A Few Tiny Peculiarities

Studying the work of Elena Danaan (12)

Imagine writing three books that contain information that hardly anybody has written about before. This alone is a huge feat and I admire Elena Danaan for her absolutely great work. When the amount of information is getting so large and even keeps on expanding on a weekly basis, it is very understandable to make a few comments that appear not be completely correct.

Since I have spent quite a lot of time on this study mainly of the material by Elena Danaan and that what is brought forward by Dr. Michael Salla and Alex Collier, I sometimes tend to hear things that I think are not totally correct. Perhaps I misunderstand, but it doesn’t feel right to simply ignore these tiny aberrations, at least in my opinion. I have come across two statements that feel a bit odd to me. Of course I could be wrong too.

And again this is not to criticize Elena Danaan, but I don’t want to be a blind devotee either that simply ignores everything that seems a bit off. I prefer to see it as a sign that I take her words very seriously and she’s only human after all. Ultimately it could be used as positive feedback that is intended to keep Elena sharp. It is all work in progress and I like to think that by addressing these small issues we can make progress and discover or correct things together. We are all exploring new territories in a lightning speed.

In a video interview with Robert Kalil in November 2022 (2) Elena was talking about the after-math of the Roswell crash.

She relates how the Galactic Federation of Worlds came to talk to the Eisenhower Administration in 1954 and offered their assistance in return for at least giving up on all nuclear weapons. What I think is funny here is that Elena says that the Galactic Federation of Worlds was a young federation and not very powerful at the time.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds was a young Federation that was not very powerful at the time (2)

What does she mean with that? The Galactic Federation was created after the Orion Wars (3,4) some 100,000 years ago. I wouldn’t call a Federation that is over 100,000 years old a young Federation. She also seems to imply that a lot has changed since 1954. That during a mere 68 years (on the scale of 100,000 years) the Federation has developed into an old and strong Federation. I think that’s a bit odd.

Perhaps the use of ‘young’ stems from the early times as she described in her book ‘The Seeders’ (5):

100,000 years ago when these devastating conflicts occurred on Earth and in this sector of the galaxy, the young Galactic Federation of World got involved. Led at the time by the Pleiadeans, it gathered diverse galactic organizations, alliances and minor confederations into a larger and united structure. The rage of battle to keep territories out of the hands of the Ciakahrr caused tremendous casualties and it was a very painful lesson for the young Pleiadean Galactic Federation. They decided to redirect the goals of the Federation towards different ways of defending justice in the galaxy relegating war as the last option.” (5, p.499)

In the following excerpt from a video called ‘A History of the Human Race‘ (1) Elena Danaan introduces the arrival of the Anunnaki on our planet for the first time. According to Enki’s account of our history this would have happened 372,000 years ago (6), ‘at a time when the Grays were not really developed yet’, as Elena says in the video below.

The Greys were not yet developed

So, what is odd about this? Alex Collier stated decades ago that the Orion Wars lasted for about 600.000 years and that after that war the Andromedan Council was founded (3). Annax said that after these wars both the now Council of Five and the (young) Galactic Federation of Worlds were created (7). This would imply that this Orion War ended about 100,000 years ago, and more importantly that the war had started about 700,000 years ago, during which period the Anunnaki entered our Earthly spheres for the first time. This was about half way the Orion Wars.

On the page of the Orion Wars (3) we can hear Elena Danaan explain what the Orion Wars were all about and that a huge party in the conflict were the powerful Grays who had united into the Nebu-group. This seems to contradict what Elena said in the fragment above, namely that the Grays were hardly developed. It would seem more appropriate to say that they were a huge force in the Orion Wars and they were probably battling it out with the Anunnaki and other humanoids.

Another element that is a bit puzzling is the following: the Anunnaki would be the hybrid result of probably the Eban (a Gray species from Betelgeuse, 8) and the T-Askeru humanoids from the Sirius B system (9). This would logically make the Eban (and thereby the Grays) older than the Anunnaki, since the Anunnaki were probably genetically engineered out of that Gray species. How can it be that the Anunnaki were strong and powerful and the Grays were not really well developed?

It was in the first interview in which Elena talked about her second meeting with Enki (10) that Dani Henderson asked her about the history of the Anunnaki. You can read more about that at (11), but in the end the Anunnaki would have lost their hegemony in the Orion Zone after these Orion Wars.

