The Mu Mystery – Exploring Lemuria

( द म्यू मिस्ट्री – लेमुरिया की खोज )

On January 6, 2023, Dani Henderson and Elena Danaan did a video on Atlantis and Lemuria (and crystals) (1). We have already spoken elaborately on Atlantis in earlier articles (2). This page explores the continent of Mu or Lemuria, using both the information that Elena Danaan received and information from the French contactee Michel Desmarquet.

Lost Pacific Continent of Mu (19)

We haven’t spoken a lot about the continent of Lemuria. The main reason is that Elena Danaan hasn’t said a lot about it in her work. In her latest book she mentions it only briefly in Enki’s account of our history (3) and then mainly in the context of the refugees that had to flee Maldek and Mars around the cataclysm that took place around 72,000 B.C. (4).

She talks about Lemuria in the video. You can find a video excerpt below at (6), in which she mentions the Ant People (5) and the Sasquatch (4) and she describes Mu as a great and wide culture. In the Seeders (3) we can read:

71.900 BC – The geography of the planet was different in this period of time. A large piece of land existed in the south Pacific Ocean, remembered as “Lemuria”. These territories, who were already a compound of different colonies, received the Martian refugees from the Nebu war in the Sol System and the cataclysmic explosion of planet Maldek. The Lemurian civilization had a contemporary phase with the Atlantean civilization, when both coexisted and conducted commercial trade with one another” (3, p.501)

She talks about how Enlil had a bad eye on Lemuria and wanted to infiltrate it. Elena said that it didn’t really work because the Lemurian Civilization was very strong (1).

What is interesting is that Mu was apparently a compound of different colonies before the arrival of the refugees from Maldek and Mars. In the video Elena says that this meant that there were colonies from other parts of the world, but also colonies from other worlds, meaning from other planets. Although Elena Danaan elaborates on the extraterrestrial people that were present on Atlantis (7) she doesn’t say anything about the nature of the ET-races on Lemuria. Perhaps she will get back to that some time in the future?

The Romanian Radu Cinamar has written a book in which he describes the history of humanity on our planet, seen through some artefact that was given to him by the people from an subterranean civilization called Apellos (11,12). He was one of the sources that we discussed on the fall of Atlantis (13). I already mentioned that I thought it rather odd that he hailed the Anunnaki as very wise and spiritual people (14). What is also odd is that Cinamar doesn’t mention the continent of Mu at all in his book on the history of mankind.

Fortunately I have come across the book of the French contactee Michel Desmarquet (15) last month and in his book the continent of Mu plays an important role. His book was the inspiration for a few articles already (16-18). The story of Mu starts off after it emerged from underneath the oceans about one million years ago. This was the result of yet another cataclysmic event by a meteor which decimated the population of people who had arrived from the planet of Bakaratini only some 30,000 years earlier. (18). About 250,000 years ago visitors from yet another planet arrived from a planet called Arèmo X3.

Polynesians (22)

These people settled on the continent of Mu which had become a continent with a rich vegetation. Several millions of their people eventually were moved from their own overpopulated planet to Lemuria. Because it was a grand operation and they didn’t want to risk losing the lives of their people they first spent 50 years building lunar bases, from which they were able to safely explore Earth (20). The people looked a lot like the Polynesian people that we know of today.

In the book we can read about 19 cities that were built, with a capital that had the name Savanasa. After 50,000 years there would have lived some 80 million people on the continent of Mu (15, p.93). They brought with them new animals for Earth, like the dog, the armadillo and the pig (21).

They already built pyramids and had anti-gravitational techniques (23). They were able to telepathically communicate with other planets from within that pyramid. They would also have used the pyramid to create rain when they deemed that necessary.

They would have created colonies on New Guinea and in Latin America. They would have built a huge base near Thiacuano at the time when the Andes didn’t exist yet. There is a lot to be told about this culture and I would advise you to read it in the free pdf-book (15).

