The Ciakahrr

The Ciakahrr have been mentioned a few times before on this website. After there was some new information on the Ciakahrr from Dan Winter in his recent interview with Elena Danaan (1) I thought it was time to dedicate a small page to these big Draco-guys.

Illustration from A Gift from the Stars (2), p.149

And big they are. The Elite Ciakahrr (as they seem to call themselves, whereas we used to call them Draco’s) are said to measure about 18-25 feet (6 to 8 meters!) (2, p.148). They come from a planet orbiting Alpha Draconis or Thuban. Below you can find a map of the Draco star systems. I showed you another one when describing the Giansar (the Hooded Reptilians) from the tail of the star sign (3).

A lot can be said about these giants. For one they like to eat little children or drink their fear-induced adrenochrome-blood.

They are known for their symbol: the winged serpent. The elites are usually black or brown with yellow or red striping and weigh up to 1900 pounds. Also Winged.” (2, p.148)

A shorter and thicker version of the Ciakahrr are the Nagai or Nagari. They are very muscular and they don’t have any wings. They are very aggressive and violent and feared throughout the galaxy. They are about 7 to 8 feet tall. “Their skin is scaled and can be from dark red to orange with black striping….Their eyes are yellow, slanted, with vertical slit pupils” (p.148)

Thuban, the third star, counted from the tail (Giansar) in the Draco Constellation. Notice the closeness to Ursa Minor (or the Little Bear) (4)

It were probably the Nagai that Tony Rodrigues encountered when he was on a spaceship (5). These beings are excellent shape shifters. In Danaan’s book you can find some hints on how to spot them anyway (2, pp 151-152). If you like shape shifters you could pay a visit to the page on the Kiily Tokurt, the black-eyed shapeshifters (6).

The Ciakahrr and the Vatican
Megan Rose wrote about the Ciakahrr and the Vatican (before the disconnection from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, 7) in her book ‘Welcome to the Future’:

(Val Nek:) The Ciakahrr’s main feeding grounds were underneath the Vatican in Rome….We began clearing out this underground base underneath the Vatican in November 2020. We did so by first closing all the exits that correspond to the surrounding areas in Europe. It took much time as there are many exit and entry point, for as I said, the Vatican is the hub for the reptilians on planet Earth….

The underground of Vatican City was cleared out completely in April 2021. This allowed the Federation to accelerate its efforts in liberating Mars and freeing it from control of the Dark Fleet. I shall remind you that the Dark Fleet is an alliance with the Germans originally , but also the Cabal and the reptilian, Ciakahrr species.” (8, pp.68-69)

(Inside the Vatican – Doesn’t it have a nice Reptilian look? – image taken from Exopolitics (9))

Dan Winter on the Ciakahrr and Randy Kramer
Well, fortunately all these Ciakahrr creeps would have been chased out of their underground shelters and all other bases they had all over the solar system. So no more fighting with Nagai or Elite Ciakahrrs as was described by Stephen Chua (10) and Jean-Charles Moyen and David Rousseau (11).

Dan Winter talked about the Ciakahrr in his interview on the Nine with Elena Danaan on February 24, 2022. He said around 8 minutes into that interview that he has been talking about the Ciakahrr for about 25 years already. That is interesting, for it seemed that Elena (and Megan) were about the only ones who used the term the Galactic Federation of Worlds (and the Ciakahrr themselves), whereas most people referred to them simply as Draco’s.

On top of that he said that he had recently seen a documentary on Gaia TV in which he heard that Randy Cramer, another whistleblower on the Secret Space Program (12), confirmed that all the Ciakahrr had been removed from our solar system. It is always good to have more corroboration of these huge events. The more people confirm what is said by Elena Danaan the better of course.

Matter Melting Device
In an older video from August 2020, Thor Han describes Ciakahrr technology which allows them to melt matter. They would use this technology to easily drill (or melt) tunnels in the underground. If set the option of ‘explode’ it could wipe out huge areas. This technique would use atomic fusion but without releasing any nuclear radiation. It would have been used in Telos as well (13,14)

Also see End note 31 and a link with the Nazi’s (15)

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Stephen Chua, Area 51 and Three kinds of Grays

In the foreword of Ceres Colony Cavalier (1) Dr. Michael Salla talks about super soldiers. I thought that was an interesting topic to write an article on, so I went searching for it in the ‘Danaan-files’ and ended up with an interview that Elena Danaan has had with a ‘super soldier’ called Stephen Chua in February 2021 (2). A week after this interview Chua died allegedly because of kidney failure. You can also find an interview between Elena and Michael in which they talk about his sudden death (3).

More strange events took place around this interview. In a video on the Kiily Tokurt a few weeks later (4,5) Elena relates about what had happened in the period just before the interview (transcript from video):

Military Pass of Stephen Chua (3)

Before I did the interview with Stephen Chua, the super soldier from area 51, we are both attacked by Maitras the day before and him physically but me it was two Maitra ships that went over my house and Thor Han just intercepted them and destroyed them and I can see through the eyes of Thor Han so that’s how I can see what’s happening when he connects with me.

And last night just before my house nearly caught fire and I did this interview with Michael Sala and Laura Eisenhower and the night just after, so last night, I was targeted by a sonic beam and Thor Han just destroyed the ship from where it was aimed from. This was Maitra. And I could see the ship from his eyes just before it blew up and it was a big bang. The bang has been amazing, uh horrible of course, but this is very freaking bang above my roof. It was a dark fleet ship. So we have obviously pissed off someone linked with the dark fleet. I don’t know, I’m laughing because I am I’m very protected. So they can try. The result is their ship got blown up, so it’s not very funny for them.

In the interview he talks about his encounters in battle with 3 meter high Ciakahrrs and (hybrid) Reptilians. He says that bullets just bounced off their scaled bodies. He talks about two weeks in Area 51 where he met Kiily Tokurt and a few Maitra’s. He said that the Grays smell bad and the color of the skin of the Tokurts looked like the color of a dead person that you take out of the freezer. They were mainly instructing the human scientists how to build a certain floating device. He said that there were no human experiments taking place in Area 51; it was more a place of mechanical developments/engineering.

The Killy Tokurt would have also gotten technology from humans as well, for they were kind of lazy, as Chua says. He talks about experimental planes that were thought-driven, but this didn’t go too well: pilots were given serums in their brains and after a number of serums many of the pilots would have died. He was trained as a pilot and he describes the helmet with things sticking out, looking like a giant virus. That program was eventually stopped.

The Maitra with their ‘friendly look’ – screenshot from (2). You can also find it in Elena Danaan’s book (6).

He then goes on to talk about how he and his guards were voluntarily beamed aboard a gray spaceship and that he was able to create interference because he focused with his mind on the panels. He speaks about the Maitra, their agressive attitude and their molden-like smell. They often got into a near-fight with the Kiily Tokurt.

He says that there even was some kind of portal that the Maitra’s used in Area 51 to contact their own people. Chua was able to develop a floating antigravity device himself and the Vatican got interested. He made sure the Vatican did not get its hands on his device by destroying it. He is far from positive about the Vatican.

He says that there have been attempts to assassinate him or to kidnap his son. He has also met mainly technical people who had been to Mars. He discovered that the Maitra feed on negative emotions, but they can be destroyed by love. They cannot deal with love and laughter: they would fall apart because of it.

Towards the end of the interview a few texts are presented on how the Maitra tried to attack him:

Stephen Chua did not die on March 3, as is said above, but on March 6, 2021

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