Traveling Safely through Time by Appearing as an Orb

( एक ओर्ब के रूप में प्रकट होकर समय के माध्यम से सुरक्षित रूप से यात्रा करना )

A friend of mine asked me this morning if I had ever heard of the possibility that you could visit other time periods by using orbs in one way or the other. I immediately was reminded of Elena Danaan who had said exactly this in one of her interviews. It took me some time to find that fragment, but I managed to do so (1). I will present it here first and then add some comments below. Enjoy yet another interesting element of this beautiful quest into our future.

Elena Danaan talks about Orbs and watching events from another time (1)

In the excerpt above Elena Danaan was talking about her latest visit to a Meton ship to take a look at the future of humanity on Earth. In her book (2) she describes her first visit which she had earlier described in a video (3). She tells us how she saw this huge cylinder in that ship (see image) that functions as a looking glass device. She was allowed to ask questions about our future. At first she asked what our planet would look like in 100 and in 200 years time. You can see drawings of that future in her book (2).

Illustration by Elena Danaan from her impressive work The Seeders (2, p.537)

In december 2022 Elena went back to that ship (4) , where she again met commander Haben, who, if I remember correctly, is Akon’s brother. Akon was married to Elizabeth Klarer from South Africa which is all neatly described in her book (5). During her first visit she was told that they are doing well and that they enjoy their privacy. She would have been writing a second book that Haben said, needs to be published too (6).

Just before actually looking into the looking glass again, Haben told her that there was good news: (slightly edited) “Haben, the commander was so calm. He said ‘you can look again and there’s a good news for you. If you want to see the result of all the work you are doing all of you it’s not 100 years anymore you can straight look back look ahead […] towards 20 years from now. […] he said yes because people are awakening more and more and more and the timeline has stabilized on Earth and of course they’re will still be fightings but it’s going to settle eventually

Elena then describes how her consciousness in a way merged with the contents of this cylinder, which looks like some slow plasma bubble device. And then through this device the consciousness projects into the future. When your consciousness appears in the future it manifests as an orb. When you see an orb it might just be people who are looking from another time.

A big advantage of this approach is that you do not interfere with the time you enter. In that sense you can call this a safe mode of traveling to another time.

It reminds me of that ‘creep’ who showed up at Elena Danaan’s bed and wanted to have information about the contents of her book (8)

(2) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders, see chapter Through the Looking Glass (pages 530-549)
(3) Visiting a Meton Mothership (video, September 11, 2021)
(4) CONTACT Ep. 19 ~ THE FUTURE 20 YEARS FROM NOW – with Haben of Meton~ Dec 16 2022
(5) See more about the book at On Meton Walls, Windows and Doors
(6) This book is called ‘Gravity Files’. In an article from 2010 called ‘The Woman Who Loved An Alien‘ I found this reference to this book: She always maintained that Akon would come back to fetch her. He never did, although her friends will tell you that she’s with him now. In 1994, at the age of 84, Elizabeth died of breast cancer, leaving her second book, The ‘Gravity File‘ unfinished. She purported that her second book would fill in many of the gaps of the first and would also provide a detailed breakdown of Akon’s electro-gravity propulsion technology. The manuscript is not lost, however, just incomplete, and radio personality John Marsh is trying to complete it, with the aid of her notes. – Well, according to her brother in law, Haben, Elizabeth is still alive and kicking on Meton (7)
(7) Having a Life Span of Two Thousand Years – The Metoni in the Proxima Centauri System
(8) Meeting a Peeping Tom from the Past in a Vortex at your Bedside

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