Our Intergalactic and Galactic Genomes

On September 21, 2022 Elena Danaan published her third book, The Seeders, in which she describes her experiences with off-world people. I managed to read the book of nearly 600 pages in three days. Of course it contains a description of just about everything that happened since the publishing of her second book, We Will Never Let You Down, of which a lot was shared in her videos, and consequently in articles on this website, since september 2021. On top of that there is a lot of new information that wasn’t previously spoken about in her videos. I think that the big step forward since the second book is the opening up to the intergalactic level. This brings new insights and it also raises new questions. This article tries to shed some light on the 22 races that contributed to our genome: how much is intergalactic, how much is from our galaxy? How much is human, and how much is reptilian, insectoid and feline?

Illustration by Elena Danaan (3, p.82)

Before the publication of The Seeders we really didn’t know too much about the nature of the beings belonging to the Intergalactic Confederation (1). We were introduced to Oona, the Altean woman, who is the spokesperson of the Intergalactic Confederation. In June we got to know a person from the Ormong race (2). Elena did describe her meeting on a ship by the Intergalactic Confederation, with a drawing that was already shared in certain videos.

In the drawing on the left hand side we can distinguish the Alteans (on the right touching Thor Han), but also the small Gray-like beings whose kind apparently is called the La’Neel. Behind we can see the tall beings who are the original Pa-Taal (4). Right above Elena Danaan’s head there probably is a female Egon.

In her book 21 members of the Intergalactic Federation or The Seeders are presented in beautiful drawings. But not every member of the Intergalactic Confederation has donated its genes to the human template. In fact only 11 have done so. I only present the names and the category to which they belong: Pa-Taal (humanoid), Altean (humanoid), Elli-Yin (humanoid), Hoovid (humanoid), Oyara Maruu (humanoid), Etherians (humanoid), Arag’un (Reptiloid), Ashai (Insectoid), Gray (Z-Neel, NOT the La’Neel from the drawing), Egoni (humanoid/vegetal, 5), Elyan Sukhami (feline).

After first having had genomes from these 11 races from other galaxies we received genetic packages from these species/races from our galaxy: the Naga (reptilian), Anunnaki (humanoid/Gray, 6), Taal (humanoid), Noor(humanoid), Ahel (humanoid, 8), T-Ashkeru (Sirius B, humanoid), Selosians (Alpha Centauri B, humanoid, 9), Ummit (10) and Meton (11) subgroup (humanoid), Ohorai (12, humanoid), Grays (Eban, Xrog, Do-Hu, Solipsi Rai, Kiily Tokurt (13).

This makes a total of 21 races. The Pa-Taal would have started their genetic insertion on a Lemur-like being, which would have been the first primate on which the genes of all the other races would have been built.

The Ummit (10), Image from ET-species (14)

So we finally know on whose 22 packages our genome is based. One animal (a Lemur), many humanoid species (15, including the Anunnaki), some Gray races (2 (and the Anunnaki, but I won’t count them twice), or more since various groups are mentioned), Reptiloid (2), a feline (1) and even an insectoid race from another galaxy.

This raises a few questions. For me the biggest question is: how are the Gray, Reptiloid, Feline and Insectoid genes expressed in our very humanoid looking body? Does this imply that we are able to tune into the Naga, certain Grays and insectoids when all our DNA would get activated, or at least from those who have these lines in their genetics. How does this relate to our human future on Earth, when we have these other genomes in our system?

In the book it is also implied that souls from various worlds need some resonance in the genetic household of the body they incarnate in, meaning that for an Arcturian (Ohorai for instance) soul, a body that has got some Ohorai-genes activated is needed. Apparently there has been no hybridization with the Andromedans, so would not participate in the star seed envoy program.

What seems to be important is that the 24 seeders are NOT the 24 seeders of the Intergalactic Confederation. Only 11 of them are our Seeders. Nearly half of those who are our Human Seeders are from this galaxy. Much more can be said about all this, but I would say this is enough for one article. Please share your thoughts below.

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(5) I don’t understand why the Egoni are categorised as ‘vegetal’ in the summary on pages 527-528, whereas they are described as humanoid on pages 100-101 and they sure look very human 🙂 Alex Collier, however also mentions a ‘botanical’ species as part of the original seeders. See End note 165
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Meet the Ummit from Wolf 424 (Ummo)

At night I was looking at the sky and I recognized the sign ‘Leo’, and I wondered: who would live on planets around the stars of Leo? Apparently no civilization that has had much influence or interest in our planet, since none are described in Elena Danaan’s ‘A Gift from the Stars’ (1). The closest star near the Leo-sign is the star Ummo (Wolf 424) that is home of the Ummit, which are described with a beautiful illustration.

(wikipedia, 2)

Let’s first see where to find the (binary) star system of Wolf 424. As you can see it is about somewhere in the middle between Spica (the brightest star from Virgo), Arcturus (from Boötes) and Denebola (from Leo, the hind-leg/foot). I added another star map at the bottom of this page.

Just like it is the case with the Meton (4) at least one book is written on the Ummit (5). In that book you can read about their arrival on Earth in 1950 and how they established contact with people in Spain in 1965. Elena quotes from this book in (1, p. 300)

I was able to find a drawing of an Ummit woman that would be based on photographs (6). Her golden suit matches the description that Thor Han gives of the suits of the various star faring worlds. In a video from August 2021 (7) she says: “

Image taken from (6)

“Smart suit is technology. So usually they look like always glittery, because you have tiny particles of metal work like an armor. You can shoot someone – it won’t go through. Either all kinds of blue and green, and you have silver or white or gold or you have even a shade that is warm beautiful, it’s between silver and gold. This silver with shimmering gold reflections it’s very nice.

Ahil (8) have a blue turquoise blue, the Taal pleiadians have white. The Centaurians will have silver. The Ummites will have this golden shimmering one. The Ummites uniforms are beautiful, really really nice. I like that. And frequency belts will change color with species.”

It would have taken the Ummit about 9 months to travel the 14,1 lightyears between their world and ours (5). In ‘A Gift from the Stars’ we can read a bit on the Ummit as well: “Ummit have this particularity of a high forehead, which distinguishes them from the other Man races. As well, their eyes are smaller and in the same facial proportions as the Terran humanoid eyes. They are mainly blond and their life-excpectancy of about 200 years. They have discoidal ships.

Ummit – Illustration by Elena Danaan (1, p.299)

Ummit are working actively with the Galactic Federation of Worlds on a scientific program aiming to assist the development of Terran sciences. Respecting the rules of non-intervention in the development of a level I civilization (level 2 is interstellar travel) (9), they come around it by contacting civilians, often technically competent professionals able to understand the content of the messages, instead of official scientists.” (1, p.298).

Craig Campobasso has made an Extraterrestrial Species Almanac in 2021 and he presents a completely different drawing of an Ummite (see menu/various/end note 8).

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