The War between the Laan and the Anunnaki

In the beginning of her career as emissary Elena Danaan often did ‘live-channelings’, as they were called back then. Her implant was used to communicate with people like Thor Han, Myrah, Annax and Coron (1), whose answers and updates were shared live. While listening to one of those oldies that Elena did with Elisa (2), I learned something about a war between the Laan and the Anunnaki that would have had disastrous consequences. This post reflects on that war.

The Laan are lion-like humanoids that originally lived in the Lyra system, but like all other humanoids back then, spread across our galaxy after the Lyran Wars (3) You can read more about the Laan on (4). Coincidentally we recently talked about feline-humanoids too (5). The Anunnaki are frequent visitors on this website. They are a complex bunch of people. The recent state of affairs would be that the Enki-faction would be the only Anunnaki faction left in our solar system. Enlil, representing the malevolent part of the family would have been tried and is sent to some kind of prison planet (6). A lot can be said about the Anunnaki, but for now I would like to focus on this point in history, when they fought the Laan.

Let’s first listen to what Myrah has to say about this war.

Elena Danaan is in live contact with Myrah, a science officer who used to work on the Excelsior (13)

This war between the Laan and the Anunnaki came up after a question on our Moon (7). Myrah told us about there having been four moons in our history. She said: “The third one has been destroyed in the wars between the Anunnaki and the Laan from the Lyra System. This one was destroyed and caused great damages on your planet. Great damages and floods and destruction of entire civilizations. It was absolutely terrible.”

It’s not a simple task to place the war between these two factions within the rest of the information that Elena Danaan received. There are similarities and differences. Let’s first compare it with is called the Terran Wars in Elena’s first disclosure book (8). Here we can read:

“Laani discovered Terra about a million years ago and settled a colony there, starting genetic experiments on the indigenous hominids. Shortly after, the Ciakahrr empire arrived at their turn and the two factions fought in a series of historical conflicts, called the Terran War. This was violent and different parties joined such as the Anunnaki, who had until then been cooperative with the Laani on the basics of territorial agreements.

Sumerians with bomb? – Snapshot taken from a random video (10)

The Ciakahrr wanted to enslave the genetically upgraded Terran species while the Laani and the Anunnaki had better plans, a little more ethical. The result of these long series of fights, rescinding entire civilizations, eventually ended by a faction of the Ciakahrr and Nagai redrawing underground, while the rest of the troops left the Terran system. ” (8, p.185)

In Enki’s account of our history as written down by Elena Danaan in her third disclosure book (9), the term ‘Terran Wars’ is not used. It seems however that this conflict is described under the heading ‘The Great Wars and the Ciakahrr Empire‘. Notice the similarities (and differences) with the story about the Terran Wars:

100.000 BC – Chaotic events took place around 100.000 BC, ignited by the intrusion of an offshoot from the Ciakahrr Reptilians Empire. Following horrendous territorial conflicts between different extraterrestrial factions, we see the first Inner Earth migration of some groups of populations, to subterranean territories. (9, p.498)

A page further we can read about how the young Galactic Federation of Worlds got involved in this war: “…Lead at the times by the Pleiadeans, it gathered diverse galactic organizations, alliances and minor confederations into a larger and unified structure. The rage of battle to keep territories out of the hands of the Ciakahrr caused tremendous casualties and it was a very painful lesson for the thing young Pleiadean Galactic Federation. They decided to redirect the goals of the Federation towards different ways of defendeing justice in the galaxy, relegating war as the last option.” (9,p.499)

It seems as if we are confronted with three different perspectives on the same wars. Myrah explicitly talks about the wars between the Laan and the Anunnaki as opposing parties, in both of Elena’s books the Ciakahrr are presented as the main opponents. The Laani aren’t even explicitly mentioned in the account in The Seeders (9). In the account in Elena’s first book it is ambiguous whether the Anunnaki joined the side of the Ciakahrr or the side of the Laani (“This was violent and different parties joined such as the Anunnaki, who had until then been cooperative with the Laani on the basics of territorial agreements“).

Enki’s account doesn’t mention the role of the Anunnaki at all in these wars, which is also remarkable. They probably fall under ‘Following horrendous territorial conflicts between different extraterrestrial factions‘. Could it be that the ones who write history always tend to portray their own roles a lot better than they have been in reality?

Anunnaki, Kur and the Laani (11)

Another interesting thing is that only Myrah’s account mentions the destruction of that Moon. You can’t read anything about that in the books. Could it perhaps be that Myrah has been mistaken, or is there another reason for not mentioning this vital element in those wars?

Well, I think we could use some further clarifications on these wars: what happened to that moon, who were fighting, what were the results, what was the role of the Laani and the Anunnaki?

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(13) At Smart Space Suits and Frequency Belts – Technology from the Galactic Federation of Worlds Elena explains why she was wearing this Star Trek suit, for the fun of it, really.

