On Channeling and Discernment

A day after the interview between Dr. Michael Salla and Patricia Cori (1), Elena Danaan responded with some reflections about who to trust and how to check certain information, through her telegram channel (2). We have already been through some distortions in the past so discernment sure is valuable (3,4,5). This post presents Elena’s thoughts on this and I added a few reflections too. Let me know what you think by adding a comment below the article.

Screenshot from Jan 29, 2022 video on discernment (5)

I do not trust anyone who pretends receiving “downloads” and “codes”. It smells too much AI or Nebu programs, or just too New Agy to me. Do not be fooled by who was fooled in the first place.

Always ask for astronomical and science data, and the real ET names (10). In these times of great agendized confusion we need to work our discernment more than ever.

Ask for astronomical facts and the names of the ET races, cultures, homeworld and star systems: in their own language. “Arcturian”, “Lyran”, “Pleiadian”, “Sirian” (5) is not an acceptable answer. Would you “download” a program onto your computer without antivirus and firewall? What I am telling you is crucial. It is a compass to navigate in the dark.

PS: This is also worth for “channelling”, which is a mild posession.
” (2, June 10, 2022)

Oa and Mila

In the past – almost 20 years ago – I was a fervent explorer of channeled messages. I had this website called ‘Gibbon’s Ascension Research’ and I collected and ordered information from various sources on various topics. Most of those years I spent on a group called ‘The Spiritual School of Ascension’ which was led by Mila (Karen Danrich, the channel) and Oa (Thomas Weber) who have both passed away.

After the comments by Elena Danaan I went back to that old website of mine and it talks a lot about the Pleiadeans this, the Sirians that and that Arcturus would have ascended leaving behind karma which they dumped on Earth etc….I was once truly impressed by that channeled information, but now it looks dated and distorted to me, even though I’m sure certain themes are (still) valid. It sure doesn’t pass the ‘Danaan-standard’ any longer 🙂

I truly enjoyed reading most of the books by Barbara Marciniak & Patricia Cori (when they were still available) and I think those books are packed with valuable information and inspiration. Elena Danaan sure has a point when these sources do not explain from which planet they are precisely. Marciniak simply talks about the Pleiadeans (from the future if I remember correctly) and Cori talks about the Sirian High Council and they describe what they are comprised off, but not really in an astronomical way (6). In this case apparently not solely from Sirius B, which she calls Satais (7). Patricia Cori not only channels the Sirian High Council, she also writes about her own experiences and her own recollections of other lives.

Phyllis Schlemmer

Another person who has become quite popular in the current movement is Phyllis Schlemmer and her book ‘The Only Planet of Choice‘ who has also channeled a group of beings, who presented themselves as the Nine. What to think of her information? It was channeled and they didn’t specify to which planet they belong, although that is understandable in the light of their nature. But the information is channeled, which implies that it is more open to distortion too. What would hold for Cori, would also hold for Schlemmer.

Deane clearly says that she doesn’t trust channeled information. She claims that she got her information through telepathic means, which might just be yet another way of receiving information. With telepathy there is no ‘(mild) possession’.

Elena Danaan is quite unique in the sense that she can communicate through a brain implant which was tuned to the frequency of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. There are currently not many people who are able to have such a clear connection, I suppose. It was the detailed information from Elena Danaan that prompted me to start this website, for I thought that this vast amount of new information needed some order, especially with all that information in those many hours of youtube-videos which might go ‘missing’ in the Youtube haze.

Pieces of the Puzzle (9)

My main drive is to find out more about the big questions: who are the seeder races, where do they come from? (8) What is the exact role of the Anunnaki in our past? What can we do to prevent being fooled again by extraterrestrial races who might have dark agendas? What happened on Atlantis and Lemuria? Was Earth created as a result of a fall out of a 5th dimensional planet? What is all this stuff about the importance of our genetic heritage? What does ascension imply? Can karma be dumped on other planets in order to create something like a false ascension? How to finally end the rule of the Deep State?

I hold the information that Elena Danaan passes on in high regard. Whereas she presents very new information on the various star races and their older and recent interactions with our planet, so far the information on what actually happened in Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria is rather scarce and not very detailed. Perhaps the time has not yet come to talk in details about our past or is this path of discovery part of our awakening.

When there is a strong link between Egypt and Sirius and not much information is given by Elena and the GFW, I am inclined to search for other sources to fill this gap. Perhaps everyone has a piece of the puzzle and perhaps we need the information from an Ark or two, but in the mean time I am inclined to not throw all channeled information in the garbage bag, just because it was channeled.

It does make sense to treat channeled information with more caution. Due to recent developments I think it is wise to ignore Bashar, the Far Sight Institute, M.R. (after november 2021) and C.G. (after a certain moment in time)(11). I stopped reading all those messages by these ascended masters and folks like that a long time ago, but that doesn’t hold for people like Patricia Cori and Ashayana Deane as far as I’m concerned.

