The Earth Alliance

( Земной Альянс )

On January 7, 2022 Elena Danaan posted a video in which she said that Thor Han had paid a visit to the Earth Alliance somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the United States (1,27). This made me realize that in all those 200 articles that can be found on this website I never formally introduced the Earth Alliance. Who are they? What have they done and what are they doing now?

In The Seeders (3) we can read that the Earth Alliance was set in motion by the Galactic Federation of Worlds:

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Vladimir Ramos/Released, 17)

Since the 1950s, secretly bypassing the false treaties between the MJ-12 and the Nebu, the Galactic Federation of Worlds created the Earth Alliance to help the humans of Earth build their own space fleet and stand against a spacefaring enemy. It began with the US Navy and, with time, extended thoughout the entire planet, culminating with the creation of the Artemis Accords in 2020 (2). “(3, p.56)

In a video from September 2021 Elena talks about the Earth Alliance:

“The earth alliance which is the collaboration of what you call white hats, different benevolent military forces from different countries on earth have allied with the forces of the galactic federation of worlds to fight in the undergrounds and in space this program has been set up since the 1940s and really really got a jump start when commander Val Thor (22) arrived in 1957.” (4)

So, the Earth Alliance is a military alliance consisting of military from Earth and military from the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

One of the reasons for the creation of the Earth Alliance was to prepare humanity for a future in which they would be able to defend Earth from malevolent alien invaders. The Galactic Federation of Worlds together with the Earth Alliance have fought together to beat these malevolent extraterrestrial races on various celestial bodies in our Solar System, if possible in cooperation with the local resistance. Besides Earth, the main focal points were the Moon, Mars (5) and Ceres (6).

In July 2021 a meeting was held on Jupiter (7) which led to the ‘Jupiter Agreements’. The participants of this meeting were the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Zenae Council (8), the Council of Five (9) and Terran military forces (Earth Alliance members). You might recognize these councils from the ‘Enlil Trial’ (10). The Intergalactic Confederation (11) hadn’t arrived in our Solar System by that time.

Elena writes in ‘We Will Never Let you Down’: “These meetings had the goal to determine the share, use and protection of this star system, regarding to economic and military domains, in preparation for the future. Territories of action have been set. Terran Humans are officially taking ownership of their star system.” (12, p.237)

There would have been harsh battles in the underground bases and tunnels all across the world with the Earth Alliance doing all the dirty military work fighting the malevolent forces like the Ciakahrr (13) and the Nebu (14) and their human allies from the Cabal.

In a video from October 2021 we can hear Ardaana talk about these fights below the surface of our planet:

The war fought in the underground was the most despicable war the federation has fought, as long as soldiers can remember. Why these men and women from the Earth alliance both humans of Earth and humans and beings from other places in the galaxy fighting together, what they have seen: it’s the depth of horror. It is not necessary to go and try to imagine these things. We will know one day. The meager idea I have is already unbearable and I cannot even speak it. So what Ardana says to us, is that the forces in power military able to get rid of this very powerful extraterrestrial enemy have accomplished their task and now the Earth is ours.” (15)

Ardaana made a few wonderful statements after the wars were finally over and our Solar System was cleansed of the malevolent ET-forces. You can read her statement at (16).

One of the tasks alotted to the Earth Alliance is to supervise the introduction of new technology, like med-beds. In October 2021 Elena Danaan explained a bit more:

“Space stations are being built in orbit of earth. The technology regarding to medical science, medical technology and a lot of different things are being built on the moon. There’s a lot of work force going on the moon. Legal paid people for the first time. The era of slavery is over!” (18)

After the Solar System was cleared the Intergalactic Federation arrived and Enki had taken control of the Nibiru ship and he had handed over his ‘DNA-Grail’ for humanity to be used in the med-beds (19,20).

As you may remember Saturn used to be a ‘hotbed’ for the rogue parts of the Anunnaki, with people like Enlil and Marduk controlling most of the planet. In 2022 the ownership of the planet was transferred from the Anunnaki to the Earth Alliance (21), just like Antarctica was handed over to them a year before (26).

I started this article with a reference to a visit by Thor Han – Elena Danaan’s main contact in the Galactic Federation of Worlds – with the Earth Alliance in a military base in the Blue Ridge Mountains (1). He gave them certain directions for disclosure. He gave it in an oblong device, which had these directives stored on it, much like an USB-stick. This military base is considered to be the head quarters from which the ET-disclosure is managed. In the video she also mentioned that Val Thor (22) was preparing disclosure about Solar Warden (23) with the Earth Alliance.

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Soft Disclosure – very soft and very slow 🙂

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Would we Recognize a SSP Parody?

