Megan Rose’s first Abduction by the Maytra at Age 5

This page is about Megan Rose’s first abduction. Since I haven’t spoken a lot about Megan Rose on this website, I will first give a short background to all the dynamics that took place near the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, for those who have missed it.

Back in the early days in 2021 it was not only Elena Danaan who was in contact with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but also a woman with the name Megan Rose. They shared the same story about the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) and they both were abducted by Gray species and consequently rescued by the same group of people from the GFW. They talked about people like Val Nek (1), Thor Han (2) and Myrah (3). Megan Rose also described a woman from Erra (4) called Anelsa.

Cosmic Girls Elena Danaan and Megan Rose in Better Times

Megan Rose had just published her first (and still only) book in november 2021 (5), when there was a silence for a couple of months from the side of Megan Rose. Elena Danaan said that everything in Megan’s book is still correct information, but after that pause something would have happened, which is explained by Elena at her website (6).

Some MK-Ultra programming would have surfaced and Megan Rose turned out to be some Trojan Horse meant to create division and confusion within the disclosure movement, and her aim would be to destroy Elena and the people around her (7,8). This all happened at the time when Elena started to have contact with The Nine, the Seeders and Enki.

Elena’s account was quite persuasive and being struck by her impressive first two books at that time, I followed her advice and blocked Megan Rose and I haven’t listened to her since. Who wants to support disinformation and the sowing of division, right?

Because of recent developments within the Elena Danaan community (9,10) and my releasing of the associated fear of getting ‘infected’ by misinformation when you only listen to others (11), I have been shopping around a little too and I got curious by what Megan Rose has been doing ever since that break-up. What is all that ‘misinformation’ about? What are the major differences, and what is the overlap? As a researcher I should be able to distinguish between the two, without getting ‘infected by misinformation’.

To visualize this move, you could say that I used to watch everything around me from within an Elena Danaan village, but I am making the move to go out of that village and move a bit up-hill and see some other villages too. A wider perspective might provide a better understanding. Especially at a time when Elena Danaan keeps on saying how foolish it is to move out of her village because of all the dangers outside (12), I am too much of a rebel to actually stay inside all the time. I want to check for myself.

In an interview with Robert Earl White (14,15) from January 2023, Megan Rose talked about her first abduction at the age of 5. She was abducted again at the age of nine. Listen to her describe the smaller Grays and the species we know as the Maytra, the ugly stinky guys who were part of the Alliance of the Six (16) when it was still in existence. Be aware: there are some nasty computer animations of a Maytra in the following excerpt!

Megan Rose is talking about her first abduction with Robert Earl White (13)

In the video she talks about three smaller grays who entered her bed room. She described them as robotic; they used a portal to get to her room. Their skin was like chicken skin, very wrinkly. He had large bug-like eyes. They smell rancid, like ‘rotten eggs on steroids’. They were taking tissues of her body to see whether they could use her. She wasn’t that long in that ship fortunately, because she was soon rescued by Val Nek and other members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Let’s study what Megan Rose has been talking about ever since that break-up with Elena Danaan.

(1) Epsilon Eridani and Val Nek
(2) On the Connection between Thor Han and Elena Danaan
(3) On March 30, 2023 Elena Danaan did a contact video in which she beautifully described her visit to Nyan, a planet orbiting Sirius B. She met with Myrah who has a family there. You can watch her describe this amazing visit at CONTACT Ep. 21 ~ NEWS FROM SIRIUS B AND THE MOON ~ March 30 2023
(4) Erra is the first planet around Ashaara (Taygeta). We have recently spoken about those lovely Erra-flowers that were noticed by JP during one of his underground missions. See The Vanilla Like Smell of Flowers from Erra for more
(5) Rose, M. (2021) Welcome to the Future.
(6) Protecting the Truth

Robert Earl White is a Mason and he’s proud on it. Read (15) if you are inclined to cancel this man immediately because of that. Try some nuance.

(7) Here’s a part from Elena’s article on Megan Rose:

It is necessary to precise that until the moment this programming was activated and noticed, in November 2021, all the intel “she” received was indeed from the real Val Nek, and it was verified as 100% right. In this sad story, “she” is only a victim; judgment needs to be brought only upon those who used her.

Unfortunately, the agenda she carries is bringing confusion and promoting division, and in her spite not to have managed to become me, she decided to work at destroying me, and all the good people with whom I am working with. She will keep on trying to grow her popularity in any way possible, spreading more lies, playing victim and try to scatter this community in pieces and leave a trail of destruction after her, only motivated by ego.” (6)

(8) On Communication Distortions and the Unfortunate Departure of M.R. fromt the Crew
(9) Psychological Factors Surrounding the Study of Elena Danaan’s Work
(10) Go to the Webinar for all the Details
(11) Releasing the Fear to Engage with the ‘wrong’ ET’s or Contactees
(12) Best advice from the Galactic Federation of Worlds ~ April 18 2023
(13) Alien Abductions / Hybrid Programs / Alien Implants / Galactic Federation featuring Megan Rose
(14) Elena Danaan was interviewed by Robert Earl White in January 2022. In that interview they talked about the experiences of his mother who was abducted and shown her hybrid off-spring. See Seeing and Helping Experimental Hybrid Children for more on that.

