Four Kinds of Genetically Different Blonde (Nordic) Humanoids

After reflecting about the last couple of months I felt guided to study the early material by Elena Danaan. There still is an incredible amount of information hiding in these early youtube videos. Of course I will keep you updated on the recent developments too, but you can expect new information from older videos, which hasn’t appeared on this website so far. I would like to start off with a video from November 17, 2020 which deals with the Nordic Humanoids: where do they come from and how did they spread across the universe?

Until now I had thought that every blonde Nordic looking Humanoid had its origin in the Lyra sytem and that the Lyran wars (1) caused these Lyrans to spread to other star systems. I turned out to be wrong, since Elena Danaan distinguishes FOUR geneticially different kinds of Nordic looking humanoids, who seem to be unrelated to one another. Only one of which is from the Lyra system.

Four Geneticially Different Nordic humanoid Branches
(I added the red circles, and the words Fornax Galaxy and Egoni) (2)
Drawing by Elena Danaan of an Akhori (3, p 265)

The first group that Elena described were the Akhori from Altair. Altair is a pale yellow star in the constellation of Aquila (4, p.88). We will get back to the Akhori in another article, but as Elena reminded us in the video from November 2020 (2), the Akhori are malevolent white-haired humanoids that were (and perhaps still are) involved in all kinds of bad alliances. Thor Han mentioned them in connection with the nano-satellites that were supposed to be launched from ISS in 2020 (5).

These Akhori are not descendants from the Lyra system. They are not members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW)

Another group that did not originate in the Lyra constellation are the Selosi that originated in the Alpha Centauri B system (6). We have spoken about them a number of times before. They participate in the creation of the colonies on Mars (7) and Elena Danaan even had a conversation with a Selosian woman back in Ireland (8). They would have played an important role in the beginning of the civilization of Atlantis (6). They are members of the GFW

As you can see in the above drawing most of the other Nordic looking groups are descendants from the Lyran civilization, like the Ahil (9) and the Noor. We have earlier spoken about a few of them, like the Ummit (10). Many Lyran groups are members of the GFW.

In the lower right corner of the drawing there is the fourth group of Nordic looking species in our galaxy. As you can hear in the video below these are not originally from our galaxy, but they are from another galaxy altogether, namely Fornax. They were mentioned in Elena’s first disclosure book (4), but they reappeared in her third book ‘The Seeders‘ (11). In that book they are described as one of the 24 Seeder Races. They are in fact one of the 11 Intergalactic Species that have contributed their genomes to the original primate many dozens of millions years ago (12,13)

In the excerpt below Elena Danaan describes the origins of these four Nordic looking Humanoids:

Elena Danaan describes the origins of various Nordic looking humanoids in our Galaxy (2)

I really was quite surprised to hear that apparently not all Nordic humanoids had their origin in the Lyra system. We recently added an article that talked about the Pa-Taal seeding humanity in the Lyra system (17). Did the Pa-Taal also seed humans in the Altair and the Alpha Centauri B system later, or were other creator species behind them? What can the Selosians from Alpha Centauri tell us about how they originated in their system? Or did they perhaps leave the Lyra system before the Lyran wars?

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments.

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