Looking Up at the Stars – Cassiopeia and the Dorsay

In her August 2, 2022 video, Elena Danaan advised us all to look up a bit more and watch the starry sky more closely (1). For, as was said before, way back in November 2021 (2), there would be an increase in starships showing themselves. Spaceships from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, Solar Warden (3) and the Intergalactic Federation would now even be adapting their paths to make themselves seen for those who open up their hearts and are willing to actually see them. This would require more than just a short glimpse of 5 minutes, though.

Cassiopeia is the W-form on the left-hand side; you can see the ‘Big Dipper’ on the right, both pointing towards the polar star (4)

So, that’s what I did. The first time from my garden and the second time I was out walking with our dog on a warm evening and I got to a dike which was closed off due to reconstruction work. I reached the freshly made new asphalt road (a few weeks ago, so it was well dried) and decided to lie down and look at the night’s sky. While the dog was digging holes and walking from one side of me to the other, I enjoyed the sky for over half an hour: I saw a lot of planes, quite a few satellites and even some shooting stars, but no starships with funny maneuvers.

It was a very peaceful exercise which I would surely recommend. While lying there I noticed one of the most easily detectable constellation, namely Cassiopeia and I wondered who would live in that corner of the sky. After returning home I picked up Elena’s ‘A Gift from the Stars’ and saw that a race of beings called the Dorsay would actually live on two home planets near the stars of Cassiopeia.

Drawing by Elena Danaan from (5, p.117).

The Dorsay are small grays with a maximum height of 5,3 feet. They have a batrachian (amphibian) face and “are a highly advanced pacifist civilization, part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Their race is at least 4 billion years old. They have visited Terra at least 250 times” (5, p.116). Despite their pacifistic nature they apparently like hunting, but hunting for humans is not allowed by the Galactic Federation of Worlds, luckily šŸ™‚

In Elena Danaan’s book there is an interesting paragraph about the role of the Dorsay in the Tunguska event that happened in 1908 (6). “They were at the origin of an unfortunate accident that impacted Terra enormously: the Tunguska explosion in 1908. For five days the Maytrei (7) had been fighting the Dorsay over a shipment of slaves the Dorsay fearlessly stole from them.

The conflict lasting and increasing in violence, the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Council of Five decided to intervene. An Elmanuk (8) ship arrived to try ending the hostilities but got also in troubles; you do not negotiate that easily with the Maytrei. So the Elmanuk required emergency assistance and the closest ship was a Pleiadean cargo passing by, transporting crystals to Alpha Centauri (9). Warned by the Nagai of the arrival of enforcement, the Maytrei, who had shot down the last Dorsay ship that day, attacked the Pleiadean cargo entering Terra’s atmosphere and destroyed it as well as an Elmanuk ship. This was the cause of the Tunguska explosion, and the reminder that you don’t just steal from the Maytrei.” (5, p.116)

See End Note 116 for another theory on what happened there in 1908 in Siberia as was described in ‘Atlantis Rising’ by Patricia Cori. End Note 164 mentions a species from Cassiopeia that would have helped the Zenae some 2.5 million years ago.

(1) LOOK UP ~ a message from the Seeders~ Aug-02-2022
(2) See Terra has entered a probation period to join Membership with the Galactic Federation of Worlds for more on that promise which was made in november 9, 2021. Thor Han had said: “It was also decided that the Intergalactic Confederation will take care of leading the operations of civilian contacts, by increasing slowly the sightings of their ships in our skies, in a very organized way, following a plan.

Tunguska, Siberia, Russia – After more than 100 years (after 1908) there is still no tree growing! (source)

This will be progressive contact, aimed to increase the awareness of the civilians concerning the existence and the presence of other galactic cultures. Parallel to this, the Earth Alliance will speed up the disclosure of all their technologies and when the time will be right, the two will be one and the future will be the present.
(3) The Excelsior and Solar Warden
(4) Earth Sky
(5) Danaan, E. (2020) A Gift from the Stars. Amazon Press
(6) Britannica – Siberia
(7) To get to know more about the (ugly) Maytrei take a look at the Nebu-page.
(8) Read more about the Elmanuk at The Elmanuk from Gliese 832 in the Grus Constellation and the Possible link with A.R. Bordon’s The Link
(9) More on the people from Alpha Centauri B can be found at both The Selosi from Alpha Centauri B and for more on their role in setting up new colonies on Mars see: A New Colony from Alpha Centauri to Settle on Mars

7 thoughts on “Looking Up at the Stars – Cassiopeia and the Dorsay

  1. Hi there,

    I did the same as you. The other night I sat outside under a brilliant starry night for about half an hour, and saw at least 9 planes pass over coming from south to north. I was waiting and hoping to see something different, but nothing happened.

    This morning, a lady staying with us said she was outside three nights ago, looking at the crescent moon, when suddenly it blinked out. It seems a massive black object had passed over, she thinks from East to West, eclipsing the moon. No lights, nothing, so it couldn’t have been the ISS which is lit up like a Christmas tree. In any event, ISS is on a different path. The last time I saw it, ISS was travelling from West to East.

    All very interesting! Now I know what to look for. It will have to wait though because the weather is invariably overcast, even at night. Every starry night is to be treasured. I live on the north east coast of NSW Australia, by the way.

    Love your newsletter, by the way.


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  2. I also looked up at the stars on a warm summer night from a location with relatively good darkness for some hour. First I noticed the bright star Arcturus with the advanced civilization of Ohorai close to the Big Dipper. Then the constellation Cygnus in the Nataru galaxy plane where lots of life exists including the Humanity in the star system Taami (Kepler-62). After some time I also saw the milk in the Milky Way galaxy plane. Sister galaxy Megopei (M31) was also detectable in Andromeda constellation.
    The satellites started appearing from all directions with a total of about 20 in about one hour. Many of them were not identifiable with the app Sky Guide. At one point three satellites were visible at once including one almost overtaking another. But none of them made any significant direction changes (which my girlfriend observed once with 180 degree course changes).
    I also saw two airplanes, three meteorites including one from Perseus (Perseid) and one brighter and slower one.
    It was a beautiful night worth remembering even though no moving star identified themselves.

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    • I woke up at night and went outside in Bengtsfors, Sweden, at 02:22 AM to look at the Perseid meteor rain which was peaking in intensity that night. Almost immediately I saw an object to the north east towards the Norwegian border that I have not seen before. I was not a point source like usual when seeing so called satellites but a very elongated cigar shaped object. It was moving at an uniform speed with uniform intensity. But without any blinking lights or distant sound like an airplane. After some seconds more the cigar shaped object became much brighter from the front spreading backwards about halfways before disappearing in sight behind a tree.
      There was no identifiable plane on Flightradar24 (I have been a silver member since more than a year back documenting chemtrailing on many occasions). Almost no commercial airplane was flying over the Nordic countries at the time. There was no cataloged object in either the apps Sky Guide or Night Sky.

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  3. I also saw Elena Danaan’s video and tried it out that same night. I saw planes, satellites and shooting stars, but nothing out of the ordinary. I admit I was a bit disappointed but not surprised.
    I watched the starry sky for about 40 minutes at around 1am last night. I saw airplanes, three shooting stars and several satellites. But I noticed a satellite. He didn’t look any different than any of the others, but he moved in the opposite way. Something occurred to me and I immediately looked it up on the internet.
    Satellite trajectories are either north-south, or south-north, or west-east, but never east-west.
    (I hope that’s true too.) šŸ˜‰
    And the satellite flew from east to west…
    Well, what I also saw, apparently it wasn’t a satellite. šŸ¤”
    (Sorry for my English.)

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