Effects of Liberation of Moon in 2021

I was triggered to write this article by a telegram post of Elena Danaan on March 12, 2022 (1). I have spoken about the Moon before on this website on various occasions. One of the reasons for building this website was to provide an introduction to the extraterrestrial connections we would have as humanity. Because of the extraordinary nature of this information it can be quite useful to spend a few moments on a certain aspect in order to establish more understanding. If one explores new territories it is wise to sit back occasionally. Let me invite you for a trip to the Moon.

(image grab from (9))

The Liberation of the Moon
In February 2021 the Earth Alliance would have removed all the alien regressive presences on the Moon, just like these aliens were chased off of the surface of Mars (2) with the assistance of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Ceres would have been liberated back in august 2021 defeating not only regressive alien groups, but also people from the Nachtwaffen (3). Tony Rodrigues talks about his trips to the Moon and his experiences on Ceres and Mars in his fascinating book (4). One of the things that would have been done on the Moon before it was purged, was surgery by Grays. Here’s a part of his book:

What I do remember however, was being constantly wheeled down never ending hallways on a gurney by a typical gray alien – from one surgery to the next….The bits of the surgery that I do remember were things being done through the back of my neck and behind my ears. The Grays were performing the surgeries and they would have telepathic conversations with each other during them. They didn’t speak of anything too compelling, just their everyday lives. They were talking about being late and over scheduled, simple things like that.” (4, p.51)

One of the things that would have been implanted was a language translation device (and probably all kinds of tracking devices)

Effects of the Liberation of the Moon
With the regressive aliens gone from the bases on the Moon, the Deep State/Cabal has lost powerful allies (5,6). I have spoken earlier on about certain effects this liberation of the Moon would have had. I talked about the dismantlement of the ‘movie projector‘ that would have kept us in a ‘matrix-reality’ that was favorable to these Alien groups (7) and we would have been released from a kind of ‘Earth-bound reincarnation-trap’ (8).

Cislunar Highway Patrol System
On March 12, 2022 Elena Danaan reposted a link from Dr. Michael Salla (1) to the Cislunar (=between Earth and Moon) Highway Patrol System (9,10).

This system will be launched in 2025. Here’s an excerpt from the website of the AF Research lab:

In the next decade alone, the amount of traffic to the Moon as well as the lunar surface, is expected to increase significantly. In the same way that the DoD monitors activity in space near the Earth, monitoring spacecraft above GEO is necessary to ensure safety of operations and to provide attribution if any harmful actions are taken by an adversary. CHPS will provide much needed space domain awareness data to the Space Force, and assist NASA with its mission to land astronauts safely on the Moon, as well as identify and track potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroids.” (10)

I would like to think that this is another step in preparing humanity for its role as part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. For finally we will be allowed to see all the bases and activity that is taking place on the dark side of the moon. We won’t find that Gray doing his evil surgeries again though.

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The Q-movement and the Andromedan Council

In Megan Rose’s book ‘Welcome to the Future’ (2021) we can read about an interesting link between the Q-(anon) movement and the Andromedan Council (1):

Val Nek (2) says: “The technology, I can explain is used by the Andromedan Council. This Council, as some of you know predicted the fate of this galaxy, far into the future, to be unfavorable for all members of the Federation, planet Terra and the entire Solar System. It was the Council of Zenae who gave us permission to use their timeline technology to intervene, in the interest of balance, with the Terran people” (p.34)

It was this technique that some people call ‘a Quantum Computer’ that directed the human race into a ideal timeline. They say that the Q-movement was successful. Its goal was not to give Trump a second term, but as Dr. Michael Salla (3) quoted:

The US Navy operated this program from secure naval intelligence servers, a simple fact that the mainstream media conveniently ignored. The movement encouraged patriotism and family. It was the Federation and the Earth Alliance’s goal to reveal certain truths regarding the cabal on planet Terra. The operation revealed the existence of elite pedophile and human trafficking rings that were serving the extraterrestrial infiltration on Terra. [p. 32]

Another important goal seemed to be the creation of Space Force, which allows humanity to develop all kinds of new techniques with the assistance of the Galactic Federation of Worlds which is required to take on our role as a new member in this Federation.

On november 21, 2021, an interview with Alex Collier was posted on Dr. Michael Salla’s Exopolitics website (4). In the introduction you can get more confirmation of this idea that due to the efforts of the Andromedan Council a far more favorable timeline was created:

” In this Exopolitics Today interview, Alex Collier discusses the Andromedan Council and their multifaceted approach to freeing humanity and preventing a galactic tyranny from emerging 350 years in the future. Alex discussed how the Andromedans instigated a broad alliance of extraterrestrial civilizations to intervene on humanity’s behalf against negative groups, and how this alliance has led to a global awakening and liberation of our solar system.” (4)

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