The people of Tiaoouba who were like people who guided people on various planets, with what appears to be about the same principles as the Galactic Federation of Worlds, like respecting the Prime Directive (24). These hermaphrodite beings would have been the ones that are depicted in the statues on Easter Island. Thao, Michel’s guide spent a few words on Atlantis, and I can’t help but giggle a bit at her description:

“These white people had actually arrived on Earth in very small numbers at a time between the arrival of the Bakaratinians (1,3 million years ago) and the people from Aremo X3 (250,000 years ago). They had settled on a continent known to you as Atlantis, but as much for material as spiritual reasons their civilization failed completely” (p.93)

Although the information from Elena Danaan on Lemuria is rather scarce so far, I was directed by Steffi to a passage in which Alex Collier does talk about Lemuria and the people who would have colonized this vast contintent. Here’s an excerpt from that interview from 2002:

71,933 BC: Lemuria is founded as a collective colony. Many of these races decided “Ok, let’s just pool our resources.” And they moved their Edens to a continent in the Pacific. Those star nations were: Lyrans, Sirius A, Pleiades: races from Taygeta and
Merope specifically
” (26)

The dating matches with that of Enki’s account and Alex names people from Lyra (who would that be, Vegans?) Sirius A (perhaps the Katayy?). We know of Taygetean planets like Erra which is inhabited by the Ahel (27). This is the first time I hear of people from the Pleiadeans star system Merope.

From the information obtained during his visit to planet Thiaoouba by Michel Desmarquet we can learn about the people who would have lived on Mu, and that they arrived from a planet called Aremo X3 some 250,000 years. They would have been the forefathers of the Polynesian people and they were a very advanced civilization, both technologically and spiritually. The million-dollar question is: how does this fit in with the story of the Anunnaki and Enki’s account of our history? There is no word of any people coming from Maldek or Mars whatsoever.

I think it is high time that Elena Danaan asks around a bit to get to know more about the people who lived on Mu. If you have any interesting thoughts to add, feel free to write a comment below this article.

(2) Enki’s Account on the Fall of Atlantis – In this article you can find other links to other sources who each have their own perspectives on the reasons for the final fall of the continent.
(3) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders
(4) The Exodus from Maldek – On that page you can find out more about the Sasquatch and the Sasquatch elders who have written about their history in which they actually talk about Maldek and the Ant People (and many other kind of people for that matter)
(5) The Ant People
(6) In the following excerpt from (1) Elena Danaan introduces Mu (or Lemuria which is synonymous):

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(14) Taken from Endnote 177 – And to round off the words op worship for the Anunnaki Cinamar writes at the end of a chapter on the Anunnaki: “The presence of spirituality and an implicit sense of a high morality are strongly felt, and that is why they are still known by many civilizations in the galaxy as ‘those who came from the Spirit’. Wherever they go, they emanate purity, the force of righteous action, and high knowledge in different forms. Metaphorically speaking, we can think of some highly evolved monks who are spiritually worthy, but at the same time, humble and wise. They do not attack, but if attacked, they defend with great efficiency and always defeat their adversary” (Forgotten Genesis, p. 267)
(15) Desmarquet, M. (1993) The Thiaoouba Prophecy. You can buy the paperback at amazon, or you can download the pdf. For the Chinese community I recommend the work of Samuel Chong. At the moment of writing this I still haven’t finished the book, since I keep on writing articles right after I have read interesting passages. Perhaps other parts of the book don’t resonate with me at all?

Mu, Crystalwinds (25)

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8 thoughts on “The Mu Mystery – Exploring Lemuria

  1. Me thinks that the journey that Michael went on was more inter-galactic or inter-dimensional than most of what Elena talks about. As such, there are no doubt layers of information that seem to not line up at times. The languages and names that the various cultures call themselves differs vastly too. As far as the Anunnaki are concerned, I feel there is a lot of disinformation there. I still haven’t been able to sort out in my mind if Enki is the good guy or the bad guy…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think the planet that Michael described is probably closer to the MilkWay galactic center, 9 category. (not sure what it mean , close to the highest density ?)
      Well, according to Ismael Perez from yesterday’s Q/A, Enki is definitely a bad guy, I wonder how does he know about the galactic affairs ? Just hearsay to the public, neither provide any evidence nor a personal experience such as named who he worked with ? or is he programmed ?


  2. I think we are in a boot camp here in this lowest of low densities, and we need to fight our own way out of it. If we are rescued, we will learn nothing, and end up repeating the process. This is universal Law. Some dark entities have violated this Law, and so the light entities are allowed to assist in certain ways, but not as much as we would wish.


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