The Upukee from the Perseus System

Elena Danaan has been ground-breaking in her elaborate descriptions of over 100 species within our galaxy in her first disclosure book (1). In her third disclosure book she even added a few dozen species from other galaxies (2). But of course the universe is filled with many more species and it is not only Elena Danaan who meets other species. This month I introduced Steffi to you, who is in contact with Arian, a man from the planet Ptaah, the sixth planet from the Taygeta system (3). In a recent (German) Q&A (4) Steffi also mentioned a species that cannot be found in Elena’s work, namely the Upukee.

The Perseus Constellation (7)

Before we get to the Reptilian Upukee I first want to pay some attention to other species that live in the Perseus Constellation. We have spoken before about the Alcobata from the Goraneor System, which very likely is also known as Algol (see image on the right, 5).

You might remember them as those with quite remarkable ways of procreating. Although there are males and females, there are also hermaphrodites. This last category reproduces through eggs, whereas the others are mammals (6). The Alcobata are no members of the GFW and they are considered extremely aggressive.

The Tanzany from Gorgonea Secunda are 5 ft tall grey reptiloid beings. Like the alcobata they are also aggressive. They have been very harmful on Terra by the past, by interest of studying how lifeforms react to physical pain, fear and mental suffering….They use interdimensional travel and quantum propulsion (1, p.244)

Whereas the Alcobata and the Tanzany are aggressive, the Tarici Reptiloids are a peaceful race, who have never contacted Terrans before. They are a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds (see for more on them, 1, p.246-247)

Somehow many reptilian species are not known for their friendly approach to other species. The Giansar (8) and the Ciakahrr (9) are just a few other examples from the Draco Constellation.

Fortunately there are also more benevolent reptiloid species than just the Tarici. We have spoken about the Martian Resistance as an example (10), and Steffi developed a telepathic contact with Rexus, a commander of a fleet of ships that would also be present in our solar system at the moment. He is a member of the species called ‘Upukee’ that live on a planet called Upuk that orbits the star Mirfak in the Perseus constellation, some 592 light years away from us.(7).

Planet Upuk has one ring (although it would be more horizontal than the one on this picture, 15)

They have been a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds for a very long time. They are huge, about the size of the Ciakahrr, namely some 7,5 meter (24 ft). They have dark green skin color, with very dark green, almost black eyes. They have a long tail and a typical reptilian body, maybe similar to that of a Draco (9). The head is also very reptilian-like. Unlike the Ciakahrr, the Upukee don’t have any wings. They do not eat other species and are very respectful and they expect that respect from as well. They are also a very proud race, but in a positive way.

Steffi was told by Arian that the Upukee play an important role in an interesting transition process that I hadn’t heard of before. As you may remember a reptilian species called the Nagai, arrived here on our planet some 200 million years ago, long before the arrival of the Seeders (11).

They went underground after the Seeders decided to prepare the planet for humanoid life and have managed to survive until the present time. The connection with the Reptilian species, that would have evolved since then, that is represented by a woman that used the name Lacerta is yet unknown (12).

During the recent war against the malevolent extraterrestrials on Earth, some factions of the Nagai (Nagas) changed sides and supported the benevolent species. Rexus and his people are assisting the Nagai in this transition, to learn them how to actually change for the better.

It is during the last couple of years that the Upukee had for the first time entered our solar system. They have not been involved here on Earth before. They did have a lot of issues in the past with the Ciakahrr, including fights with them in their own Star System back home. They really don’t like them at all, although they may look a bit like them (13). They have given the Galactic Federation of Worlds advice on how to fight the malevolent Reptilians in the underground bases on Earth.

In the video below (16, 17) you can watch Steffi describe what she knows about the Upukee. For those who prefer her German version you can watch it below the footnotes.

It would make sense that the Upukee were not mentioned in Elena’s first book because they didn’t have any contact with our planet until only recently. It’s good to know that there are tall Reptilians that, although they may look a lot like the Ciakahrr, are completely different in their approach. They are a benevolent race that probably uses their Reptilian ‘skills’ to assist the Nagai in their transition. Would they have the same powerful telepathic skills as the Ciakahrr? It’s good to know that when you might run into a huge 24 ft Reptilian now on Earth, they are likely of the good kind 🙂 It would be great if Elena could confirm the existence of this species!

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Steffi describes Rexus, an Upuki from Mirfak (4)

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