To Receive Arcturian Information Boosts

After the very interesting account of Beth Noyes’ experience on an Arcturian spaceship (1) I happened upon someone else who paid a visit to an Arcturian ship. This page reflects a bit more about contactees with Arcturians and especially how they speak of information boosts that they received. Enjoy the flight 🙂

A Blue Kite (9)

In Elena Danaan’s A Gift from the Stars (2) we can read about the Arcturians. They are part of the Galactic Federation of World and they are described as being one of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy, which has surpassed into the 7th and 9th density , ‘they work at raising the consciousness of the multiverse, in a way that always allows free-will; educating those who chose to take the path of ascension, raising their vibration and clearing the path to higher consciousness…Terran light-beings (souls) can be sometimes brought to the Arcturian spaceships during their dream state, where they are healed and helped, at the difference that Arcturians never violate a person’s free choice’ (2).

You can read more about the Arcturians at (3).

Not only Beth Noyes (1) visited an Arcturian spaceship, but others did as well. Elena Danaan describes her visit to meet a spaceship from the Intergalactic Confederation for the first time, by flying in a ship from the Arcturians or Ohorai (4).

“To my great surprise, we were not in a scout ship of the Federation, nor were we in Thor Han’s command ship. I recognized that we were instead in the Ohorai craft that I had seen earlier.

  • Oh my goodness! I exclaimed with excitement.

The interior was very bright and it took time for my eyes to adapt to the strong luminosity.” (4, p.74)

A while ago Dr. Michael Salla had an interview with Dave Rossi who talked about being in a spaceship with people with blueish skin who probably were also Arcturian (5). Debbie Solaris describes two visits that she made to an Arcturian ship too (6,7). Mélanie Charest describes being in classes with children and guides which look a lot like the Ohorai Arcturians as well (8).

Dave Rossi told Dr. Salla about what had happened to him after he returned from this visit on a spaceship that proabably was Arcturian. He was suddenly able to understand and even interpret very complex equations in scientific journals. He says that he could actually ‘feel’ the equations as blue visuals in his head (10).

Debbie Solaris describes something similar after waking up one morning. Let’s listen to what happened to her:

Debbie Solaris tells Lily Nova about how she suddenly knew all kinds of star systems that she hadn’t known before (6)

Like Dave Rossi, she suddenly knew things that she didn’t know before. In her case it wasn’t the understanding of complex mathematical equations, but a sudden knowledge of all kinds of star systems that had had interaction with Earth.

When engaging with material like it is presented on this website, your mind might often get challenged, because the world appears to be much bigger and there seems to be no end to the possibilities. In the following excerpt Debbie Solaris takes us with her to a trip that she was guided to make to the St. Luis Mountains (11); she was to bring along a kite!

Debbie Solaris talks about her connection to an Arcturian Portal by using a Kite,
which activated huge downloads of information, on for instance her own mission on Earth (6)

The Arcturians appear to be an amazing species indeed. I would like to know more about their origin. Did they evolve within Nataru, our Milky Way? Were they perhaps seeded here just like the humanoids would have been introduced to Nataru in the constellation of Lyra by the Pa’Taal (12)? If you have any more interesting information about the Ohorai please share it either in the comments or in the Arcturians-category in the Elena Danaan Study Center (13). Did you have experiences with these wonderful beings yourself? Have you found out anything else about that we all should know, let yourself be heard.

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