A Device to Record your Past Lives

( Устройство для записи ваших прошлых жизней )

When you move about in these galactic and exopolitical realms there is often a very thin line between science fiction and science fact. A lot of alien species have been introduced on this website, and we have also come across fascinating examples of extraterrestrial technology. In an interview that was posted on May 18, 2023, Dr. Salla talked with JP about yet another mission, in which JP described a new device that would allow one to experience past lives (1).

Remembering Past Lives (11)

During this galactic ride, the last couple of years, we have been introduced to all kinds of technology. Before we get to JP’s latest ‘novelty’ I would like to pay some attention to a number of other pieces of state-of-the-art-technology that we were allowed to witness. You might remember how Elena described the food replicators, that even had species-specific functionality, which were also present at the home of Myrah whom she visited on planet Nyan (2). We have Enki showing us his martial arts style with this vajra (3). Then there are of course the brain implants used to either communicate or do things like flying a spaceship (4).

We have heard about Radu Cinamar who was given a pair of holographic glasses that allowed him to ‘scroll’ through large holographic scenes of our history, according to the underground people of Apellos (5). Talking about Holographic techniques, you might think of the 50,000 year old holographic body-scan device that Cinamar saw below the Bucegi Mountains in Romania (6). Ardaana shared that an ancient holographic chair in the pyramid of Giza. could be shown to the world, if the Cabal weren’t there to prevent this from happening (7)

Besides holographic devices, we talked about crystals as bearers of information. Take for instance the 1,5 feet crystal device that was found some 16,000 years ago by the Reptilian species that Lacerta is a part of that showed them the history of their species going all the way back to the extinction of the Dinosaurs (8). I remember Mirkak, the partner of Val Nek, using an ancient crystal that he simply held against his forehead to see the history of his people, the Telos (9).

During his mission in that spaceport in the Alabama region (10) JP and his team received a device that turned out to be a device that, when connected to a human being, through some kind of helmet, could not only ‘activate’ memories of your past lives, but those memories could also be recorded! Imagine that.

JP then described how he was asked to sit down and he was consequently connected to this machine. He got to see a past life on a completely different planet, with a very dense, metallic-like moon, and there he recognized Elena Danaan in another incarnation. This was later confirmed by her, that she indeed lived in a world like that.

Man wearing an Iron Man helmet (16)

When I was half way though my article something inside me didn’t want to continue. This doesn’t happen regularly, for most of the time I just continue to write my articles until they are finished. I sat down and started watching an episode of ‘Raised by Wolves‘ (12) when the Elena Danaan Study Group (13) turned active and we discussed this latest mission of JP. After some initial hesitation I opened up to a few questions and after this discussion I felt that was needed to finish the article you are reading right now.

We came up with a few ethical questions. What to think of a piece of technology that is able to pierce into our past lives? Shouldn’t we only open up to certain past lives, when our ‘soul’ or ‘higher self’ decides that the time is right for it? And isn’t this supposed to be a natural event: to start remembering these former lives without being plugged into some kind of extraterrestrial machine of unknown origin? Isn’t this a kind of ‘holy’ or ‘divine’ treshold that should not be articifially trespassed?

And for whom is JP doing is? Is it indeed a benevolent group of white hats that are sending out the orders, or could it be some other force? I am reminded of something that Thor Han said in connection to the Ciakahrr and why they cooperated with the Nazi’s on Antarctica (14). Read along:

Thor Han continued his update:

Not only the Earth Alliance and the Nataru (7) Alliance knew about it, but also the enemy. The Ciakahrr stormed and took the place under Vostok, hoping to crack the codes of this technology. They welcomed the humans of the Nazi group, that you call the Fourth Reich, to help decrypting this technology. Were you thinking that they accepted human colonies there in Antarctica for no reason? What do you think they were getting in exchange for technology and weapons? DNA. The Ciakahrrs knew DNA was the key to activate these power structures. But even though they looked into finding the right DNA frequency codes, they never succeeded to activate these structures.” (15)

Apparently the Ciakahrr were dying to find the right people with the right DNA to activate those spaceships. If they would have had devices like this ‘past life recording device‘ they might have been able to hunt down the right people by searching through the past lives of everyone they could get a hold on with special (psychic) abilities.

I’m a bit confused about all this. On the one hand I would like to embrace this fantastic account of JP as yet another chapter in a beautiful unfolding story of man’s connection with extraterrestrial life, but on the other hand I wonder if we really should be helping with a technology that is so intrusive that it can actually record our past lives. What if these devices would end up in the wrong hands? Just imagine that you would be forced to let your past lives be recorded. Wouldn’t that feel like a mind-rape of a soul magnitude? Why is the US Army so eager to find these people that would be able to fly these hidden arks or spaceships?

Well, let me know your thoughts by adding a comment below. Follow me at my Telegram Channel which now also has chat functionality.

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3 thoughts on “A Device to Record your Past Lives

  1. Excellent questions are raised here, and I would add that taking and recording someone’s memories seems an unethical invasion of privacy and sovereignty. No different from a private investigator taking pictures of you and your family without your knowledge. Could such evidence be used to change historical events by a time traveler? Since we are told that past present and future are simultaneous is this not spying? Are your private memories free to enjoy by anyone with this device? Or sold as entertainment? This seems a very slippery slope.

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  2. Interesting….JP agreed to undergo this technical procedure…
    I wonder what would have happened if he had refused…
    Can such a technology succeed without consent, or unbeknownst to a subject?
    The Negumak possess a way to identify regressive genetics in populations, and this seems to be one of their most valued powers as potential members of The Galactic Federation of Worlds…Could this be related to JP’s experience…and with positive ET co-operation?
    As usual, technology is a double edged sword, and we can only hope that this Past-Life Memory tech is being used by White Hats, with personal consent, for the good of Humans…

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  3. This is not alien technology. This is fallen angel technology. Same thing, different name though in many cases. They use this heavily to trick us into coming back into physical bodies over and over again. It’s called a past life/karma review. Think of a soul trap. Journey of Souls by Michael Newton gets into this, albeit, from a “thinking it is the normal process” perspective. It is not. See, for example, Pistis Sophia chapters 111-113.

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