The Second Account on the Destruction of Atlantis – Patricia Cori and the Sirian High Council

The aim of this ‘Atlantis Destruction’-trilogy is to be able to compare it later on with the information that Elena Danaan will write about in her book ‘The Seeders’ that appears to be published before the Florida Meeting in October 2022 (1). Since I tend to value the information that Elena receives from her often physical contacts a lot, this might be a good test to see the which other sources are on the ‘right’ track.

The first account was based on the CDT-Plates the Ashayana Deane was able to read (2). Important elements in her story were that the final cataclym that destroyed the last remaining islands of Atlantis, was caused by human behavior, and by those strongly aligned with a malevolent Anunnaki-group. This led to a very rapid destruction of Atlantis.

On June 9, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla had an interview with Patricia Cori (3) and they talked about the information from her rich amount of books that she channeled from the Sirian High Council (4,5). The day after this interview Elena stressed the importance of discernment, especially in regard to people who channel information or download codes etc (6).

Well, despite the fact that the information was channeled I think it definitely is worthwhile to consider the information that you can find in Patricia Cori’s book Atlantis Rising (7). Like I said in the description of Ashayana Deane’s perspective, this is only a short summary of the main points. I would advise you to read the book if you would like to know the complete story.

In Cori’s account crystals were a crucial part of the Atlantean culture as well. These crystals were not powered by a central source as was the case in Deane’s account, but through what is called ‘mindlight generators‘. People of Atlantis would have gained the ability to tune their minds onto crystals in order to charge them and use that power for their energy need. Here’s a description of their rituals:

“The Last Generation Atlanteans found their strength as a civilized people in their superb ability to bring to manifestation one supreme desire: that the All be served with the boundless energy of the Earth Mother and the collective mind. The heart centers of the populatio were wide open during morning hours of ritual, and their devotion to the well-being of the entire community was unconditional…

…Every home and work environment housed a central worship crystal; all temple complexed centered around a great spheroid quartz; all gathering places and rest areas provided crystal meditation areas. Whole cities depended on the constancy of thought and concentration; their free energy was formed of it. It was a prototype civilization of cooperation, respect for the forces of nature, and devotion to the celestial deities – those of the family of Ra (your solar system) and many beyond.” (7, pp.134-135)

This beautiful civilization turned out to be a perfect prey for the Anunnaki. Through the ‘deployment’ of someone called Akkaeneset, who would stem from a different galaxy altogether, they managed to further infiltrate the priesthood of Atlantis (8) and with Akkaeneset as a powerful and very knowledgeable ‘priest’ things got from bad to worse.

He would have started to experiment with these mindlight generators. In his laboratory he managed to play with new elements, like what would be the effect of introducing emotions like fear, rage and sexuality? He noticed that it enabled him to increase the amount of energy that could be stored in the crystals. Like pulling a switch he could influence the Atlantean masses with darker energies.

Short-Circuit Earth (12)

As if this weren’t enough he got intrigued by the link these people had with Earth: “Akkaeneset was increasingly mesmerized by Earth’s interaction with the human mind and emotion, becoming almost obsessive in his desire to push human emotion and the forces of Gaia to the breaking point.” (idem, p.139)

The Anunnaki would have given him complete freedom for they thought that somehow this would enable them to create a link with their Nibiru planet (10). This would have eventually led to the destruction of the last phase of Atlantis:

“His tempering with the geophysical forces of Earth and the disruption of human emotional fields simple blew a fuse in the neural networks of Gaia (11). The sinking of Atlantis and the ensuing devastation were simply that: Planet Earth was short-circuited and her central nervous system was shut down and laid to rest. Gaia, in essence, reclaimed her power.” (7, p.141)

I had to leave out a lot of valuable details and warnings for A.I., but the heart of the matter is that – just like in the account by Ashayana Deane – people connected to the Anunnaki were responsible for the destruction of Atlantis by somehow abusing the powers of crystals. This would have led to a cataclysm that took place in a short period of time. Let’s hear what Radu Cinamar has to say on the destruction of Atlantis. I can tell you in advance that his tale is quite different (13).

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5 thoughts on “The Second Account on the Destruction of Atlantis – Patricia Cori and the Sirian High Council

  1. I am not sure if we could ever find out the truth nothing but the truth. Each (including councils or Elohim level)has a different perspective or was told from their own source. EL KA in the following was just released the cosmic/earth history book from her research and experiences and perspective this month.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aren’t the Akashic records supposed to store information objectively 🙂

      If that is not the case we need to be true, critical historians in the sense that we need to take into account who is giving us what kind of information and what is the agenda of them. A nice puzzle 🙂


  2. Recently someone who used to say “Oh no!!! And Yuk” to Grays has now been saying… “This one is a bit Gray and is OK !”
    This is a mega shift…indicating mind control, faulty implants or being impulsed or attacked in someone way.
    So we repeat ancient mistakes and make ETs our Gods at our own peril!
    Follow Law of Consistency e.g. Andromedans.
    Also, mars retrograding soon in the Orion space is just agitating a repeat of the Orion Wars?

    Just Concerned!

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    • If we have Anunnaki genes in our genome that would mean that we have genes from a hybrid gray/human race. This would already mean that there is something Gray inside of us. Or would we have been made by the human half of the genome of the Anunnaki?!

      See the page on Anunnaki and Sirius for more on the background of the Anunnaki according to the Elena info.

      Let’s hope we can now see those visitors as they are and see what they have done to and with us in the past without the love and light worship.

      There are still a lot of unknowns!


      • The amygdala in the old part of the brain contains emotional memories like fear and anger, and thus lower consciousness. (It is Reptilian in esoteric books. )
        The hippocampus contains cognitive memories associated with thinking, doing and problem solving. And thus represents higher consciousness. It is our human side.
        Using higher consciousness means that we are being humanitarian instead of being impulsed by nanotechnology connected to the Gray hive mind.

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