The Ozman as Skillful Peace Ambassadors

Illustration of an Ozman by Elena Danaan, taken from (5); you can also find it at page 207 in (6).

In the amazing 24th Contact about the diplomacy between the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Negumak (1-3) from May 1, 2023, a lot of things happened, and there is a lot to unpack. The goal of this article is to give an introduction of one of the species that I haven’t spoken about before on this website, namely the Ozman (4).

In the video we can hear Elena describe a meeting with a representative from the Negumak within the moon Ariel that orbits Uranus (7). All kinds of people from the Galactic Federation of Worlds were present, amongst them an Ozman lady.

Here’s a description of the members of that particular meeting: “Ardaana and Denethor (10) were there, together with Oona, Tayel (11) and Geittak (12) representing the Intergalactic Confederation, and two members of the High Council of the Galactic Federation of Worlds: the Tengri Herald representing the council, and the Ozman lady, galactic law “attorney” and data-keeper for the Prime Directive documents. (14)” (2)

Before we continue with the role of this Ozman lady, I would like to show you a video that Elena made on the Ozman from June 2021 (5).

It was part of a Q&A (15) on the various species living on the planets around the star Vega (5). We talked about the Ardani before (4) who live on another planet circling around that same blueish star. In the following video (3.5 minutes) Elena says that the Ozman live on the fourth planet of the Vega star system. They are said to be a very peaceful race. Just like the Ardani they have this love for clothes with high necks and robes with long sleeves.

They were no refugees from the Lyran wars and had already settled in the Vega system before that great war with the Ciakahrr took place (16). During their evolution their skulls changed (as you can see in the drawing). Their skin is pale-grayish pink. They are tender and tall, beautiful people. Elena surprisingly describes their planet as quite gloomy in appearance, but with an urbanism that is impressive in elegance, and contrasts considerably with the dark volcanic landscape. [they have] green translucent buildings and domes. They are part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds’ programs for Terra’s protection, and involved in diplomacy as skillful peace ambassadors. They have long fine ships. (6, p.206).

Elena Danaan describes the Ozman (5)

It’s good to see that indeed in the diplomatic meeting with the Negumak on April 22, 2023, a diplomatic role was played by a member of the Ozman and that she also wore these typical high-neck clothes. Below you can see a part of the transcript in which this Ozman diplomat played a role.

The Negumak paced up and down the cave again, then turned towards the Ozman lady who walked toward him. I like her, she has such a graceful and settled presence always. She spoke to the Negumak by telepathy and presented a holographic copy of the Prime Directive document to him, holding the blue shimmery sphere up above her. Thor Han continued his report:

-She gives it to him, that they can take time to consult all the clauses and chose to either join membership with the Federation and get to take the hostages with them, or accept our offer that we keep custody of the hostages for them.

The Negumak lifted one of his two front arms that are terminated by sort of hands, took the data holosphere and considered the Ozman councillor.

-He is telling her that he will consider the two options with equal interest. That’s good.” (2)

An Illustration of the Ozman lady present at the meeting between the GFW and the Negumak (1,2)

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(4) I did mention them shortly in the page on the Adari, because the Adari live on a planet that also orbits the same star as the planet where the Ozman live upon, namely Vega. Read more about the Adari at: Where did the Blue Gods of India come from?
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  1. “[they have] green translucent buildings and domes.”

    Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz????


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