Our Intergalactic and Galactic Genomes

On September 21, 2022 Elena Danaan published her third book, The Seeders, in which she describes her experiences with off-world people. I managed to read the book of nearly 600 pages in three days. Of course it contains a description of just about everything that happened since the publishing of her second book, We Will Never Let You Down, of which a lot was shared in her videos, and consequently in articles on this website, since september 2021. On top of that there is a lot of new information that wasn’t previously spoken about in her videos. I think that the big step forward since the second book is the opening up to the intergalactic level. This brings new insights and it also raises new questions. This article tries to shed some light on the 22 races that contributed to our genome: how much is intergalactic, how much is from our galaxy? How much is human, and how much is reptilian, insectoid and feline?

Illustration by Elena Danaan (3, p.82)

Before the publication of The Seeders we really didn’t know too much about the nature of the beings belonging to the Intergalactic Confederation (1). We were introduced to Oona, the Altean woman, who is the spokesperson of the Intergalactic Confederation. In June we got to know a person from the Ormong race (2). Elena did describe her meeting on a ship by the Intergalactic Confederation, with a drawing that was already shared in certain videos.

In the drawing on the left hand side we can distinguish the Alteans (on the right touching Thor Han), but also the small Gray-like beings whose kind apparently is called the La’Neel. Behind we can see the tall beings who are the original Pa-Taal (4). Right above Elena Danaan’s head there probably is a female Egon.

In her book 21 members of the Intergalactic Federation or The Seeders are presented in beautiful drawings. But not every member of the Intergalactic Confederation has donated its genes to the human template. In fact only 11 have done so. I only present the names and the category to which they belong: Pa-Taal (humanoid), Altean (humanoid), Elli-Yin (humanoid), Hoovid (humanoid), Oyara Maruu (humanoid), Etherians (humanoid), Arag’un (Reptiloid), Ashai (Insectoid), Gray (Z-Neel, NOT the La’Neel from the drawing), Egoni (humanoid/vegetal, 5), Elyan Sukhami (feline).

After first having had genomes from these 11 races from other galaxies we received genetic packages from these species/races from our galaxy: the Naga (reptilian), Anunnaki (humanoid/Gray, 6), Taal (humanoid), Noor(humanoid), Ahel (humanoid, 8), T-Ashkeru (Sirius B, humanoid), Selosians (Alpha Centauri B, humanoid, 9), Ummit (10) and Meton (11) subgroup (humanoid), Ohorai (12, humanoid), Grays (Eban, Xrog, Do-Hu, Solipsi Rai, Kiily Tokurt (13).

This makes a total of 21 races. The Pa-Taal would have started their genetic insertion on a Lemur-like being, which would have been the first primate on which the genes of all the other races would have been built.

The Ummit (10), Image from ET-species (14)

So we finally know on whose 22 packages our genome is based. One animal (a Lemur), many humanoid species (15, including the Anunnaki), some Gray races (2 (and the Anunnaki, but I won’t count them twice), or more since various groups are mentioned), Reptiloid (2), a feline (1) and even an insectoid race from another galaxy.

This raises a few questions. For me the biggest question is: how are the Gray, Reptiloid, Feline and Insectoid genes expressed in our very humanoid looking body? Does this imply that we are able to tune into the Naga, certain Grays and insectoids when all our DNA would get activated, or at least from those who have these lines in their genetics. How does this relate to our human future on Earth, when we have these other genomes in our system?

In the book it is also implied that souls from various worlds need some resonance in the genetic household of the body they incarnate in, meaning that for an Arcturian (Ohorai for instance) soul, a body that has got some Ohorai-genes activated is needed. Apparently there has been no hybridization with the Andromedans, so would not participate in the star seed envoy program.

What seems to be important is that the 24 seeders are NOT the 24 seeders of the Intergalactic Confederation. Only 11 of them are our Seeders. Nearly half of those who are our Human Seeders are from this galaxy. Much more can be said about all this, but I would say this is enough for one article. Please share your thoughts below.

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(4) In her book Elena Daan explains that this race of the Pa-Taal were the first ones to implant their genes into our predecessors. During the time the meaning of Pa-Taal has changed to all the 24 seeder races. You can find out more about all the 24 seeder races in The Seeders (2).
(5) I don’t understand why the Egoni are categorised as ‘vegetal’ in the summary on pages 527-528, whereas they are described as humanoid on pages 100-101 and they sure look very human 🙂 Alex Collier, however also mentions a ‘botanical’ species as part of the original seeders. See End note 165
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The Ohorai, Glaideal, Noo-Linn from Arcturus

I have just started reading David Rousseau’s ‘Beyond Our World: Stellar Soul’. In this 2019-book which was recently translated into English Rousseau writes about his very remarkable life starting from his early years (1). In his book he describes a meeting with an Arcturian. Since I haven’t talked about the Arcturians before on this site, it was a good excuse to compare his experience with the info from Elena Danaan.

Arcturus, which is called ‘Ohara’ by the locals (2), is part of the system that we have dubbed ‘Boötes’. I have presented another race from this constellation in an earlier article, namely the Korendi from a star that appears close to Arcturus from our position (3). If you want to learn how to find Arcturus in the night’s sky you can pay a visit to the Korendi-page.

