Should we welcome the Awakening Anunnaki Giants with Open Arms, or not?

One of the advantages of sparring with other people about certain elements of the disclosure movement is that you open up to new questions and through that, you open up to new ideas altogether. This then may lead to viewing certain matters from a different perspective too. This article is the result of such a discussion that took place in the Elena Danaan Study Center (1) regarding the Anunnaki and the giants in the underground worlds. Please think and feel along!

We may all remember the amazing missions by JP in the subterranean worlds of Florida (2-4). He described how he and his team were welcomed by the beings that were called the Ant People (5) and they guided them to their ‘king’, who was said to be ‘sleepng’. In an interview with Robert Kalil (6), Elena Danaan clarified the meaning of ‘sleeping’ in this regard: it was an ’empty’ body, a soulless avatar, that could be used as a suit again in order to be ‘awoken’ and start living again. It not was not sleeping in the sense of hibernating for a very long time.

Gayle Dieleman and Quetza Sha

This giant was later identified by Thor Han as an Anunnaki scientist called Ningishzida (2). He would be one of four Anunnaki scientists that were left behind to guard certain knowledge for humanity’s sake. He added that Ningishzida originally came from Atlantis. During another mission JP talked about an Iraqi giant near Nippur (7) he called Arunna, who would also have been a scientist from the Enki-team, although he added that this one had switched sides from Enki’s half-brother Enlil to Enki. He would guard the Hall of Records that link Bucegi in Romania to Tibet (7,8).

During JP’s mission to an Atlantic Ark (9) he was accompanied by a group of mexican looking people, who were sometimes described as Mayans or Aztecs. When they recognized certain writings on the walls they started to shout ‘A Kuria Matte’, ‘A Kuria Matte’.

This probably had to do with an ancient prophecy about the return of their ‘god’ (or gods?), who might have been Quatzolcatl (10). This expression was apparently picked up during the Galactic Spiritual Informers meeting in Orlando in October 2022 (11).

Elena described what she noticed when the audience, consisting of about 900 people chanted ‘A Kuria Matte’ (12) in unison while Quetza Sha was performing a ritual.

You can hear her describe how she recognized how Quetza Sha was actually opening a portal and how this might have actually assisted in the speeding up the waking up of this giant, who Quetza Sha described as Quatzacoatl:

Elena describes what she experienced during the ‘A Kuria Matte’ chant in Orlando (13)

I used be in a kind of state of wonder surrounding these mythical descriptions about mysterious giants from ancient times, who have been waiting for ages, for the right time to wake up. Their being guarded by these loving ant-people in these beautiful underground worlds only added to the magic of it all. I never even questioned anything because of all this amazing mythical splendor.

But I would be a lousy researcher if I didn’t ask some questions about this. So, here are a few questions for you to consider. What would happen if these Anunnaki giants really wake up? What are they going to do? What is their plan? Do we really want Anunnaki giants to wake up after all the suffering this species has caused on our planet? What is in it for us?

Image taken from (14)

The Anunnaki aren’t even members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds or any other benevolent council in our galaxy. Are they the right ones to trust? But perhaps we should indeed make an exception for Enki and his men? Where are the female Anunnaki by the way? I don’t remember hearing anything of them in the current timeframe.

When Quatza Sha performed his ritual which Elena described as if he opened a portal that seemed to speed up the awakening process of this Anunnaki giant, were the chanting participants of that conference really fully aware of what they were supporting, or did they just join in, because they simply believed that it was a good thing to do? I believe in the good intentions of Quatza Sha, but I’m afraid that if someone with bad intentions had performed the same ritual, the crowd would have chanted along just as enthusiastically as they had done with Quatza Sha.

What are your thoughts on our future connection with the Anunnaki? Should we embrace them, or not?

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5 thoughts on “Should we welcome the Awakening Anunnaki Giants with Open Arms, or not?

  1. Well, if the Intergalactic Federation is here, as Elena has said, then they will prevent any nefarious awakenings, no?
    Not ALL Anunnaki are negative,BTW…
    Also, the Anunnaki would have to return, like the Intergalactics have done, to awaken their avatars by resonance…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, right. The amendment of the Prime Directive would probably also hold for any Anunnaki who would enter with bad intentions. (

      And I’m not claiming that all Anunnaki are negative. I’m still neutral to Enki and his team. I was just playing with the idea of what would be the limits of our free will? If we (but who is ‘we’, who can speak for humanity as a whole?) would say, well, we would prefer not to have anything to do with any Anunnaki, it being irrelevant whether they are benovelent or malevolent, would we have the power to send them away?

      What do we really know about them? What is that all about their having held large parts of our galaxy? Do we want anyone from that species with such a reputation to play a role in our world? The trouble is that we simply don’t know enough about any of them to make a good judgment.


      • But isn’t that ultimately true of everything and everyone? I mean what do we really know about the “White Hats” or about the Intergalactic Confederation?
        I think the Intergalactic Confederation is a good example of that.
        Anyone who has read “The Seeders” by Elena Danaan knows that the history of the earth was explained from page 491: Admittedly, only roughly and superficially, but still important key data.
        One learns that about 200 million years ago an extraterrestrial race, the Nagas, found the earth. They terraformed and settled until about 65 million years ago.
        And what happened 65 million years ago? The Seeders came.

        And then on page 492 you can read what happened:
        “After preserving DNA samples of all of the Earth´s flora and fauna, the great reptiles (dinosaurs) were intentionally removed from the planet by the Seeders so that other life forms could develop. While the giant Archosaurs roamed the Earth, no civilization could have developed on this planet. Some of the Naga reptilians somehow survived and sought refuge in underground caverns and remote areas.”

        Viewed neutrally, one can ask oneself (if one wants to) whether this behavior is positive or not.
        Here, too, one can ask the question whether this “group” should really be welcomed with open arms or should be a bit careful.

        This isn’t about conducting an evaluation or taking sides. It should only be a neutral consideration of all the many open questions.

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