I love the material provided by Elena Danaan, Alex Collier and Dr. Michael Salla and all the contactees that either partook in the SSP or in other ways contacted beings from other worlds. The information is often breathtaking, but despite the amazing nature of it all it has shown quite a high degree of consistency, even though there are still a number of questions that need to be answered. While watching Dr. Michael Salla’s interview with Mary from January 4, 2022 (1,2) I felt a slight unease entering my system. I decided to make extensive notes on what Mary told Dr. Salla and I want to share the most striking things she said with you. I am curious to hear if you experience this same unease as well, or perhaps not at all. Let’s go

(general/CIA Director (lef) and his wife with her brother who was also the grand father of Mary). Screenshot from (1))

Sometimes it happens that people who are chosen to partake in the Secret Space Program have family members who are also part of the military. Take for instance SSP-experiencer Rebecca Rose whose father was also a miltary in a classified aerospace program (3-7).

In Mary’s case her father was in the military and her grandfather’s sister was married to a former deputy general of General Eisenhower during WWII, who also turned into a CIA director for a couple of years (8).

There is also a Masonic link in the sense that both her grandfather and grandmother were part of this secret society (9). They would have monitored Mary and thought of her to be a good candidate for the Secret Space Program (SSP). Mary describes her grandmother as her handler.

She then goes on to describe how she was put through a program of abuse as a preparation for her job in the SSP. This terrible and gruesome abuse and humiliation was eloquently described by Tony Rodrigues as well (10). Mary says that if you survived this abuse you were entitled to enter the SSP. A few minutes later, however, she says that every person on the planet gets taken by the SSP, for they need a lot of people in all kinds of jobs.

2, 5, 20 or 100 YEARS AND BACK
Until now there was this recurrent theme that members of the SSP would serve a period of twenty years after which they would be age-regressed back to their starting age and continue their life at the moment that they were taken (11). Chris O’Connor claimed that he had signed for two additional ’20 year-and-backs’ (12), but Mary says that this 20-year program is by no means necessary. She says that there are 2-years-and-back, 5-years-and-backs and there is even a 100-year and back program possible due to the medbed-technology. It shouldn’t be surprising that she later on says that she could technically be somewhere between 2,000 and 120,000 years old. She would have had 5 of these regression programs.

She adds that men are limited to 3 of these programs at the most (so, no fourth round for Chris), but that women can have more, because somehow they can use the future kids of these women as a kind of energy for these women to have more of these 20 or 100-years-and backs.

Fetus Development (15)

While we are ‘future kids’ it is easy to talk about something that she described a bit later in the interview (at about 49′). She says that she was created in the time of Christ and that King Herod was killing off all the apostles (13) and that he was wiping out everyone of the bloodline of Christ.

Aliens were not allowed to interfere, but it seems as if they went back in time to take 7 unborn fetuses from parents who were about to die at that time.

Mary’s mother was actually killed by the Knights’ Templars, and seven of these unborn fetuses were pulled out of their dying mothers and the whole uterine sack with the fluid in it, was taken to the 20th century where she was ‘hyperjumped’ to Area 51 (although she often talks about Area 52 and Area 54 as well) in Nevada (14). She was the only one that was eventually put in her mother’s womb. There was no adoption record retrieved of it, she added.

The other six fetuses were placed by Illuminati families (51’52”). One might wonder if that is a safe place to put a child after having gone through so much trouble getting these fetuses from the Christed bloodlines from dying mothers some 2,000 years earlier.

She said that a lot of miscarriages are preplanned and that they know our future because they have looking glass technology.

Underground Tunnels (17)

Like I said her father was part of the military. A sign of proof was shown in the video. She said that he had worked in Area 51 and that he had been traveling around in the underground bases and tunnels. Elena Danaan has described a lot of these underground bases in her excellent book, A Gift from the Stars (16), and I’m not questioning the existence of these extensive tunnels, but Mary did say something that raised by eyebrows a bit: she said that her father used anti-gravity vehicles that were able to fly about a feet off the ground and that they flew with the speed of light from Nevada to Alaska for instance. I did some calculating but that would amount to moving from Area 51 to Alaska in about 1/100th of a second. Now, that is quite fast indeed. It didn’t cause any physical problems though, she said reassuringly.

She had served for 8 years in the military – although no proof of her being in the military could be found at the agency that provided proof of her father’s military history – except a picture of her, wearing army clothes. If I have understood her correctly it was during those years that she served in the Delta Force where she was an assassin. At about 22’40” she says: “I can remove obstacles pretty quickly, I never checked…if they were alive or not, because you need to get out what you can, because that could save the country.

