Looking Up at the Stars – Cassiopeia and the Dorsay

In her August 2, 2022 video, Elena Danaan advised us all to look up a bit more and watch the starry sky more closely (1). For, as was said before, way back in November 2021 (2), there would be an increase in starships showing themselves. Spaceships from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, Solar Warden (3) and the Intergalactic Federation would now even be adapting their paths to make themselves seen for those who open up their hearts and are willing to actually see them. This would require more than just a short glimpse of 5 minutes, though.

Cassiopeia is the W-form on the left-hand side; you can see the ‘Big Dipper’ on the right, both pointing towards the polar star (4)

So, that’s what I did. The first time from my garden and the second time I was out walking with our dog on a warm evening and I got to a dike which was closed off due to reconstruction work. I reached the freshly made new asphalt road (a few weeks ago, so it was well dried) and decided to lie down and look at the night’s sky. While the dog was digging holes and walking from one side of me to the other, I enjoyed the sky for over half an hour: I saw a lot of planes, quite a few satellites and even some shooting stars, but no starships with funny maneuvers.

It was a very peaceful exercise which I would surely recommend. While lying there I noticed one of the most easily detectable constellation, namely Cassiopeia and I wondered who would live in that corner of the sky. After returning home I picked up Elena’s ‘A Gift from the Stars’ and saw that a race of beings called the Dorsay would actually live on two home planets near the stars of Cassiopeia.

Drawing by Elena Danaan from (5, p.117).

The Dorsay are small grays with a maximum height of 5,3 feet. They have a batrachian (amphibian) face and “are a highly advanced pacifist civilization, part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Their race is at least 4 billion years old. They have visited Terra at least 250 times” (5, p.116). Despite their pacifistic nature they apparently like hunting, but hunting for humans is not allowed by the Galactic Federation of Worlds, luckily 🙂

In Elena Danaan’s book there is an interesting paragraph about the role of the Dorsay in the Tunguska event that happened in 1908 (6). “They were at the origin of an unfortunate accident that impacted Terra enormously: the Tunguska explosion in 1908. For five days the Maytrei (7) had been fighting the Dorsay over a shipment of slaves the Dorsay fearlessly stole from them.

The conflict lasting and increasing in violence, the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Council of Five decided to intervene. An Elmanuk (8) ship arrived to try ending the hostilities but got also in troubles; you do not negotiate that easily with the Maytrei. So the Elmanuk required emergency assistance and the closest ship was a Pleiadean cargo passing by, transporting crystals to Alpha Centauri (9). Warned by the Nagai of the arrival of enforcement, the Maytrei, who had shot down the last Dorsay ship that day, attacked the Pleiadean cargo entering Terra’s atmosphere and destroyed it as well as an Elmanuk ship. This was the cause of the Tunguska explosion, and the reminder that you don’t just steal from the Maytrei.” (5, p.116)

See End Note 116 for another theory on what happened there in 1908 in Siberia as was described in ‘Atlantis Rising’ by Patricia Cori. End Note 164 mentions a species from Cassiopeia that would have helped the Zenae some 2.5 million years ago.

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(2) See Terra has entered a probation period to join Membership with the Galactic Federation of Worlds for more on that promise which was made in november 9, 2021. Thor Han had said: “It was also decided that the Intergalactic Confederation will take care of leading the operations of civilian contacts, by increasing slowly the sightings of their ships in our skies, in a very organized way, following a plan.

Tunguska, Siberia, Russia – After more than 100 years (after 1908) there is still no tree growing! (source)

This will be progressive contact, aimed to increase the awareness of the civilians concerning the existence and the presence of other galactic cultures. Parallel to this, the Earth Alliance will speed up the disclosure of all their technologies and when the time will be right, the two will be one and the future will be the present.
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(9) More on the people from Alpha Centauri B can be found at both The Selosi from Alpha Centauri B and for more on their role in setting up new colonies on Mars see: A New Colony from Alpha Centauri to Settle on Mars

Did the Dries visit the Irish Skies in March 2022?

V-shaped Spacecraft spotted in Ireland (source 1)

On March 6, 2022 my daughter was reading a Dutch book by Lida Dijkstra (2) and on page 10 I noticed the image of a blue skull with light coming out of its eye bulbs. I don’t need much to be reminded of certain alien species these days (3,4), so I immediately thought of the Dries in the Cetus (Whale) constellation with their quite unique ability to actually shine light from their eyes.

When I looked them up in Elena Danaan’s book on alien races (5) I was struck by a few things: not only the similarity of their spaceships with that image, but also the mention of the year 2022 in the description. Their spaceships have a lot in common with the V-shaped UFO that was spotted by dozens of people in Ireland on March 2, 2022 (1). Would it have been the Dries, or was it some other spaceship by other species or perhaps from some Terran secret space program?

In the following paragraphs I will elaborate on the Dries.

The Dries: what is their homeworld?
Where do they come from? “The originate from the constellation of Cetus, the name of their star, Iota Ceti, is Aghraban and they possess two home worlds, of a chemical composition similar to Terra.” (5, p.132). The Dries are also mentioned in the KGB-alien book (6), also speaking of the Cetus (the Whale)-constellation. Below you can find a star map which can help you locate Cetus and Aghraban.

