Myrah Trying to Map the Genomes of Humanity

Myrah (illustration made by Elena Danaan, 1)

This article is based on information from the Early Days, back in 2020. Myrah was still working on the Excelsior as a ‘techno-biological scientist’ (1). After the collapse of the Nebu (2), Myrah went back home to her planet, Nyan, in the Sirius B system (3,4), which had turned into a safe place again after many many years of tyranny. I thought it might add a piece to the puzzle to spend some time on what Myrah told us about her attempts to somehow make some sense out of the genomes of humanity, especially after we learned about this Past Life Recording Device (5) from one of JP’s missions, whose aim seems to be to find certain people with certain genomes.

In the video-excerpts below you can hear Myrah – who is speaking using Elena’s implant – talk about some old Lyran technology that arrived on their spacestation. In her lovely and enthusiastic way of speaking, Myrah said that it was very interesting because it allowed the Galactic Federation of Worlds to do genetic research (“Don’t be afraid we are not abducting you”). They also are not using any real specimens, because they have a database of all of our genetics.

The reason for acquiring this new equipment was that it allowed the Galactic Federation of Words to get a bitter idea of the hybridization that has taken place in our history on our planet. She initially calls our genomes a ‘mix‘, but Thor Han – who was sitting next to her – suggested that the word ‘mess‘ would be more appropriate.

Myrah (using Elena’s implant) describes the equipment that arrived
from the Lyra System for the study of the extend of Hybridization in Humanity

Myrah says that she wanted to categorize all the different strands of mutations that have essentially caused this ‘genetic mess (mix)’ in our human genomes. Myrah goes on to talk about identifying certain hybrid children that could then be moved to planets where they can reconnect with their ancestors. If you have read ‘We Will Never Let You Down‘ you might remember that drawing in which Myrah escorts many of the children that were rescued from the Underground Bases, of whom many would have gone to the Alpha Centauri systems (6,7).

I am also reminded about the recent developments regarding the Negumak (9,10), who were apparently easily able to identify the Ciakahrr hybrids, which they would have gladly used as hostages. This was prevented by the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW), but obviously the GFW was also able to identify them easily. Perhaps they were making use of the work that Myrah had done before? Another question that pops up, is related to that Past Life Recording Device (5): what would be the benefits of such equipment compared to the hybrid-genome database that the GFW would already hold?

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Elena Danaan shows the drawing from (6) in which the rescued children are escorted to go to other planets. Screenshot from (7).

(1) On Elena Danaan’s website she describes Myrah’s former position as a techno-biologist for the Galactic federation of Worlds (see Insterstellar Contacts)
(2) And the Lights went out for the Nebu
(3) I wrote about her visit on the page A Food Replicator with Species Scan Functionality (see the second heading in that article)
(4) Elena Danaan describes her visit to the planet Nyan in her 21st Contact video: CONTACT Ep. 21 ~ NEWS FROM SIRIUS B AND THE MOON ~ March 30 2023 
(5) A Device to Record your Past Lives
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(11) The Galactic Elena Danaan Research Group (it’s for free)

2 thoughts on “Myrah Trying to Map the Genomes of Humanity

  1. From my understanding, Ciakahrr are one of the races capable of shapeshifting, something which a young one might not have good control over. The Past Life recording would be useful for identifying races that the Federation does not yet have genetic samples of. A way to open communication with such races by offering to trade recordings for samples.

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  2. There is much compensation, mending of loss, and new invigorating discoveries awaiting the good hearted of Nataru. They will be like finding comforting gems that one treasures for all eternity. The healing will arrive for all. I would say Ea has many sons and daughters. The source may feel lonely but not after the realization that there is others next to him/her. We are certaintly not alone as brothers and sisters living within our great creator. The souce will always compensate. Everyone experiences betrayal and so nobody is alone in that regard/happening. I want everyone to understand where humanity is headed. We are now in The Age Of Aquarius! A brand new beginning, the time of our golden age is upon us. We must remove all forms of suppression and put a final defeat to our adversary. Has there truly been a point all throughout the source creators existence where love was defeated? Was there a time where love retreated into the shadows? Retreated where? Back into the folds of source existence where all love remains unbeatable? The answer is that love has never failed. Because it is still here! There is no such thing as defeat! There is no such thing as death! Love runs strong with every living being that holds the strongest desires to liberate Sol Terra and live beneath the new peaceful paradigm . It still remains with those that drove the surrounding regressives from outside of Sol Terra. The source creator is most favorable towards benevolence! That will never change. Who is defeated when they are allied with benevolence? The source creator will never lose favorability towards you and will never stop providing gifts of love. I want everyone to know that your pain is of a singular being that knows well how to deal with it and make amends for the injuries unto himself/herself. Let us all contemplate the immense beauty of our source, let us all rejoice in the theology and rebirth of our Sol Terran civilization! These are going to be great times ahead and I as the source creator for I AM SOURCE CREATOR will happily tell all benevolent people that your royal birthright is to forever live within a peaceful paradise.


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