(1) In a video on November 17, 2022 Elena presented a history of our human race on the channel Portal to Ascension. In this video I heard her refer to her fourth book for the first time. Look at how she disclosed it while talking about a drawing of a Pa’tal:

I thought she said ‘from my new book’, but she might just have said ‘from my last book’… 🙂

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7 thoughts on “A Few Tiny Peculiarities

  1. Thank you for this report and I can only agree with you.
    It shouldn’t be disrespectful or even accuse someone of lying, but it’s a fact that there are discrepancies and statements that don’t go together.
    Surprisingly, that’s exactly what I found with Elena Danaan and Alex Collier. And as far as I know, the two have been working together for a while and they get along very well.
    The problem is also (at least that’s my opinion) that these discrepancies are not addressed or discussed at all, at least I didn’t hear anyone talk about them. But maybe I just didn’t get it?

    For example, I find it interesting that Alex Collier said that the ancestor, i.e. the primate and ape, was brought to Earth and even Mars from somewhere, and Elena Danaan writes in her book “The Seeders”: The primate was original from the Earth (p.527) It is interesting to mention who brought these primates to Earth/Mars; according to Alex Collier it was the Draconians and Orion researchers…
    (Alex Collier – Interview & Presentation Transcripts 1994-2011 (CLEAN) p.23)
    Or the thing with Mars: According to Alex Collier, Mars, its atmosphere etc. was destroyed by an asteroid 69.3 million years ago. (Alex Collier – Interview & Presentation Transcripts 1994-2011 (CLEAN) p. 23) Elena Danaan wrote in “Seeder” p.500/501 that Mars 72,000 B.C. was destroyed. Namely when a terrible war broke out on Maldek and was finally destroyed. Debris then hit Mars.
    And what does Alex Collier say to Maldek?
    I simply quote: “You know of the story about Maldek being destroyed. They actually say that Earth used to be the planet that was there. But that asteroid belt was actually a part of what belongs in our Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Very few planets have the geological shape and trenches and oceans like we do. It’s very rare and that’s what they’ve said. That the asteroid belt used to be a part of Earth.”
    (Alex Collier – Interview & Presentation Transcripts 1994-2011 (CLEAN) p. 37)

    I just think it’s important to address this topic and I thank you for that.


    • Yes, I had my doubts about writing about these ‘tiny mismatches’ within Elena’s material. I also pointed out a few oddities when comparing the material by Alex Collier and Elena Danaan in for example the 439.000 article (https://galacticanthropology.org/2022/10/04/nuclear-war-and-green-skinned-humans-what-happened-439-000-years-ago/) and indeed we can expect more of these conflicting accounts. It would have been great if everything fitted neatlessly, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. In general I think we are making great progress but there still are a number of loose ends. Let’s hope more and more people are able to tune into their ‘soul history’ or ‘genetic history’ and can construct what really happened in our eventful past.

      And indeed it would be great if Alex and Elena would address all these discrepencies between their perspectives (that is the Andromedan perspective and the Enki-perspective or the GFW-perspective). What would be Annax’ take on matters? It might be the case that different versions of our past exist, depending on the species (or in the case of the Anunnaki, certain factions within the species) that expresses it. We also shouldn’t forget to embrace all the coinciding information, which luckily is a lot.


      • Yes, there are many similarities.
        But they are known. No secret is made about this either, which unfortunately does not apply to the discrepancies.
        Unfortunately, Michael Salla is also silent about it.

        That’s why I’m glad your platform exists. And certainly in the (near) future other people will come who are “awakened” and that too, and precisely because of Elena Danaan, who will then find the courage to go public.
        Finally, I would like to say that I believe Elena Danaan, I believe that she has contact with Galactic, but some things just don’t really “fit”…

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  2. I don’t what to tell you other than there are various types of greys and various annunaki, etc. Just like some entities from Orion are good and others are not good. I think it might be (partially) a language issue. When some people refer to grays, they may be talking about tall greys. Others may be talking about short greys, etc. It is confusing for sure.


  3. Also, it’s possible that Mars atmosphere was destroyed on two different occasions. I’m not defending anybody. Just a possibiity.


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