When she was returned after one of her X number of years-and-back program she had troubles adapting. She explained that the adult experience of the Super Soldier had to be put back in a 5-year old girl and that this caused a lot of trouble. She was brought back to this girl with an injection which contained the ‘jaguar mutation’. For every time she was age-regressed she had a kind of DNA-upgrade bonus. It was because of this SSP-adult coming back in her young body that she was later diagnoses as mentally retarded with severe ADHD.

Later – in 2019 – she had contact with someone from Washtington D.C. who helped her regaining her memories. Because all the memories were coming back too fast it led to a brain aneurysm. Luckily she was also a biotechnical civilian scientist and she overcame her aneurysm by injecting herself with white blood cells (47’50”)

During one of her programs – I’m not sure if it was under Washington D.C. or below Area 51 – she witnessed a huge light blue-being with a size somewhere between twenty to thirty feet (18). This being was more dead than alive. Somehow people were ‘reverse engineering’ his soul away (“or whatever a giant has”, 34’55”). She goes on to describe this being as an angel but she warns that if you would get too close to that being you would simply explode yourself.

Phoenician Alphabet (20)

One of her specialties was her knowledge of the phoenician language. In the SSP training she was assigned to the linguist academy, which was highly needed because there was a lot of intel that needed to be translated. She says that there are two kinds of Phoenician: the ancient phoenician and the paleo-phoenician. She was specialized in the ancient phoenician and didn’t understand much of the paleo-phoenician that is most common. She says that there are about 6 to 8 people who are able to speak the ancient language.

The language that she could speak was 75,000 years old, and she even got introduced to a version of phoenician that was 120,000 years old (19’53”). She said that it was considered as the first language of the human beings on the planet (19). It appears as if her prime motivation for knowing that ancient ‘language of the gods’ was to be able to write secret messages back to the US in case she got caught somewhere during one of her missions.

One might wonder how useful it is to know a language that is so secret that only about 6-8 people know it and to use that language to send a kind of SOS with location-information, as she said: “So that I could give locations in the case that I was caught”. If it were mainly for the location coordinates learning the numbers in Phoenician would seem sufficient I would say.

She talks about James Rinks and Dr. Johnny Delirius and Phoenician tablets thate were found in New Mexico (54’13”). She also says that she is very aware of not using the same patterns in her daily life. As an example she says that she often walks different paths through her house to avoid becoming trapped in patterns.

Transformers Bloodline: Ratchet (21)

When Dr. Salla asked her about our gods, Mary said that there actually are thousands of gods and she is part of the bloodlines of the Primes, a bit like in the movie Transformers, she added (21). We all would stem from the Phoenician Realm, although she can’t say who exactly were part of the Phoenician creation, but it was more of the pure bloodline of the creator god and then from the second wife of the creator god.

His first wife was responsible for creating the unintended imbalance between good and evil. The second wife did a better job and that’s where Yahweh and Yeshua (Jesus) come in (see 56′).

She introduced the christmas tree as a metaphor for creation, in the sense that from every spike new spikes grow and on top of the tree would be our creator (55’58”)

Mary had sent some phoenician script to Dr. Salla and he had this shown to JP and he actually recognized the letters from the Atlantic Space Ark (22). So apparently some Phoenician was actually used by those connected to at least one of the Arks. Mary said that she had the feeling that there were about 75 Arks on our planet, with the biggest one being ‘between the Pacific and Russia‘ (55’).

The script that she had sent to Dr. Salla talked about the creation of life, “At the seventh day, you know, there was light and man. It’s a biblical verse” (56′). She said that every soul had the opportunity to go into a vessel, this can either be grass, a tree, an animal, a human being, but it can just as well be some machinery, like a spaceship. We did talk about a certain level of awareness that was encountered in spaceships (23), as if they were alive, but an actual soul incarnating in a spaceship is another fascinating new concept introduced by Mary.

Towards the end of the interview she said that she was ‘ghosted’, just like 183,000 other people like her.

Well, these were the highlights of this fascinating interview between Dr. Michael Salla and Mary. It sure was an elevating ride. What are your thoughts on the matters discussed? Please share them below and if you like this article share it on social media (24)

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Having a Life Span of Two Thousand Years – The Metoni in the Proxima Centauri System

The amount of information that is given to and spread by Elena Danaan is incredibly big. One YouTube video alone can easily provide enough topics to base a few dozen articles on. In order to prevent this information to get lost in the many hours of youtube videos, I try to almost randomly select certain elements that are mentioned, either in these videos or in her books. It is easier to select topics as they appear in these videos, than to search for them, for it can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If anyone has certain topics that you would like to see covered here, however, on this site, please contact me.