You can see Orion in the bottom left, you can move from Bellatrix up towards Aldebaran (7), in stead of continuing to the Pleiades (Atlas/Electra), you turn right all the way – via Menkar, Kaffaljidhma and Dheneb, to the ‘tail of the whale’ (marked with a red arrow). Image from (8)
Illustration by Elena Danaan, on page 133 of A Gift from the Stars (5).

The Dries: what do they look like?
Both Elena Danaan and the Soviet KGB-book can tell us what these ‘Dries-people’ look like. Elena added a wonderful illustration in her book ‘A Gift from the Stars‘ (5, p.133). What is especially interesting in this present context is the shape of their ships. They have a V-shape with 5 lights, just like the picture that was placed in the Irish article (1).

I guess the picture was not taken by any of the many witnesses. A clear artist’s impression of a Dries spaceship can be found at (9), including the rectangular part in the middle.

Val Thor provided the Russians with a book that also contained information on this species (6). You can find that image below.

The Dries would be rather tall, about 2,4 meters (or 8 feet) with light blue skin (10), and their eyes would be luminous. “They would breed by laying eggs, or pods more precisely…They are rather slim but their musculature is nonetheless very powerful. They eat protein food and they do not have a high level of spiritual elevation, although their technology is advanced enough to build spaceships and travel light years to other galaxies, colonize and terrorize other worlds. They have regular territorial fights with the Orion Alliance and the Ciakahrr Empire (11)” (5, p.132)

The Dries (from 6, p.19)

What is that about the Dries showing themselves in 2022?
The main reason for writing this article was that both in Elena Danaan’s book as in the KGB-book from the 1960s it was mentioned that the Dries would ‘reveal’ themselves in an open manner in 2022 (6, p.19)

Danaan writes: “They abduct humans for reproduction and turning them into slaves and they are planning to reveal themselves to Terrans in 2022. They are unfortunately part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, what causes us ongoing tensions.” (5, p.132).

Witnesses from Ireland: let yourselves be heard!
It would be great if any of the Irish witnesses of this UFO would add a comment below this page in order to see if they really saw something like the craft the Dries use or if they saw another V-shaped ship. Let’s see if they indeed would introduce themselves to us. Luckily they are part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, which would stop them from doing all these nasty things they are inclined to do 🙂

If you ask me I would prefer the order of introduction of extraterrestrial species that Elena Danaan has written about on March 6, 2022 (12).

After doing some searches on the internet (after finishing this article) one image repeatedly returned, and that surely doesn’t look like a Dries-craft at all! (13). You can see that image above. Well, if it wasn’t a Dries-craft, than this page can function as an introduction for them, in case they do show up one of these days, because Thor Han said that it was the plan of the Intergalactic Confederation to show themselves more and more often (14).

And according to a video some other flying object appeared above the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in March 2022 as well (15)

Not a Dries, but an illustration by Jan Cleijne in a children’s book, which reminded me of the Dries (2)

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You are becoming too ‘Technologed’

This article combines the 1994 UFO-sighting near the Zimbabwean school in Ruwa, Elon Musk’s warnings on Artificial Intelligence and the Jupiter Agreements. Have fun!

Drawing from school child after UFO-sighting, Zimbabwe 1994 (1)

This story starts with a video on Facebook in which Elon Musk warns for the dangers of Artificial Intelligence (2). In that particular video he says that we definitely need regulation for A.I. He even says that he fears A.I. more than nuclear bombs. He fears what would happen if the wrong people lay their hands on this exponentially growing field of Artificial intelligence.

This reminded me of an interview between the Dutch engineer and UFO-researcher Coen Vermeeren and the rapper Lange Frans (3), in which Coen Vermeeren mentioned the incident which happened on September 16, 1994 in the village of Ruwa in Zimbabwe. He describes how 62 children aged between 6 and 12 saw alien ships land near their school.

The extraterrestrials walk out and communicate telepathically – as most races seem to do – with these children. Not only did they express their concerns about the bad ways humanity was treating their planet, but they also mentioned ‘that humanity was becoming too technologed‘ already (back in 1994) probably referring to the dangers of becoming too dependent on technology.

When I look at the drawing and search Danaan’s Alien-Almanak (4) they look like the Shamtbahali, or the Zeta Reticulans: “Their face features are more bony and emaciated than the Solipsi Rai and they have bigger eyes. They wear black uniforms with silver patterns for high rankings.” (p.266). On the other hand they are not known for their benevolence, which would make such a peaceful message awkward.

Elon Musk and the Jupiter Agreements
To round off this article it is worth noting the role that Elon Musk might be playing in regard to the Jupiter Agreements. I advise you to read one of the articles on these agreements that would have been made in july 2021 at Exopolitics (5). In those agreements which could be compared with the Yalta-meetings after the second world war, in the sense that agreements are signed between the victors after the defeat of all the extraterrestrial forces, delegates of the Earth Alliance together with a number of influential people would have signed agreements with representatives of the Galactic Federation of Worlds on a location near Jupiter, possibly on Ganymede, a moon circling Jupiter.

Although his name wasn’t mentioned literally, he is suspected to be one of those present during the signing of these Jupiter Agreements.

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