Sananda, Ashtar, St. Germain and the Rest of the Clique

‘Lord Ashtar’ with his rescue fleet (2)

Triggered by an interview that Dr. Michael Salla had with Marc Brinkerhoff (1) on September 14, 2022 I just had to write this post. After watching a few minutes I knew I had seen enough of it. Perhaps some people resonate with Brinkerhoff’s story, but I do not. The reason is clear: his story is filled with words like Sananda, Ashtar and spaceships who will come down to rescue the people; some vessels are meant for the ‘rigtheous’ people and people who are addicted to pornography, child abuse, spousal abuse, hard drugs, greed and lust etc. are not welcome on those ships. They will not be left behind, however, but they will be picked up later by other ships, who probably are better equipped to help these people of a lower vibratory rate…

In an excellent video from October 5, 2021, Elena Danaan talks about Sananda, Ashtar and more of these guys. Here’s an excerpt from that video. Watch more at (3).

Excerpt from Q&A “AI” – What is that? (Oct 5, 2021) (3)

This Psy-op topic on ships who are going to ‘rescue’ us was also mentioned in the article on the Jerusalem Ship (4). Elena has already warned us about the Ashtar Collective (5) and the false use of the term Ashtar. On her debunk-page (6) she writes about ‘Lord Ashtar’:

ASHTAR SHEERAN: is a fictional character. It is a re-use by the counter-intelligence of an event that occurred in 1977 when a British TV broadcast was interrupted by a message from the Ashtar Vrillon, an officer emitting from the Shari facility in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter. Ashtar is a title equal to “Commander in chief”, not a personal name.” (6)

To round off this article some more on Sananda: “So Jesus is said commonly by new age movement that is incarnated an ET leading the galactic federation or ship named Jerusalem. That that’s all manipulation, it’s not true. I think, they call it Sananda. This is untrue, this is a manipulation this is a psyop. It’s like a star cult, it’s a psyop, Jesus has nothing to do with extraterrestrial affairs. It is nothing to do with galactic federation, nothing to do with Ashtar and the Jerusalem ship doesn’t exist.” (7)

(1) Revelations of an Extraterrestrial Walk-In & Contactee
(2) The Ashtar Command and Escapism
(3) Q&A – “AI” what is that? – Oct 5/2021
(4) The New Jerusalem Ship Trap
(5) The Ashtar Galactic Command and the Ashtar Collective
(6) Debunk
(7) Q&A: Aliens and Religions (August 31, 2021)

26 thoughts on “Sananda, Ashtar, St. Germain and the Rest of the Clique

  1. I agree with you 100 %, I watched video for few min then turned it off.I trust Elena Danaan  Alex Collier more than anyone out there. I am glad you feel the same way, thank you for sharing.BTW, I enjoy Galactic Anthropology very much!

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  2. To be honest, I don’t quite understand why Dr. Salla did this interview. There are certainly preliminary talks before such a video is published. I mean Elena Danaan, Alex Collier and JP are his main sources and he should know what Elena Danaan said to Ashtar etc. He knows the community is divided. Elena Danaan, Megan Rose, Ishmael Perez, Corey Goode…
    That only adds to the confusion. How are you going to help humanity and explain what’s really going on when such conflicting information keeps coming out?
    So you don’t have to be surprised if there are people who don’t feel like it anymore and leave.
    Maybe a bit “hard” worded, but at the moment those are just my thoughts.

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  4. In Ashayana Deane’s account, the name of Sananda is one of the three versions of Jesus , she mentioned. Sananada is Jesus , Jesheua – 12 , son of earth Mary and Joseph. Sananda is also mentioned in Urantia book.
    The name is also mentioned in “We are the Nibiruans, return of the 12 planet” published in 1990s by Jelaila Starr. She as a walk-in devoted a few chapters on her book on behalf of Anu, who introduced and described about his Nibiruan royal family and origin. Anu didn’t say anything bad about Enki and Enlil but his grandson, Marduk who reigned over Anu as the commander of Nibiru battle starship(Nibiru was originated as a planet). His ambition is to conquer earth, Nibiru and galaxy. Anu ‘s family including Enki, and Enlil are living in Pleiadian’s mother ship and working for the universal peace.

    Several accounts also said Marduk is the trouble maker for all.


    • I don’t believe Ashayana Deane has mentioned Sananda anywhere in a positive light. Can you tell me where you found this? I think the stuff of Anunnaki and Pleiadeans by Jelaila Starr is outdated; Why would Marduk reign over his grandfather Anu? I can understand why a father wouldn’t say anything bad about his children.


