A Meeting in Space with an ISS Cosmonaut in May 2020

( Un encuentro en el Espacio con un Cosmonauta de la ISS en mayo de 2020 )

In April 2023 Elena Danaan posted a link to an article on certain UFO sightings that were made from the International Space Station (ISS) (1). According to this article thousands of alien spaceships would have been spotted leaving Earth in 2020. This would have coincided nicely with the starting of the evacuation of various malevolent alien groups around that time, leading to their full removal in 2021.

Drawing by Elena Danaan (2, p.132)
“Russian ISS personnel taken onboard the station of the Galactic Federation. I could identify High Commander Ardaana in the background and Thor Han across from the astronaut”

Elena’s post reminded me of a fascinating account that is described in her second disclosure book (2), relating to a meeting that would have taken place on board a spaceship of the Galactic Federation of Worlds with a Russian cosmonaut of the ISS in May 2020.

The International Space Station (ISS) had his first crew up in space back in the year 2000 (3). The current story is about the 63th expedition that arrived on the ISS in April 2020 (4)

A month after the arrival of this team Elena Danaan was told certain things about the ISS. When Elena asked Thor Han (5) who owns the ISS, he answered as follows:

These secret space programs have many connections with different corporations on Terra, and also with other non-Terran species involved. They established a presence on other planets also, mainly Terra’s Moon, Tyr (Mars), Titan, Ceres (6), and worlds as far as Jada (Aldebaran) (7) or Akhoria (Altair)…In the Akhori and Jada systems, the Corporate of Akhoria has been working for a long time with Terran secret military factions, in exchange programs” (2, p.137)

Due to her implant-connection with Thor Han, Elena was able to witness a scene in which the Galactic Federation of Worlds was holding a Russian cosmonaut in their ship. Thor Han was angry at this man as he said: “Do not do it, Anatoly! Do NOT do it! Stop the program! Don’t put those modules into space, you understand? Do not put these in orbit!” (2, p.130).

Anatoly understood and said that he would comply and try to convince the others.

Expedition 63 crewmembers Ivan Vagner of Roscosmos, top, Chris Cassidy of NASA, center, and Anatoly Ivanishin wave goodbye as they prepare to climb aboard the Soyuz MS-16 rocket at Site 31 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Thursday, April 9, 2020. They launched a short time later to the International Space Station for the start of a six-and-a-half month mission. Photo Credit: (NASA/GCTC/Andrey Shelepin)

Thor Han later explains that these orbital devices carried very fine Nebu (8) technology that would complete a web at a multidimensional level. He said that there are (were?) “very powerful devices, connected to a mother computer, buried very deep underground. They pulse signals on a specific spectrum of low frequencies, triggering fear, distress, confusion and mental numbness.

This keeps the human cattle docile and also, responsive to agitation and aggression among themselves. Of course, this operation goes collaterally with the mainstream media’s manipulation. And there is worse: these emissions function on electromagnetic fields’ modulators able to alter biomolecular interactions in all living organisms. It can even regress DNA and lock consciousness into a holographic prison (9).

…The only way out of this situation, and I can never repeat myself enough, is to raise your frequency out of range of these low emissions. Counter division with unity. Conquer hate with tolerance. These devices are set on a connected web throughout the underground military facilities and surface signal towers.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds have tried to stop the launch of these nano-particles. It’s not absolutely clear from the text whether they succeeded, since they were not allowed to force these things; they had to respect the free will of humanity.

Elena Danaan’s book was published in 2021. Since then the Nebu have been destroyed (10) and all of the malevolent extraterrestrial have been cast out of our solar system. It is now our job to get rid of the remaining Cabal and Deep State forces, with the assistance of the Earth Alliance (11)

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