(Illustration by Elena Danaan, from A Gift from the Stars (2), p.125)

Well, I’m going to continue where I left off in the last article (1). In that particular piece I wrote about the huge amount of hybrid children that would have been saved from the Deep Underground Military Bases and who were selected to be evacuated to other worlds, where they would be adopted by families that would take care of them, and not treat them like some kind of freak, as would probably be the case during this time on our planet.

One of the star systems that would welcome these children would be the Proxima Centauri star system, which is the star that is closest to our Sun (endnote 4). The humanoid people called the ‘Metoni’ of Meton, live on seven planets that circle this star, with one of them carrying the name ‘Meton’.

Not often is the life span mentioned in the Elena’s book of Alien Races (2), but this time it was, and it sure was impressive to read that the Meton would live up to 2000 years! (2, p124-125)

The Meton are part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Here’s an excerpt: ” Metoni are not very eager to travel, but for scientific curiosity. And as such, scientific curiosity, moved them to Terra for observation. Many metoni enrolled the science station of the Galactic Federation in orbit of Terra” (2, p.124)

Their urbanism is quite interesting, using translucent organic material, and they use the science of sound quite a lot, in many domains.” (2, p.124)

If you want to find out more about the Metoni, I advise you to get a hold on Elena’s book which you can order at Amazon. Elena also made a video on Visiting a Meton Mothership (3).

Update february 2022: Due to the discovery of a third planet around Proxima Centauri I added a comment and a link to this article on a Dutch site called scientias (4).

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It is time to Soar as Humanity and Add the last Stone to the Monument – It is up to Us Now

In a october 27, 2021-video Elena Danaan passes on a message from High Commander Ardaana from the Galactic Federation of Worlds (1). This is not an etheric goddess, but more like a physical military leader who was/is leading the operation with amongst others the Earth Alliance to cleanse our solar system from the dark alien forces that would have had a devastating effect on our ability as a human race to truly thrive (2).

The text below is a transcript from this video (1). Elena Danaan added a sound-effect to the message which – in my humble opinion – makes it sound a bit awkward, but impressive in a way. She says that she tried to make it sound like Ardaana’s voice as much as possible. The contents are what matters, and they are very inspiring indeed. Enjoy, and I would like thank Ardaana and the Galactic Federation of Worlds for their excellent help in providing us with the chance to clean up the rest of the mess ourselves.

Here it is:

” My name is Ardaana, High Commander of the Military Forces of the Federation of Worlds, in this outpost in your star system. I am asking you to remain strong, for the battle is not over yet. All your Undergrounds have been cleared. Your Moon has been liberated, and all the other places in your star system have been saved from great darkness. Still, on your planet, Terra, the last stronghold of evil, as you call it, is what lingers after the battle.

On the battlefield it is up to you to let it go. It is up to you to stand up and speak for yourself. The choice is now in your hands. We have liberated the great evil from your planet, it is now up to you to choose freedom. To not remain attached to what lingers after the dark has gone. All beings that were not part of your planet and were working with your dark governments have gone. Now it is up to you to stand up. This is not our victory, it is yours. We’ve taken care of anything that was not from your Terra.

Now it is up to you to take care of what is of your Terra. Stand up for yourself. Put an end to the Mind-Control. Soar in your individuality, in your power. May your mind be just only yours. You do not belong to anyone or anything else than yourself. It is now time that you take your destiny in your hands. We have done our work. Do not forget to do yours. Stand up, fight, take down the humans who still want to control you. Their great strong support has gone. All the non-terrestrial beings that were supporting are gone; we’ve expelled them. We have cleaned their mess. Now it up to you to finish the job.

Because what remains of the job is not ours to do. We facilitated your victory. It is now up to you to put the last stone on the monument of victory. Stand up, speak for yourselves, and this mind-control and fear: because all of this is an illusion of their power. They have lost. Victory is in your hands. The last part in this great venture you are going to play it, and it is now.

This was a message from High Commander Ardaana, from the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Soar, humans of Terra, on the path of your destiny.

You can find this beautiful text in The Seeders (3) as well, on page 135

Update January 2023: Demis Viana from Brazil (4) is doing a lot in spreading disclosure information related to Elena Danaan. Below you can see an excerpt in which he enthusiastically reads out the above text from Commander Ardaana. He also used the lovely Cabal chicken that featured on the article about John Peterson and Gregg Braden (5). Thank you, Demis for the wonderful work you do for the people in Brazil! (6)

Demis Viana from Mundo Secreto on Commander Ardaana (4)

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(6) In december 2023 I started a site that is solely written in Portuguese for all the Brazilians, Portuguese and all others who speak this beautiful language. With the great cooperation of Leoni this project is doing very well and I look forward to meeting people who speak other languages to launch other projects in other countries. You can find the Brazilian Project here: Brasilieros Galacticos