On June 12, 2022 recommended a video that deals with this topic of Channelings and Discernment (12)

(1) The Sirian Revelations: An Interview with Patricia Cori
(2) Elena Danaan on Telegram
(3) Evading the Mind-programmed Time Bombs with Elegance
(4) Bashar, the Far Sight Institute and the Essassani-Resistance Movement Psy-op
(5) Tips to know whose ET’s you are dealing with – Jan 29 2022
(6) The Sirian High Council
(7) What to think of Channeled Info Conflicting with Current info?
(8) Schlemmer talks about the Hoova and the Altea for instance: what is their planet of origin? To what species do they belong? What do they look like? What is their history? What have they done on our planet? Why did they interfere in our history? What were the ‘good’ and what were the ‘bad’ things? Why all this talk about the importance of the Hebrews? What about this Enlil/Yahweh-vibe in this book (and in the Keys of Enoch?)
(9) Making a Replacement Puzzle Piece
(10) The real names of Various Stars – How they are called by their own People
(11) And don’t forget the Taygeteans (See Endnote 21)
(12) Jade Lore – Episode 9: Analysis- Using Discernment

7 thoughts on “On Channeling and Discernment

  1. We are all trying to resolve these puzzles to make sense out of it. There are may not be an absolute truth as the truth is colored by the perspective from each ET,, experienciers, observer as well as agenda, and intention. We have those groups wanting to dominate and conquer humans as well as those groups love and compassion for humans. Both dark and light, truth and distortion are existed not only on 3D but also every D. Challennelling messages are holding the same pattern from each perspective. What to believe or not to believe, time will tell. It will be interesting to know more about the Council of 9 when Elena’s book is published.

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  2. Hi 😊

    You’ve already touched on it. For me, the biggest problem is the “inconsistencies” between the statements. And that also happens below those who work together. We don’t even have to start about the unfortunate affair with MR, but there are always other things where it gets a bit strange. Strange because you don’t get any answers either.
    You just mentioned David Rousseau last time. I remember doing an interview with Michael Salla (because I made a note of it 😋) and looked it up. The interview is from January 31, 2022, “2nd French Secret Space Program “20 & back” witness emerges”.
    I wrote the following in the comment function:

    “I think I need help because once again I didn’t understand correctly.
    Area 51 is mentioned in the video and the explanation under the video also says:

    “In 1981, David was sent to Area 51 for his initial training and induction into a joint secret space program called “Solar Warden”.

    “Solar Warden” is one of the “white hats” that was fighting along with positive aliens against the cabal, Dark Fleet and negative aliens, wasn’t it?
    Everyone knows Area 51 and it’s not supposed to be a good place, right? According to Elena Danaan, negative aliens are said to have stayed and “worked” there. The Kiily Tokurt (Tall Whites and “slave traders”) and the Maytras (one of the worst alien races).
    So what is “Solar Warden” doing in such a facility?
    Why are the “recruits” of “Solar Warden”, who are supposed to do their first training there, in Area 51, where the Kiily Tokurt and the Maytras are also staying?
    Or did I not understand that correctly?
    Can someone help me there?
    Thank you all
    Sorry for my English. ☺”

    Unfortunately I didn’t get an answer. I don’t find the question presumptuous or cheeky, but justified.
    Or there are other examples such as James Gilliland with his Eceti. As far as I know Elena and he “work” together. I certainly haven’t seen all of his videos, but I’ve caught him several times making statements (if I may say so myself) that don’t agree with Elena Danaan’s statements. And there I am again with the Anunnakis. James has stated several times that the Anunnki have beards and are “human”.
    Or like Laura Eisenhower, she had an interview with Craig Campobasso: “ET Species Almanac and Documentary! With Craig Campobasso!” was the name of the youtube video. There it is said that Val Thor is some kind of angel. I have Craig Campobasso’s book and I also have Elena Danaan’s book. And when you compare the two books, there is very little consistency in the descriptions of the ET races. Still, Laura didn’t point that out.

    I mean, I understand when “truth seekers” allow and publish different sources and statements, but I find that it can also be quite frustrating. At some point you have to follow a line and find it. As an outsider, I sometimes stand there and am at a loss.
    (Sorry for my English.)

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    • Hi Mona,

      It’s wonderful to see how detailed you work with this material. I love it!

      On the Area 51 thing: the only thing that I can think of is that the white hats worked there amongst the Kiily Tokurt and those ugly Maytras, perhaps in other sections where they did their own secret things which were unknown to other compartments in Area 51?

      I only saw one interview that Gilliland had with Dr. Michael Salla and that is all I know about him. The only thing I remember of that video is that he didn’t know much about the Council of Nine and that his assessment of the situation in Kazachstan was a bit odd. I was not really stimulated to head for his eceti-website.

      I bought this ‘ET Species almanak’ by Campobasso as well and had to smile quite a few times. Val Thor was described as some kind of angel, and what struck me as quite funny was his description of the Ummit. If you look at Endnote 8 on my End-note menu-tab (under various) you can see a reference to that. Therefore I tend to give Elena Danaan the most credit and take other sources with a bit more scepticism. If I were to take everybody as serious I would end up stir crazy 🙂

      DId you see the newly identified member of the Intergalactic Confederation? See Endnote 56 to read more about the Ormong (there’s a link there to the 9th contact video in which this species is introduced).

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  3. Oh thank you for the compliment.
    I was really happy about that. 😊

    About Area 51: I have to honestly say: I don’t know… I just can’t imagine that the White Hats/Solar Warden or the Black Hats with all their technology and also with the cooperation with the respective ETs don’t know what is/was going on at Area 51. And everyone does their “thing” on the same basis? I can only speak for myself, there is honestly no reasonable argument as to why this should be the case. Somehow that doesn’t really add up for me.
    I should mention that I’m not the only one who noticed this oddity. There was one other comment on this… and it is a pity that there was no reply/explanation to clear up doubts and misunderstandings. Question marks remain for me. The mystery remains unsolved until now.

    I have already written about the book “ET Species Almanak”. Again, I want to be honest: I don’t think it’s particularly good. I also think that the book was influenced far too much by the Christian faith. I hope this doesn’t sound arrogant and cheeky and who knows; maybe I’m wrong too, but I don’t think Campobasso’s statements are “real”.

    Yes, I saw the Ormong. I repeat myself; I’m really excited about the Seeder breeds… and want to know more about them. 😊
    (Sorry for my English.)


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