Exploring your Own Possible Starseed – Off-world Physical Partner Connection

( Explorando su propia posible semilla estelar: conexión de pareja física fuera del mundo )

This week has shown a few interesting developments, like JP’s account of his mission in the Grand Canyon (1,2) and Elena Danaan’s posts surrounding Vincent (3) and Thor Han’s YES (4). From a couple of interviews I picked a few interesting topics as well, like the food replicator with species scan functionality (5) and the Oshksha Flower from the Taygetean planet of Erra (6). I also hadn’t made the connection between Denethor and the very likely picture of him stemming from his period on Earth at the Pentagon in 1958 (7). Besides that it has been a relatively quiet week, but I’m sure we are going to get new information after the third webinar (8) is over and Elena shares with us a summary of the new information afterwards (9).

Although I could have used the pre-webinarian lull in intel to pick up other topics from the large database of information that is available in Elena’s books and videos, like introducing the various species from Altair, I decided to do something else, namely to explore new territories myself. I would welcome everyone reading this to also consider doing that more often: not just read and listen to what Elena and others are saying, but also to take in certain info and chew on it yourself: what do you think of these topics? Are you able to receive new intel yourself from your own sources? Why remain in a ‘waiting-for-intel-from others’-mode when you might just develop your own connection?

Having Fun Exploring New Territories Yourself

How do they relate to your own life, to your own possible connection to this off-world field of inquiry? Can you, yourself access new information? Perhaps we are far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for? Perhaps we are too modest and put ourselves into a position that we remain waiting on the intel from others, whereas we might just as easily tune into to our own sources to gain a better understanding of the way the universe works?

How to go about this, I wondered. I got to the point where I thought it would be a good starting point to just ask all kinds of questions, relating to a certain topic. I thought it would trigger my consciousness into exploring that territory and perhaps get a few hints or activate a synchronicity or two in my day-to-day life. I was reminded of the way the Galactic Federation of Worlds seems to work: they don’t easily share extra information, but when you ask for it specifically they are allowed to hand over more information.

So, I continued where I left off in my last article (10), where I explored the ways your ‘higher self’ or your ‘Star Seed Envoy Twin Flame’ (11) might interact with your consciousness, and provide new thoughts, ideas, answers, insights and perhaps some new questions too. This method of asking all kinds of questions is like exploring a new territory in a place where you have never been before. I noticed that it requires some more effort and it seems that these questions trigger processes at certain unconscious levels, taking more time to eventually bring their fruits to my conscious awareness. As if you are preparing ground for new constructions to form.

There is a certain psycho-analytical technique that means to ‘drown’ a patient in a host of questions, creating some chaos, leading the patient to eventually pick out (often unconsciously) the ones that are most important. I would like to invite you to drown yourself in many questions relating to a certain topic in the disclosure realm and see what pops up. Just imagine that many of us are starseeds that have this ‘star seed twin flame’-connection (11) to another physical person from another planet, perhaps even from another time, who is waiting for us to tune into him or her, to get the transfer of information going.

Let it roll, let it roll (12)

What follows is a list of questions and thoughts related to this amazing concept of that ‘Starseed – Physical Twin Flame Partner’ connection. The idea is to train our mind to focus on this possible reality in order to provide a place for answers to take hold. Just imagine that you have the innate power to connect to either your higher self or this physical starseed partner and get answers. Imagine yourself receiving them with a smile on your face, whether they are memories or new lines of thinking. And don’t forget: the questions might lead you to certain areas that don’t have anything to do with the questions themselves, but that are more important to you.

Here’s an example of the kinds of questions I raised. I would love to hear your additional questions, or perhaps even some possible answers, or sub-answers. Use the comments sections below to share your discoveries with other readers.