9 thoughts on “The War between the Laan and the Anunnaki

  1. Hi Joot,
    You asked in this post about information on the KUR!
    I was researching the information in Elena’s #1 book and trying to make a comparison between her information on the various races colonizing earth and the information presented in the Only Planet of Choice book told by Tom( aka Atum), one of the Counsel of Nine, transmitted by Phyllis Schlemmer (1993). On pages 126-130, Tom describes a race he calls the “Hawks” (who had humanoid bodies with bird heads) who came to earth and interbred with early primitive/humanoids already present on earth around 32,000 BC. Tom did not specify whether the interbreeding was a mating process or just genetic manipulation to combine these 2 species. This would correlate with the Kur (humanoids with Hawk heads ) race mentioned in Elena’s book who she said are related to the Annunaki. According to Tom, this race of colonizing Hawk beings landed at ” Akisu” located in the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang province, China and stayed for about 1,600 years of earth time. They left the planet after about 1,600 years after failing to 1) teach a form of language to the primitive humanoid race or 2) to convey the concept of “one leader” as a basis for forming an organizing social principle for this primitive tribe of humanoids.
    I have also read all 3 of Asheana Dean’s books, the Voyager series at least 3 times each. However, I find it quite difficult if not impossible to make any clear cut chronological correlations between her complex galactic history of multiply named evolving races, their civilizations, their wars, colonization’s and movements across galaxies. It’s way too complex and too densely expressed for me to even attempt to make any sort of chronological comparison of her material with Elena’s books and video materials. Too bad because the more collaborative material we are able to gather and make comparisons with, the more valid it makes some of the various stories of the earth’s ancient galactic history. Of course, each race tells a slightly different version of this history as each race has their own perspective on earth’s history according to their involvement in same and some races have been known to outright “lie” due to having a hidden “agenda” causing their stories to be twisted or distorted by inclusion or deletion of pertinent details.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Excellent work, Dominic!

      Interesting that these hawk beings from schlemmers book might have been the Kur. The only odd thing about it, is the time factor.

      From Elena’s description it seems that the Kur were present at the very beginning, meaning some 370.000 years ago. That is quite different than the time frame in Schlemmer her work.

      It’s a big puzzle but one day we will undoubtfully put all the pieces together.


      • I think the differences in timeline numbers are due to the fact that the various ET races don’t live in a linear time/space dimension and so don’t measure time as us earthlings do. A few missing or added zeros to the estimated timelines they give us in their stories is no big deal to them.

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  2. I’m glad you’re digging.. I don’t feel an affinity for any of the Anu actually, I’m not infatuated with any of them. The victors always rewrite history to make themselves the good guys. With the amnesia loop, that wipes our life memories when we transition, and then sucks us straight back to earth (the so called reincarnation cycle – where you are guilt tripped, shamed, blamed etc) and then given no option but to come back to ‘learn’ lessons, however how can it be a school if your memory is wiped? Do you go to Y4 after having the previous years lessons wiped? Makes no sense. Our real galactic history knowledge has been wiped… my gut feel for them – no thanks to any Anu. From my reading, they pally pallied with the reps, greys, zeta and others.: ‘The Annunaki working classes were lied to as we have been, they did not create Earth humans and this is not their conquered territory. They invaded our planet to intentionally hybridize with the human race to destroy the original genetic template of the Founding races, so they could gain complete control over the planetary body as well as several multidimensional timelines.’ So I’m keeping an open mind…one day I’ll get my full memory back.

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  3. The source creator is everything, everyone, and everywhere. Everything that happens in this universe is in accordance with the divine flow of source. We are all fractals of source. Our creator needs novelty/innovations to learn more about him/herself. The exploratory nature of source creator is hardly avoidable. We Sol Terrans are all apart of source creators many adventures. Conflicts will inevitably occur. The balance of the universe. I would recommend for people to stop wondering/concerning about other individuals or other star nations during their own past experiences/conflicts. Try and worry about our own, and find ways to help liberate this planet. I would also suggest trying to adopt a more singular view as everyone is attached/comprised of a singular source being who is your creator. The source creator only looks through the eyes of his/her children, and the creators children are all effectively the arms, ears, legs, and all parts/components of source. Worrying about what others think or do? Does the source really need to contemplate the past and worry about itself anymore? Understand what has been resolved and what remains to be resolved? We need to move forward into a new peaceful paradigm and all our thoughts should be focused on that. They say learning about the past can fix the future? I will say to everything, everyone, and everywhere the prime lesson to be learned from our Sol Terran past is to establish foundations of love and understanding beneath a civilization that ever wishes to succeed/advance both with spirit and technology. Than fortify/strengthen the foundations with walls of safety, abundance, and opportunity. Rediscovery of solutions, placing them into effect, and manifesting the new peaceful paradigm is a priority. Would any of you care to learn more about dangerous past conflicts, critique the characteristics of other beings, and ponder on the many perpectives that has flowed through the minds of others? That which has come and gone? Even after the establishment of a peaceful paradise? What would be your need to do so, and why would you find it a requirement when troubles have been solved, and your contemplations could only be on serenity?


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