting to just ignore everything that doesn’t resonate completely with the information from Elena Danaan, but that would mean that her material would become dogmatic, and that is of course the last thing that we would want. I don’t like to think of it as a belief system, but as a working hypothesis. I also want to keep an open mind to the experiences of other contactees, even when it doesn’t fit nicely into the current ‘paradigm’. I still believe that we will uncover the real truth someday. Perhaps an ark from the people of Bakaratini or the Thiaoouba might prove useful in this regard.

(1) Desmarquet, M. (1993) The Thiaoouba Prophecy. You can buy the paperback at amazon, or you can download the pdf. For the Chinese community I recommend the work of Samuel Chong
(2) Let’s Talk about Hermaphrodite Species from Outer Space (earlier article based on (1))
(3) On the Other Side of the Bermuda Triangle (earlier article based on (1))
(4) CGTN.com
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(6) It made me think about Gabriela Sabatini, the Argentina tennis player from the 1980-1990s. I don’t think she is a descendant from the Bakaratini’s though. Image taken from Gaucho News

Juegos Olimpicos de la Juventud Buenos Aires 2018 Tenis. Gabriela Sabatini. 14.10.2018 Foto Maxi Failla (6)

(7) We have met people from Alpha Centauri B and from Proxima Centauri already, namely the Selosi (8) and the Metoni (9,10)
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(11) In order to not make it more complex than it already is, I am focusing on the Asians in this article.
(12) Only the Nagai would have been present, see The Nagai, Igigi and the question of Enlil’s Mother
(13) What happened 439 thousand years ago?
(14) Various Version of Humanity brought to you by Our Creators
(15) Below is the relevant quote from Deane, A. (2002) Voyagers II (pdf). I’m not sure what to think of her material. It is very complex and extremely detailed. I can’t help but thinking that there must be some truth in it, somehow. That’s why I am not inclined to discard her material. She uses her own terminology that is characteristic of these Emerald Covenant CDT-plate translations:

The Fourth Root Race and its Cloister entered next, the Breanoua Cloister, about three million years ago, followed by the
Alanian Root Race 4 at 2,500,000 years ago. The Alanians became known as the Atlanians. The Fifth Root Race Aeirans and their Cloister Hibiru then entered, the Hibiru 1,500,000 and the Ayrians 1,275,000 years ago. The time period beginning with the Second Seeding 3,700,000 years ago and extending through the Third Seeding into the present time represents the Fourth World
of Native American legend.
” (Voyager II, p.29)

(16) The Sirian High Council – The description of the seeding of these races can be found in her book: Cori, P. (2002): No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening. See chapter 2: The Seeding of the Homo Sapiens. This information was channeled. To see an interview between Patricia Cori and Dr. Michael Salla, go to (18). After this interview Elena responded, which led to an article on Channeling and Discernment by Elena (19)
(17) Trying to Understand Enki’s Genetic Template Grail
(18) The Sirian Revelations: An Interview with Patricia Cori
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(20) Pinterest Pin

18 thoughts on “On the Origin of the Asian People

  1. On the age of mankind: Do you know the book “Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race” by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson?
    The book is over 1000 pages thick and full of accounts of discoveries and finds made by Homo Sapiens and their ancestors. For example worked stones and worked animal bones to rare human bones. And these were discovered in layers that sometimes go back dozens and hundreds of millions of years. Of course one can say that all finds are fakes or misinterpreted, but there are simply too many discoveries presented to be comfortable with them…

    Liked by 1 person

      • Lisa, I can agree with that “worship gene” idea.
        It makes sense because if Mankind was genetically engineered, (and there’s no way they aren’t), even the idea of God taking a rib to create Eve, tells the story!
        It is always a good idea to incorporate a system of loyalty (a word that also fits) or worship – to slow or stop any rebellious ideas.
        Good thing for people, this “genetics” can be altered.
        And many gods meant ever-changing loyalties, because of those outside influences.


  2. When I first read the book Thiaoouba Prophecy, I thought it was just another book by ET contactees. However, when I read the later chapters that relate to our current state of affairs, I found many specific verifiable proof that people can still explore and investigate. You will see what I mean as you continue your journey.

    The explanation on Who is Christ is mostly surprising to me, as it has been verified by others. See https://www.chinasona.org/Thiaoouba/Jesus.html

    The explanations are so reasonable and logical that they cannot be missed or described as heresy.

    Same applies to the explanations on the origins of the Jewish people, who were indeed the “chosen” people.


  3. One thing to keep in mind perhaps is something that Hidden_Hand said in one of the dialogues that Lisa was kind enough to share with us. Hidden_Hand (or perhaps it was his/her counterpart I forget now which of the two it was) said that the Lucifer soul/memory complex has impersonated Enki (as well as Yahweh) on more than one occasion making (all of this an even tougher nut to crack).


      • I wish add one more thread to confuse you. (haha).
        Before Annunaki arrived, a living library project was created, Lyran/Vegan was responsible to upgrade the earth primates to the 12 strand DNA so the human DNA would become a storage of galactic information. Any species can come to earth to access the information in the future. During the process, Annunaki induced an atomic war, Lyran/Vegan left the unfinished project. This may be the 1st human seeding.

        .Annunaki has erased early civilization history records and altered the ancient history. They don’t want us to find out the truth and who we are.


      • Barbara Marciniak delivered from Pleidians’ perspective. I listened to her channel session, I think twice and read one book. As we know. any information is a mixture of truth and untruth , from people with a good intention, shared with their own truth/experience/perspectives to people with the agenda and between.


    • Hidden Hand is he, from the Illuminati /Lucifer group that provided a catalyst / challenge to induce a human evolution. – represent a negative polarity.
      Eracidni Murev is also he, as a record keeper, his group is working to counter Hidden Hand’s group to maintain earth in the “balance” energy at all times. – represent positive polarity. Each of them has a different duty, responsibility and goal to manage human world.

      “Harvest” is harvesting or taking out those negative polarized souls. The militaries have arrested people (from the lower level to the top levels) for many years and still on going.


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  6. Annunaki have proven themselves to be very untrustworthy,selfish,and destructive on several occasions.They have supposedly been serving the Draco queen for how long?????Do either of those groups have a heart or loving Christ vibrations,intentions,or behaviors-NO!!The more that I read about all this cosmic interplay,the more disgusted I get.It seems as though humans were left high and dry,abandoned and unprotected though originally we were tasked with stargatekeeping.What kind of Bully would perpetrate the horrors which supposedly have been visited upon humans?Balance and freewill???-whatever!Would a loving parent allow a defenseless toddler to be abducted,terrorized,starved,experimented upon to her detriment?To be sooooooo debased as to barely be a shell of our original highly functional selves is insane.Also,if one has a very destructive 3 year old,it is appropriate to place limits on this destructive tendency and constant supervision and Many timeouts may be needed.Loving higher evolved entities wouldn’t allow free reign to malicious words and deeds.Where is the line drawn??Regressive,spacevandals need quarantine or a trip back to Source Creator.Namaste!!


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