The ‘Music’ in an Arcturian Spaceship

Aum (15)

( La ‘Música’ en una Nave Espacial Arcturiana (E))

Jimmy Church is a musician who loves music. He has a podcast called ‘Fade to Black’ in which he interviews all kinds of people, including those with a connection to extraterrestrials. In a show from March 14, 2023 (1) he interviewed Viviane Chauvet, who says she is a an Arcturian hybrid. He wondered if the Arcturians on their spaceships have some kind of music (2). He said that he had gotten the impression from most stories he had heard that these spaceships have a rather sterile appearance, and he couldn’t remember hearing anything about some music in the background. Viviane describes the ‘music’ from within an Arcturian spaceship with great detail.

But before we get to that, I would first like to say a bit more about Viviane Chauvet (14). I’m new to this lady, but she has got a fascinating story to tell. Let’s see how her story fits with what we have learned from the amazing accounts by Elena Danaan. Elena Danaan has a lot of friends from various star nations (3), but on her galactic contact list there is no Arcturian. Of course she is very positive about this highly advanced species. We have written a page on them (4). They are part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

Mélanie Charest describes beings that probably are Arcturians (5), David Rousseau has Arcturian ties too (4). Recently we also documented the case of Beth Noyes who probably met with the Glaideans (6). Dave Rossi (7) describes a meeting with someone with an Arcturian look and Debbie Solaris also says to be in contact with Arcturian people (8).

In the excerpt below Viviane explains that her body was engineered by her Arcturian star family from scratch, comparable to the way Omnec Omec’s body would have been made (9). Within the framework of the Thiaoouba Prophecy this would also have been the way that the Thiaoouba would have constructed the body of Jesus some time ago (10).

Viviane Chauvet talks about her Arcturian Background (13)

Now that we have some basic background on Viviane Chauvet, we can get back to the Arcturian spaceship. Elena Danaan has written about Arcturian spaceships in her first disclosure book (11):

“Their ships are the finest in the entire galaxy, propelled by crystals conducting light energy from the Source core of the galaxy. Huge and spherical, vibrantly white and looking ethereal or transparant for you, these spherical ships are also able to travel through time.” (11, p.96)

Below Jimmy Church asks his question about music and art, and Viviane gives a splendid answer (5 minutes):

Jimmy Church and Viviane Chauvet talk about music, the arts and the Arcturian perspective

Viviane explains that the Arcturians – she speaks in the we-form – as a species that are millions of years old, have transcended duality which explains why they don’t have any entertainment movies (16). As far as music goes, she says that the Arcturians don’t have music the way we know it. They do have sacred tones. “The organic conscious assisted space ships that we have will vibrate our ‘Aum’, at a certain vibration. When you listen carefully to the consciousness of the ship (12), you can feel this ‘Aum’. It is very nurturing, it is very much the opposite of void. It is fulfulling, the sacred tonality, the sacred Aum

To learn about Dani Henderson’s ‘neutral’ perspective on people who are in contact with Arcturians (17)

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