      • P.99 on Voyagers 2. Why did Anu blame his grandson only ? Jelaila Starr is from one of perspectives , like Elena Danaan ‘s from GFW/Enki and so as many others from their own sources. At this point, I don’t know enough to make any judgement but remaining an open mind to absorb from other information even though I favor credibility over GFW and the above. One thing I do believe, everything is designed for the spiritual evolution. And the most difficult players in the universe (and earth ) are playing the integration of dark and light besides discernment and negotiation. It is unimaginable for the councils (dark and light) in the meetings to negotiate matters all these time.

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      • Hmmm….indeed, Sananda was mentioned. Here’s the paragraph you refer to from Voyagers II:

        “…His mother’s name was Jeudi, his father Joehius; both were leaders within the Blue Flame Melchizedek Essene sect. The child’s soul essence was
        born of the HU-4 avatar Sananda, and the child was named Jesheua-Melchizedek (herein Jesheua-12), who later became known as Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph. The personages of Mary and Joseph were not the parents of this avatar child, they were the parents of a ninth-level avatar soon to follow. Jesheua-12 was born to descendants of the house of Solomon, and taken in infancy into the custody of the Priests of Ur.”

        She does indeed refer to this Sananda in a positive light, there’s no denying that. The question now is, whether that ‘Ascended Master’ who calls himself Sananda has anything to do with this ‘HU (Harmonic Universe)-4’ being. I’m not a specialist in the Ashayana material, but it seems that HU-4 is quite a high density, when I read the passage in the beginning of the book, in which it talks about the beginning of mankind:

        “The Sirian Council from Harmonic Universe 2, along with several other groups were appointed as directors and overseers of the project, the Turaneusiam-1 (T-1) experiment. Metaterrestrials from the Fourth and Fifth Harmonic Universes were the founders of this project,
        working through a seed race called the Lyrans from the Third Harmonic Universe. The Lyrans created a race of beings in Harmonic Universe 3 called the Elohim, who would become overseers for the Sirian races in Harmonic universe 2.The Elohim became one of the numerous supervisory groups within the Turaneusiam-1 experiment, due to the Sirian race contribution of genetic identity to the experiment.”

        I’m inclined to think that this HU-4 Sananda has got nothing to do with the New Age Sananda. I don’t know how the HU-system from Ashayana relate to the density-classification that is now often used. If HU-1 is our physical 3D, then perhaps HU-2 is 4D, HU-3 is 5D and HU-4, 6D? But perhaps HU-2 is 4-5 density and HU 6-7? I really don’t know.


      • I don’t have a digital book version so not able to copy over.
        The following is five Harmonics of Matter density in the time matrix.
        HU1—->D1 – D3 (gross matter)
        HU2—->D4 – D6 (semi-etheric)
        HU3—->D7- D9 (Etheric)
        HU4—->D10-D12 (Pre-matter)

        Jesus’s soul, Sananda from 12D was to carry pure 12 strands of DNA in physical body to seed to earth. His off springs are spreading throughout the world, France, US….. the movie DaVici Code has given some true story.

        If Enki, his half sister and their genetic engineering team were creating Adam (the first ET soul abled to enter physical body)successfully, Enki could be the father of many earth offsprings. Don’t think it is possible what they did without requesting from the nine and councils.

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      • Is possible the Lemur primate or monkey primate or black head primate developed from a different ET genetic team ? Isn’t any creation starting from 1 cell, splitting to 2, 4,………. multiply or fractal to expand

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      • I think the stage of human life development must have an order from each appointed team, started from a cell, ….Pa Taal inserted a spiritual enhancement, then the genetic engineering team performed a different DNA modification until homo sapient sapient was created that Enki was involved at the last stage. Reptoid’s life development doesn’t have a spiritual enhancement, perhaps, this is a deliberate divine design for human and reptilian and their mix off springs to learn from each other in the spiritual evolution.

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  5. Many original teachings are authentically designed to teach humans in spiritual evolution but the dark took it over using same names and symbols to change content to fit their own agendas. The original teachings have lost true meanings. It becomes challenge to learn to discern through materials for the truth seekers.
    The below are related to the subject of DNA manipulation.

    Praveen Moha goes around temples in India to exam the ancient stone sculptures even then, youtube has kicked him out many times.

    This is a new episode from GAIA network called truth hunter.
    I don’t know when the video will be expired, may be a few days or 1 day.


  6. Praveen Moha has examed the ancient stone sculptures and craved in many India Temples. Although he has been kicked out from youtube many times, he insisted coming back from his finding to share.
    This video is DNA manipulation.

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  7. Interesting video.Never heard of this man,but I have heard from other sources that ancient genetic experiments had taken place.

    Regarding Elena’s video,she confirms many other warnings I have heard and for the same reasons.It is like an Ouina board.Nit safe unless certain protocols are followed as Elena and other responsible channelers advise,develop discernment and thoroughly protect self from fake light false prophets and worse.


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