On Arcturians and the Grays

Dan & Dani (13)

This current post is dedicated to a certain hypothesis that was recently proposed by Dani Henderson in one of her videos (2). Her hypothesis was: “There are people who claim to have contact with Arcturians who in fact are in contact with the Grays.” Is there a way to verify this hypothesis?

In a video that was dedicated to list everyone that cannot be trusted according to Dani, she mentioned that there are people on this planet that claim to be in contact with Arcturians, who are in effect being fooled, because they are in reality in contact with the Grays. Below you can hear her posing her hypothesis:

Dani Henderson describes how certain people who are in contact with Arcturians are in fact in contact with Grays

This hypothesis raises a few questions: what is her source for such a hypothesis? How can she be sure about this? Does she realize that this hypothesis implies that she has a better understanding than the personal experiences of people who claim to be in contact with Arcturians? For who does this hypothesis hold? Does it also apply to people who claim to have had contact with Arcturians on spaceships, like Mélanie Charest (3), Dave Rossi (4), Beth Noyes (5), Debbie Solaris (6), Viviane Chauvet (7) or is this kind of physical contact not part of her hypothesis, or should we perhaps even say, her warning? And to which kind of Grays is she referring? Or is that irrelevant? And does the collapse of the Nebu (8) have any consequences for this hypothesis? Does this only hold for people in contact with the Arcturians, but also for people who say that they are in contact with the Andromedans or other high-density beings?

I’m not sure if Dani does allow for the possibility than certain people can have contact with the Arcturians. I hope she does, because otherwise the Arcturians would have no way of contacting anyone on Earth. How to determine who is being fooled by the Grays and who is not?

In order to test this hypothesis on its merits I decided to watch an interview with two people who say to have contact with Arcturians. In an earlier article I already introduced Viviane Chauvet (7). Just naming her name triggered a number of people to warn me about this alleged link with the Grays, or in other terms, with what I have come to call ‘Dani’s Arcturian-Gray Hypothesis‘. As if I was threading on dangerous territory. Fortunately I had just cast away my fear of engaging with ‘wrong’ ET’s and contactees so I was open to see for myself, alert but with an open and non-judgmental mind (9).

So I was drawn to an interview (10) between Viviane Chauvet, Jeff Demmers (11) and Dr. Dan Seda in the ‘Infinite Star Connections‘-series (12) from February 2023. And guess what? In that particular interview Viviane brings up the topic about Arcturians and Grays. Both Dr. Seda and Viviane express their thoughts and experiences with the energy of the Grays and the Arcturians. Let’s listen to them and make up your mind: does Dani’s Arcturian-Gray Hypothesis hold for them or not?

Dr. Dan Seda and Viviane Chauvet talk about the differences between Grays and Arcturians

Dani’s hypothesis implies that certain people are unable to distinguish between the energy of the Grays and the Arcturians. Could the Grays really pretend to be of a higher density, imitating such beautiful heart-centered presences as the Arcturians, and fool people like that? What’s your take on this? Do you think that Viviane Chauvet and Dr. Seda (12) are in fact controlled by Grays? Would Dani refer to anyone of them? Are we in a position to really tell?

Another element in this discussion is that it paradoxically allows for the possibility that the fear of the Grays might be feeding something that we have called ‘black goo’ in earlier articles (14). Of course we shouldn’t forget this phenomenon that certain people are set up to spread misinformation as a result of some Mk Ultra programming in the past. It’s an interesting challenge to find your way through all of this.

(1) The Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center
(3) Children’s Classes in a Spaceship
(4) An Extraordinary Experience by Dave Rossi
(5) A Group Visit to an Arcturian Spaceship – A Testimony by Beth Noyes
(6) To Receive Arcturian Information Boosts
(7) The ‘Music’ in an Arcturian Spaceship
(8) The Infinite Star Connections – Ep. 67 – Dr. Dan Seda
(9) Releasing the Fear to Engage with the ‘wrong’ ET’s or Contactees
(10) The Infinite Star Connections – Ep. 67 – Dr. Dan Seda
(11) I don’t know anything about Jeff Demmers, but he seems to have a liking for 4D species, an area which might just be interesting for certain Gray species. He doesn’t claim to be in contact with any Arcturians, so Dani’s Arcturian-Gray Hypothesis cannot be tested on him.
(12) Dr. Daniel Seda has written three books. In his second book (from 2021) ‘Chronicles of an Arcturian Envoy: A Starseed’s Journey into the Great Awakening‘ I noticed the following acknowledgements of very familiar people:

(13) Dan and Dani. A picture of a couple that got married in 2018. I chose this picture because of their names: Dan is the first name of Dr. Dan Seda and you know Dani refers to 🙂 – The picture is from: Dan and Dani are getting married this weekend
(14) The Movie-Projector is turned off – Are we going to continue to play the same movie or not?

9 thoughts on “On Arcturians and the Grays

  1. In response to “Could the Grays really pretend to be of a higher density, imitating such beautiful heart-centered presences as the Arcturians, and fool people like that? What’s your take on this?”:

    This entire multiverse that we are (physically) in is a counterfeit.


  2. My question would be that if the Nebu hive Queen is finished and the grays have returned to their home planets rebuilding their cultures, with Federation help, why do we still need to fear the grays? They seem to have more important things to do than annoy Terra which is surrounded by Federation and Alliance protection. It should be time to let this fear go.

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    • The Orion Grays are still going to be CAREFULLY monitored so something like the OrionWars does not have an opportunity to recommence. No, we don’t have to “fear” them, but they do not deserve to be trusted (yet) either, perhaps never. Hundreds of thousands of years of warfare, whole cultures and peoples wiped out. No, they cannot be trusted, so the Council of Six and the GFW will carefully keep any further disruptions from occurring. Balance is being renewed in the Galaxy… for now. ~Eliza


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  4. These are very wise and knowledgeable observations from Viviane and Dan…I agree with their emphasis upon Intuitive sensing of the essence of ET beings, by which one can discern intention and frequency… and the importance of doing personal inner work/meditation for trauma healing, and exploration of personal parallel lives and higher dimensions…
    Thank you, Joosh, for this video excerpt and commentary!

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    • Dont know about any of this conttoversey,but have heard elsewhere that infiltrating new age and ufo groups has been classic m.o. of cia and other antihumans.Proof in the pudding.What do the messages say and are they a distraction or misdirection from what is really happening such as Increased Surveilance,Decreased basic human Rights and Freedoms,more nano Femtotech made by Hitachi in our food,water,air,and products????Massively increased Chemtrails nationwide which serve many antihuman purposes including DNA degradation and frequency manipulation.Largest chickenfarm out east recently mysteriously caught fire,mmmmm??????Gematriaeffect.com says the Jesuits did it.Iceagefarmer who warned of and documented attacks on our foidsupply went suddenly dark last Oct.Who cares who is channeling or contacting what if massive starvation and riots are imminent?
      Also…heard that Yeshua waa from Merope;anyone heard of this?How bout planet Balqui?? Disclosurenews.it and Shockley”s,The Awareness chanbelled readings give insight.Namaste!!!


  5. Existe características bem distintas entre Grays e Arcturianos em suas fisionomia? Quais seriam para melhor diferenciar ?


  6. I have a friend who channels the Arcturian Collectictive, and what he gets is just wisdome and guindance. Nothing really concrete, because they think we need to experience duality in order to develop ourselves. They claim to have a handsoff policy, and seldom interfere. We should always be on alert for people who claim to have all the Andersen themselves.

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