(I was playing with the possibility that I, just like you, might be one of the many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of starseeds that would have come to our planet in this current timeframe)

During meditations I used to tune into my higher self or my soul group, thinking of them as etheric or invisible higher-density beings. This Twin Flame is not like that, it’s physical from another world. Would it be a man, would it be a woman? From which star system would they come? From which planet? Would that star system also be the place where my soul originated? Where did my soul originate? (4, 13) Is the time ready to get anwers to these big questions? What would my physical body look like in that stasis pod on another world? From which time period would I have come? Would this off-world partner and I have shared more lives together, and if so, how does this work? Just imagine that you have lived a life with this off-world Twin Flame during the times of Mu (14), that would have been ‘just’ a shared life, without the starseed mission aspect, wouldn’t it?

Could it be that you hardly know your current ‘off-world starseed partner’ but that you only signed up for this mission and work together for the first time? How does the communication go? Is it through thoughts in English, Dutch or is it telepathic, or perhaps in the language from your own homeworld which gets translated half way? Where could you two meet? In your living room, in your garden, or on a spaceship? What has been the interaction like? Did your off-world mission partner hand over information during your dreams, or did you already have years of interaction but you simply don’t remember it yet? What kind of job does your twin Flame-partner have at the moment? Are there more people from your planet active on that ship, or perhaps in your surroundings in the place where you live?

What would be the nature of that quantumlink? How could you use it yourself? In what ways could you sense each other? What would we have decided to do? How can we speed up the awakening process? Why aren’t there tens of thousands of starseeds speaking out: the time is now; there’s relatively little use in all those starseeds remembering their mission when the Deep State is already dead and buried, isn’t it? How can we help others remember their starseed mission?

When I started to play with this approach I expected to get some answers, or clues to certain answers, but I ended up writing this article with this main idea that you, yourself might be this starseed that has this ability to tune into information from your ‘off-world physical Twin Flame partner’. It made me realize that it is tempting to just read and follow the work of other people, whereas you might access all kinds of new information yourself, by linking up with that Twin Flame Partner from that world you started this project from. I think it would provide a huge boost to the disclosure movement if we would expand from a handful of people who provide information of our off-world connections, to many thousands who share their own first-hand-experiences and memories. Perhaps we are in a waiting-mode, whereas we could be exploring our own connections right now!

(1) JP Mission to Ancient Artifacts & Civilizations found in Grand Canyon
(2) Dr. Michael Salla also posted a link to an older article from 1909 that dealt with someone describing about the same things as JP did. See Explorations in Grand Canyon
(3) Getting Acquainted with the Ahil
(4) On the Connection between Thor Han and Elena Danaan
(5) Food Replicator with Species Scan Functionality
(6) The Vanilla-like Smell of Flowers from Erra
(7) End Note 203
(8) Webinars
(9) I will not link to a certain article whose name must not be mentioned 🙂
(10) Inspired Thought Insertion and Memory Activation
(11) Starseed Envoy Twin Flames
(12) Image taken from Deposit Photos
(13) The Gemmen – One of the Seeder Races
(14) The Mu Mystery – Exploring Lemuria

2 thoughts on “Exploring your Own Possible Starseed – Off-world Physical Partner Connection

  1. On the facebook site connected to this website (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1574808102943650) Fabienne gave this interesting feedback about the desire to connect to Galactics:

    Fabienne: ” yes in summary, he says that he noticed that as he had lived horrible youg things (which came back to him last year) he had fled in search of contact with the galactics. He noticed that despite intense moments rarely shared with them he was not better in his daily life. That to be well in the relations here, to take care of the human. to love what you do is what is asked first. And if contacts have to be made, they will be made, but there is no need to seek them out. I probably scratched his word, but I understand what he means. It’s a fad now to contact galactics, and it will happen, but like any fashion it falls into excess, with recipes, scams etc…”

    I responded: “Okay, thanks for this perspective. Like I said, I need to trust in their wisdom to determine when the moment for individual contact between Starseed and Starseed Partner is right. I do think however that it can be helpful to prepare yourself by developing the right concepts and by asking certain questions which might prepare you better for such a contact, with someone you are supposed to know extremely well.

    I am not talking about getting into contact with galactics in general. I’m talking about getting into contact with that ONE PERSON with whom you would have made a contract to assist in raising the frequency of this planet, to help in solving the issues, to help in destroying the power of the Deep State etc.

    Thanks for thinking along!”


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