James Gilliland talks about Feline-humanoid Species

( जेम्स गिलिलैंड फेलाइन-ह्यूमनॉइड स्पीशीज के बारे में बात करते हैं )

I was triggered this morning by a post in a telegram group (1) about another perspective on the history of our planet. As you may have noticed I have written quite a few articles on our past, mainly based on Enki’s account of our history as brought forward by Elena Danaan (2-6). There is quite some overlap with the accounts given to Alex Collier by his Andromedan contacts. Besides them I invested a few articles on the completely different perspective from the book ‘The Thiaoouba Prophecy‘ that was written by the French contactee Michel Desmarquet (7-9).

ECETI, the Logo of James Gilliland’s website (10)

I love listening to interviews while taking my dog out for a walk, and as I was preparing to listen to this historical account by a the veteran in the disclosure community, James Gilliland (10), I discovered that his video was already removed from youtube, and I wasn’t able to track it down on another platform. I didn’t think of that recent interview that Dr. Salla did with Timothy Alberino (11) that might have been a good alternative, so I started to listen to another video that James Gilliland did in april 2023 (12).

This is the first time that I post anything about James Gilliland. This doesn’t mean that I now all of a sudden agree with everything that he says, for I simply don’t know that at this moment. I like exploring other contactees and this seemed to be a nice way to introduce him. Unlike Elena Danaan, James Gilliland is still putting out videos with free Q&A’s (13), although he also has a lot of paid content for subscribers.

I use the perspective of Elena Danaan as the basis for this website, which implies certain terminology and ideas. It is not always easy to really understand what someone like James Gilliland means when he uses certain terms, like he does in the excerpt below. In that excerpt that I picked he distinguishes three kinds of feline-humanoid beings. How would they relate to the feline beings that are described by Elena DaLaan? Let’s first watch this excerpt before we go on and compare it with other feline information.

James Gilliland talks about Feline-humanoid species (12)

Gilliland says that there would be feline beings under Antarctica (14). He says that the felines were here alongside the ancient Lyrians. I don’t exactly know what he means with ‘the ancient Lyrians’ (19). He distinguishes three kinds of felines: the humanoid cat-like beings, panter-beings and huge lion beings. As far as the last category is concerned I would advise you to read (22) where you can get to know the Laan-species who are indeed described as ‘Tall humanoids’ (23,24).

Drawing by Elena Danaan (2, p.111)

James Gilliland said that the lion-species were the protectors of the gods. I don’t know what he means with ‘gods’. Are that physical beings? Higher density beings? Species from which constellation, and during which epoch? This concept of Fallen Gods is also not a part of the Elena Danaan paradigm. The same questions can be asked about them? What kind of species were those fallen gods?

Some of the lion-beings would have returned to Lyra and many would have gone to Sirius (25). He describes a meeting with a beautiful blond haired panter-humanoid being with the name Begi on a spaceship (26).

A lot more could be said about the feline-like beings. Ashayana Deane described the feline-hominids as being one of the three primal creatures that would have been created some 950 billion years ago (27). In her third disclosure book Elena Danaan also introduced a feline-humanoid species from the Intergalactic Confederation (28), called the Elyan Sukhami. They would also have contributed their genomes to our DNA-package (4).

Robert Earl White (31) also made a very informative video on the Laani, mainly based on Elena’s information (32)

If you have valuable information to share about these feline-like species consider joining the Elena Danaan Study Group (29), or comment below. You can also join my Telegram group ‘Galactic Anthropology’ (30) which now has a chat functionality too.

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Image of the black panter Bagheera from Jungle Book (26)

(14) We have had our fair share of Antarctica in the past. Remember Thor Han talking about the Dark Alliance of Antarctica (15), JP about a discovery of a portal on Antarctica (16), the visits of Elena Danaan and Jean-Charles Moyen to an Ark (spaceship) down there (17) and the deal that was eventually not really struck with the Cabal down there, because they refused to cooperate (18). But I haven’t come across any references to feline beings living in Antarctica.
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5 thoughts on “James Gilliland talks about Feline-humanoid Species

  1. In her April 30 Webinar, Elena Danaan categorically dismisses Ashayana Dean’s writings as “sparkles”,and over-complex narrative, which lead to confusion…(deliberately, or not?)
    I agree with this general evaluation, but I feel that there are still useful ideas in the narrative, if one can wade thru the over-dense descriptions…
    Elena Danaan is so much clearer, while being thorough in her presentations!

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  2. I am very moved by what James Gilliland described about the feline being that embraced him. Just that kind of love I experienced from my feline guides as I described in my book!
    By the way, thank you for mentioning that!

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  3. Fascinating subject. I love cats—domestic or wild, small or big. They are an extra-special species in my opinion. Even domestic cats have am instinct to protect humans and alert them to what most human eyes are not able to see. There is a reference in Daniel 7:4-6 of a lion-headed humanoid with wings protecting the throne of God with 2 other animal-headed beings with wings. Not sure is there’s a connection but I do find similarities between the “angels” and “celestial beings” mentioned in the Bible and the many different extraterrestrial/extradimensional beings I’ve been learning about in the past few years.


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