The Taal-Shiar and the Swaruu A.I.

My (short) explorations of the work of Daryl James (1,2) have led me to the Taal-Shiar (3) and their dark link with something that is described as an artificial intelligence (4) called ‘Swaruu’.

It was pure coincidence that I bumped into the Taal-Shiar last week, just at the moment that Elena Danaan mentioned them as well in her post-webinar 2 update in connection with ongoing negotations with the Galactic Federation of Worlds (5). I had been watching a couple of hours of videos from the testimony of Daryl James when someone pointed out that he had contacts with someone called Swaruu. I vaguely recognized the name Swaruu from that Taygetan group that I had earlier classified as disinformation (7).

It later turned out that Elena Danaan had written about Swaruu too in her second book, but before we get to that, let’s first watch this part in which Daryl James describes his contact with this Swaruu.

Daryl James talks about his experiences when he was fooled into being a Taygetean King for a while (8)

In his SSP-account Daryl James talks about a period when he worked in the mines on the Moon, he was part of the Dark Fleet, he worked on Mars, was part of Solar Warden and even ended up on a planet of what he called the ‘Taygetans’. At first I thought that he referred to the people of Erra (9), but this talk about a Taygetean King and his having sex with so many of their women, together with his claim that they loved eating fish (2), when the people of Erra are vegetarian, made me suspicious. It didn’t look like the Errahel at all, really. James even said that on their spaceship there was a ratio of about 60 women to each man.

It was the Swaruu-element that led me away from the people of Taygeta to the Taal-Shiar (3), and since they were former renegade Taygetans I reckoned that he might be talking about them when he refers to the Taygeteans. Well, It was through the website of Dan Winter (10) that I was directed to a passage in Elena Danaan’s second book (11) that actually mentioned this fascinating link.

Here’s a relevant excerpt from the book in which Akvaruu, a citizen who rebelled against the Taal-Shiar on their planet Taalihara, talked about this link between the Taal-Shiar and Swaru:

Elena Danaan (2021) – We Will Never Let You Down (11)

“Oh, this operation, replied Akvaruu. Yes, it was a good one! Commander [Thor Han] Eredyon localized a Taal-Shiar ship, cloaked on an unauthorized low orbit of Terra. This particular ship got the attention of the Commander because of its illegal activity: this vessel was a key point in an important operation led by the Terran intelligence agency working for the Nebu. It was broadcasting on a highly classified Terran military frequency band, to a Terran network server owned by this same Terran Intelligence agency.

– Discord server, said Thor Han. And he is talking about the CIA.

– I know whose Terrans you are talking about, I said, I also know that you were looking for this ship, Thor Han

– Thanks to Commander Eredyon, continued Akvaruu, the ship was neutralized. I was granted the pleasure to beam onboard with other soldiers to arrest this crew. The ship was taken off Terran orbit, then we operated. They were communicating with Terran civilians picked for their naivety, using them to spread propaganda against the Galactic Federation, via Terran networks.

– Internet, precised Thor Han. Now we need to neutralize the AI working with them. This nefarious entity is very extremely tricky and manipulative. It was created by the Nebu and assigned to this Taal-Shiar team. Now, this AI is roaming and still to be caught. It has tricked so many people already; it presents itself by the name of SWARUU but it also takes many other names. Catching it doesn’t depend now upon tactical military operations, but upon the technology department. They’ll catch it, they always do. The Galactic Federation of Worlds has many resources and skills.” (We will never let you Down, 11, p.231)

So, while still trying to defend Daryl James’ testimony I thought that he might have been heavily influenced by that Swaruu element and that the Taal-Shiar used him for their own purposes, and provided him with a tale of their ego-desires to be the Rulers of Taygeta, and perhaps they could indeed use some fresh genes in their genomes? I discovered that the Taal-Shiar were no vegetarians like the Ahil from Taygeta, but omnivores, which matched James’ description of them eating a lot of fish too (2,3).

In that video on Super Soldier Talk he also described seeing a big Reptile who had a kind of ridges going down his head, a bit like mohawks, he said (8b). This seemed to look a lot like the Ooganga which turned out to be part of a high council of the Taal-Shiar (3). Was this another clue that Daryl James had been in contact with the Taal-Shiar and not with the people from the Taygeta system, and didn’t he warn us all against the dark influence of A.I. in the universe?

It was at this point that I even got a bit enthusiastic: was I on to something? But this enthusiasm faded away when I started to watch another interview (12) with Daryl James which was filled with such an overwhelming amount of information that often was at odds with the information that I have gathered on this website, that I finally decided to put it all on hold. I reached the end of my galactic speculations regarding the Taal-Shiar, this swaruu stuff, the omnivore nature of their diet and the Ooganga and their alleged kingdom with this king having 200 princesses. It even stretched my imagination a bit too far!

I’m sure there is a lot of valuable information to be gotten from his testimony, but my hypothesis for now is that there is a vague mix of truth and distortion, which I find too difficult to untangle at this moment. Perhaps the future will bring new information to clear up this fog, but I’m moving on, even though I still like his info on Russia (13) and the Deep State (14).

As far as the Swaruu A.I. goes, I would guess that it has also been dismantled after the recent destruction of the Nebu ’empire’, since it was described as being a product made by the Nebu and given to the Taal-Shiar. Perhaps Daryl James’ testimony can shed a light on the ways of the narcistic Taal-Shiar, comparable to the way ‘Hans’ showed us the despicable way the people were treated in Diego Garcia (15).