David Rousseau, image from his website David Rousseau.net (6)

Before we get to the Arcturians themselves I would like to remember you who David Rousseau is. He is a French Secret Space Program contactee who was interviewed by Dr. Michael Salla, together with Jean-Charles Moyen (3). Their story is quite incredible: both Jean-Charles and David Rousseau have met each other on a French-American spaceship called the Solaris. They separately remembered their story and they both described another boy who was in the class with Maria Orsic (4) during their 20-year-and-back program (5). You can understand their amazement when they finally met each other on Earth!

David Rousseau is not only a contactee but also a gifted artist. Take a look at his websites to see more (6,7)

In the book ‘Beyond Our World, part 1’ David describes how he fell asleep at home during the time he was in military service. Here’s an excerpt: “I soon left my earthly body behind. My soul took me far away. At first, I did not recognize the place. The sky was crystalline blue-green. The mountains in the distance were red. The grass under my feet was blue. It waved lightly in the gentle, warm breeze. As I turned around, I realized that there were three moons in the sky. One of them was fairly gigantic. Clearly, I was no longer on Earth.There was a being there, who was very tall -at least nine feet ten, and whose skin was blue. He cut a fine figure despite his height. His gestures were slow, calm and incredibly right. The way he moved was like a dance. So much beauty emanated from him. His vibration was gentle and filled with light. He did not seem to see me.“But where am I? Who’s this?” I wondered. – “You are in the Bootes star system. I am Arcturian. My name is Shin At’Ha”. (1, p. 103)

Partial Screenshot from video on Bootes (9)

So, I wondered….how does this compare to the information on the Arcturians or the Ohorai that is given in Elena Danaan’s ‘A Gift from the Stars’? (8)

I was glad to read nothing but corroboration between his experience (which was written down in 2019, before Danaan’s book was published) and the description in her book.

Rousseau describes blue grass under his feet. In Danaan’s book we can read: “There is a magnificent blue planet orbiting the red giant star Arcturus, “Ohora” in the Bootes constellation, 36 light years from your solar system. It is one of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy, which has surpassed into the 7th & 9th density.

In the video in which she deals with beings from the Bootes constellation (9), Elena Danaan presents the image of the three races that are present (as it appears) on the same planet: the blue Ohorai, and the subspecies of the Glaideal and the Noo-Linn (see image above). The blue Ohorai seems to be the most likely candidate for the species that David Rousseau encountered during his dream-state: 36 light years in a second or two. (8, p.95)

The Ohorai are those involved with the Galactic Federation of Worlds for the concern of Terra, and are regarded as very wise elders. Great Elders of Light, they compose the higher caste of these spiritual beings and dwell up into the 9th Density. Arcturian Ohorai are known for their power of healing, transforming matter, as well as bending and manipulating light itself. They accomplish these things with their conscious mind and the ‘Ohorai Way’ is a spiritual practice renown through the galaxy as an art of the spirit.” (8, p.95)

Their ships are the finest in the entire galaxy, propelled by crystals conducting light energy from the Source core of the galaxy” (8, p.96)

As a trained Galactic Anthropologist you are surely inclined to think about the Andromedans because of the blue skin of the Ohorai. According to Elena Danaan the Ohorai have a blue skin like the blue in the image above, whereas the Andromedans have a more pale blue skin. In case you bump into one of these blue guys, you now know how the distinguish between the two 🙂

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The Real Names of Various Stars – How they are called by their own People

Elena Danaan has provided the names of the stars as they are used by the people that live on the planets around these stars. You can have a look at them in a youtube-video (1), or in the Cosmic Library, page 280 (2).

Below is the list which can be used as an easy reference if you would like to use the real names of the stars and not the ones that we made up ourselves 🙂

Earth NameCategoryOriginal Name
Milky WayGalaxyNatáru
AndromedansPeopleZenae (from constellation Andromeda)
Sirius AStarAskera
Sirius BStarThula
Sirius CStarEmérya
Alpha B-CentauriPlanet near starSelo
Beta CentauriPlanet near starHadar
Proxima CentauriPlanet near starMeton
AldebaransPeopleJadai Anunakene (a colony of the Anunnaki)
Wolf 424Star/PeopleUmmo/Ummites
OrionConstellationUru An Na (Orion comes from that real name)
Orion GreysPeopleNebu
Tau CetiStarNorca
Alpha DraconisStarThuban
Lyra K62StarMana (cradle of human species in this galaxy)
Lyran Feline-likePeopleLaán
Lyran humanoidsPeopleTaal, Ahil, Noor, Ladrakh
AlcyoneStar / PeopleJayha / Taal-Shia
TaygetaStar / PeopleAshaara / Ashaari: Errahel, Taal, Noor, D’akoori
NeptunePlanet Ntu (see 3)

(1) The Name of the Stars (Youtube) June 6, 2021
(2) Elena Danaan – English transcripts.pdf (cosmic-library.de)
(3) A Parallel Neptune and the Kordasii