Cosmic Girls Elena Danaan and Megan Rose (2021)

(15) We Are The Disclosure: EP.23 How To Stay In Tune In A World That’s Out Of Tune w/ Tiffany White – In this interview Robert Earl White talks about his ties to the Freemasons. He says that the masons are doing a lot of good in the world too. He gives an example of a hospital that gets a lot of donations from the masons to provide free health care. Tiffany White Sage Woman says that she thinks it is unfair to consider everybody who is part of the masons as being part of some evil organization. She said: “just because the people at the top might not be so nice doesn’t mean the whole organization is” (43′)

I think this is an important nuance. People in the disclosure movement can get canceled easily these days. Just their membership to an organization like the Freemasons can be enough, as if everybody is a 33-degree member.
(16) The Nebu – Megan Rose says that the Maytra were from Orion. In Elena’s book ‘A Gift from the Stars‘ she says that the Maytra originally stem from the Andromeda galaxy, but it would make sense that they had their outpost in our Galaxy in the Orion system together with their Nebu-pals.

6 thoughts on “Megan Rose’s first Abduction by the Maytra at Age 5

  1. I like your reference to moving out of the village and exploring up the hill. I have been doing that too. Very interesting what you see up there. I have been watching some Sherri Divband videos and, for the life of me, I cannot see why people like Dani and Elena would have cancelled her. Perhaps the only reason is that she interviewed Megan Rose and Ismael Perez, whom you clearly dislike. Can you explain why, apart from the fact that he is a dick-head? Vivianne Chauvet has also piqued my interest. I was comparing Elena’s earlier videos with her later ones and it does seem, to me at least, that she was far happier and mor natural back then. Always interested in what you have to say. ________________________________


    • About Ismael Perez. I analyzed an interview he did and wrote a post on it. It was quite clear to me that he was selling ideas that were far too absurd for me. See

      I haven’t done that for Megan Rose, yet, because I simply followed Elena’s advice for it made sense to me. Due to the current developments within the Elena Danaan Community I am beginning to question the way people are canceled. I want to check it out for myself now.

      I don’t know enough of the other people to say anything useful about them.


    • Sherri Divband did a video condemning the nastiness in certain disclosure communities, without saying anyone specifically, and that she will always keep an open mind — thus, she basically said, go ahead and cancel me while I make my own decisions on who I will talk to — that you have no right to tell me who to talk to and who not to. It was very evident that she was referring to the Elena crowd. Her video was actually very loving and beautiful — which definitely goes against the hive mind actions of the Elena crowd, as run by Disco Tina which Elena has specifically stated that she supports Disco Tina and her nasty actions against others. I can not and will never believe that good ETs would ever accept this behavior.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Laura’s comment did not appear!

        I saw the video of Sherri Divband that you are referring to. I think she is a very sweet, genuine individual and I am impressed by her dedication to the future of children’s education. A very bright light shines from her! The people she interviews are allowed to speak without the feeling they are being judged. Sherri must be aware of what happened between Elena and Megan. For someone so young, she is very wise. ________________________________


  2. This whole thing about who said what about who, wants to make me crazy, like back in middle school when the mean girls and the athletes mixed it up and the geeks were trying to figure out whether to save the nerds (who were oblivious) or just go hide in the stacks until the mean/athlete war was done and a new power dynamic was imposed.

    The current argument can feel like pulling so much lint from between your toes until you remember that heavy objects are being tossed over your head.

    And for the record, neither Elena nor Dani ever told anyone who to talk to, they just pointed out who was lying and directing their faithful, in an oh so smarmy way, to launch full frontal attacks against people, namely Elena. (Droid, give me a break, insert expletive.)

    It’s true it doesn’t help that Elena has transformed beyond people’s unrealistic expectations of her, or that Dani can be a mean girl herself sometimes, and go on rants that leave everyone breathless.

    But while I was hiding in the stacks, oh so many years ago, I couldn’t help but notice that a mean girl was going after a swimmer’s little sister, and would at various points, leave my hidihole long enough to stick up for the little ones, at peril to my own safety (who the heck is that, the mean girl swings her beady eyes), but in the name of the general sanity.

    As for the ET’s, it’s none of their business how we conduct our stupid little internecine wars. They’re just doing the equivalent of hiding in the stacks, which are probably up on their cool motherships, none of which we will be able to board until we stop acting like idiots.


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