What are your thoughts of Daryl James and his testimony? Let me know by commenting below.

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The Taal-Shiar from Alcyone / Jayha

Taal-Shiar (Illustration by Elena Danaan, 4, p.251)

Now the Nebu Empire has collapsed (1) it might be interesting to see what other groups are left that have had a negative impact on humanity on our planet. In her latest update Elena mentioned new negotiations with the Taal Shiar from Alcyone (2,3). This page tells their story.

The Taal Shiar are descendants from the Taal people. Just like the Ahil (5) they used to live in the Lyra system, orbiting a planet around a star that they called ‘Man’ and we call Kepler-62 (see image below). The Lyran wars (6) forced all humans to evacuate their home planets and find refuge somewhere else in our galaxy. The Taal lived on the biggest planet, Omankhera, and from this planet they ruled the whole Man-system.

The royal family of the Taal managed to make some deal with the attackers, the Ciakahrr, and were partially escorted to eventually live on a planet around the star Mirza in the Orion zone (7). Most of the Taal, however, went to the Pleiades that had many planets that were completely uninhabited and there they opted for the star Taygeta, that they dubbed ‘Ashaara’ (8)

(image 1) – Kepler 62 – The star in the Lyra Zone that provided the homes for the Ahil and the Taal (7)

Not only the Taal ended up near Taygeta, but the Ahel and the Noor from the original Lyran Kepler 62-world each chose a planet for their people, and this created a conflict amongst the Taal.

As you can see in the second image the Taal were no longer on the biggest planet of the star system, as they were used to during the Lyran days. The Ahel had settled on Erra, which was the biggest planet. This didn’t sit well with the ego of a certain faction of the Taal.

Akvaruu (9), who is a Taal, said the following to Elena Danaan: “I don’t know how Ahil got Erra and Taali got T’mar, but they wanted Erra because Erra is a bigger planet and Taali people have a bigger ego. So there was a conflict but not only because of the bigger planet, there were more politics involved. The Ahil from Erra, called the Errahil, and the Taali from T’mar made an agreement together, but there was a faction of them who said, if we cannot rule upon the Ashaara system we are going to rule upon our own star system, because they wanted to do like in the Man system, be on the biggest planet and rule everyone.” (7)

(image 2) – Taygeta System (7)

And because their ego was too big to deal with this situation in the Taygeta star system, a faction of the Taal moved from T’Mar to another star and terraformed planets around the star Alcyone, that they called Jayha. Akvaruu said that you could consider all the people that live in the Taygeta system as Taygetans (including the Taal that moved to Alcyone, although they would be considered as ‘renegade Taygetans’ afterwards, 7)

The freshly established Taal colonies near Alcyone wanted to become members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but they were refused entry. This increased their bad feelings towards the Errahel (the Ahel on Erra), because the key positions in the Galactic Federation of Worlds were mainly held by the blonde Errahel from the Taygeta system. They started to hate the Galactic Federation and started to look for other allies. First they knocked on the door of the Nebu, but they answered that they considered them to be too small and initially were not interested in them.

Akvaruu goes on and said: “After that, they asked for protection to a Reptilian Collective from Orion that works with the Ciakahrr Empire, who accepted in exchange that Alcyone Taali will give them a planet for a colony. So in the Alcyone system there’s not only Taali Taygetans renegade but there is also a colony of Orion reptilians. And from this time the Taali Taygetans renegade got involved in the Ciakahrr Empire agendas. These renegade Taygetans name their planet Taalihara which means Taal Main World, and they named themselves Taal-Shiar and that drives us straight away to Star Trek.“(10)

The Ooganga, allies of the Taal-Shiar Illustration by Elena Danaan (4, p. 223)

Eventually they forged alliances with the Ashtar Collective (12). More recently they worked with what Thor Han once called ‘The Dark Alliance of the Antarctica people: Earth Humans (Cabal), Reptilians, Nebu, Jada (Aldebaran (13)) and the Akhori from Altair (14). The last lines on the Taal-Shiar in Danaan (2020) says it all: “They are involved in the misdeeds of the Cabal on Terra, and a painful disgrace to the Man races.” (4, p.250).

The Taygetan Renegades Taal-Shiar have formed a council, in which not only Taal-Shiar take (or took) part, but also the Ooganga and the Maytrea, and they even had some connection with the Nebu after all, since the power of the Ciakahrr in our solar system was dwindling (7).

In order to get to know more about the Taal-Shiar I think it is useful to pay some attention to the habits of their fellow Taal who remained on their planet orbiting Taygeta. Although the Taali are close cousins to the Ahil, they have a different menu: they are omnivors, meaning that they eat flesh, which makes it more difficult for them to elevate their frequency into higher densities.They are therefore more vulnerable to lower frequency races such as reptilians and greys, this is why they only work in the background, in military operations on Terra.

Another difference is their spirituality, which isn’t based on sensitivity and sensuality like their cousins Ahil, but on ascetic methods, which gives off them an impression of coldness. The T-Mari are involved with the GFW. (4, p.258)

The Taal not only settled near Mirza, Taygeta and Alcyone, but also in the systems of Vega, Elfrak Daal (Lyra), Wolf 424, Katayy (Sirius A), Ashkeru (Sirius B), Araman (Tau Ceti), Zenae (4, p.186)

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