A Group Visit to an Arcturian Spaceship – A Testimony by Beth Noyes

After the recent starseed explorations (1) I did a search on youtube and bumped into the channel of Lily Nova (2). After the Daryl James articles (3) I was a bit hesitant to listen to new testimonies, but I decided to listen to an interview Lily Nova did with Beth Noyes anyway and it was a most impressive one! (6). This page gives a summary of her experience. It is sure worth your time to listen to the complete interview (6).

Drawing made in the summer of 1989 of young Beth in front of window (6)

Beth Noyes tells about a summer night in 1989, when she saw a bright light at about 2 A.M. She heard a voice in her head that asked her if she would want to come with them, and she agreed.

She was taken aboard a scout ship where she met Frank, a friend of hers who was happily saying to her: “This is F*cking Awesome!” (7)

Some five minutes later they came to a larger ship which they entered (8). She describes the hallway that they walked through and she was amazed how bright it was, and just like other contactees have said, she couldn’t detect where the light was coming from.

They then entered a larger room where she saw a number of people. She recognized each single one of them! (see drawing below) She describes her friend Ellen who was laying on a kind of bed/table and the other people in the room, like two restaurant owners, Ellen’s mother (a psychic) and her husband, and there’s another friend of hers, and there’s Frank of course.

Beth and Frank meet with the others in a larger brightly lit room (18)

She describes the beings that she saw as being 5’10 or 6 feet tall. They were wearing silvery robes that seemed to energetically float around them. They were doing something with a floating ‘cloth’ above Ellen (and later also above Beth). After this procedure she had a telepathic talk with one of the beings who said that they come from a place we call Arcturus. She drew this beautiful picture. His eyes were like labradite (9).

She was shown a place (through a window, that could have been a wall (10)) with a waterfall and glowing, bioluminescent plants (11). She was told that they themselves are guides and that they take and bring beautiful things to and from other planets. They could slightly alter the plants genetically to make them more suitable for other planets. These plants were important and they were going to be gifted to humanity (12). They said they loved us.

After this she was back in her bed on Earth. She was gone for only five minutes, but it felt as if she had been away for hours. Early in the morning she was called on the telephone by her friend Ellen, and later by her mother, and they both shared the exact same experience and so did her friend Frank, who said that he was brought back some 2 miles from the place where he was picked up. He was walking when they brought him to the scout ship. Ellen said that they were given information that in the future they would use.

Dolores Cannon (l) and Mary Rodwell (r) (13)

She felt as if she had worked with them before, or perhaps even was one of them.

Beth then goes on to talk about regression sessions she did with Mary Rodwell. During these sessions she remembered a period when she was living in Atlantis. She remembered this scene in which she was warning the people around her about the dangers of technology, but her warnings fell on deaf ears. She said that her mission had failed.

Beth Noyes talks about her astral travels when she was about 18/19 years old. She said how she used to feel attracted to the Gulf of Mexico where she just dived in before she ended up back in her bed. During a session she gets this memory of there actually being a huge portal, that was that big that spaceships could fly through it. Below is an image that she drew. Notice the signs on it. Perhaps they show similarities with the signs or glyphs found on the arks described by JP (14).

Drawing of part of a portal in the Gulf of Mexico, south of Florida

In the interview Beth Noyes talks about other matters, but I want to end my summary of her amazing testimony at this point. Mary Rodwell has spoken about Beth’s story in an interview in March 2022 (15).

In that interview she made the connection with the then recent discovery of the Ukrainian Ark (16) and she refers to a talk Dr. Salla had with Elena Danaan and Alex Collier. You can watch her talk about Beth’s story and the links with the Arks in two separate videos in the footnotes section (15). I later discovered that Robert Kalil, the Typical Skeptic, has also done an interview with Beth (19), and so did Robert Earl White (20).

What I would like to know from Beth Noyes is what kind of Arcturian did she encounter. Would it be the blue Ohorai, the white Gladeiai, or the more grayish Noo Linn? (17)

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(7) Drawing of Frank and Beth with a smaller being in a scout ship heading towards the mother ship (from 6)

(8) Entering the Larger ship


(9) Labradite looks like this. Image taken from BuyGems.org
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(14) JP has visited many arks during his missions. You’d better head for Dr. Salla’s exopolitics site to get an overview: JP Mission to Ancient Artifacts & Civilizations found in Grand Canyon – scroll below the video to see links to many of his missions where he often found these glyphs on ancient artefacts.
(15) You can watch that interview here: SOULSPEAKS 5D: Mary Rodwell. She starts off with the account of Beth Noyes in the beginning. I have recorded two excerpts of that interview and you can see them below. The first one talks about Beth’s account, and the second one focuses on the Arks and the Portal in the Gulf of Mexcio.

Mary Rodwell describes the testimony of Beth Noyes
Mary Rodwell talks about the links between the Stargate and Arks that Beth Noyes describes and the Arks that we know from the account by JP and Dr. Salla. Note that Mary Rodwell hadn’t heard anything about those Arks at the moment that she did the regression with Beth.

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A Food Replicator with Species Scan Functionality

Disclosure happens on many fronts. Within the framework of Galactic Anthropology we keep up with developments relating to the interaction between all kinds of species, now, and in the past (and a bit from the future). We also follow the experiences of all kinds of people who have been part of Secret Space Programs and some people who have current experiences that they also share. All things related to events on our planet are also covered. This would hardly have been possible without the main source of information of this website, namely Elena Danaan. This site aims to help in spreading the information that she receives from our Galactic Friends.

Scene from the movie ‘Passengers’ (2016) with replicators in a cafetaria (6)

Besides all these fascinating aspects there are also topics that have to do with technology. During a recent interview with Miyoko Sano (1) Elena was asked about the food the people eat in their spaceships. It was this interview in which Elena Danaan first (at least as far as I’m aware of) talked about the extra-galactic Hoovid-origin of the soul of Jesus (2). Another fascinating thing that happened during that interview was Thor Han’s voice suddenly popping up when Miyoko asked Elena if Thor Han liked music (3).

In the interview Elena Danaan said that there were places like bars and lounges (on spaceships) in which people have drinks (5), and there are other places where people also eat. Jean-Charles Moyen has spoken about the way the food tends to look (like mashed potatoes), but he was amazed by the excellent way it tasted (5).

We all know the food replicators from Star Trek and all kinds of Science Fiction Movies (6). What was interesting in the description below was that she also mentioned some kind of ‘which species are you-recognition touch pad’ that was part of the food replicator she saw. In other words: you have to lay your hand on a touch pad, and through scanning it, it can determine which species you are from, and consequently what kind of menus are an option for you. Not every species has the same requirements of course.

Elena Danaan describes a Food Replicator that can also scan the Species using it. (1)

Towards the end of this video Miyoko describes a testimony from Emery Smith who also talked about food replicators in underground bases, which also had this species-recognition functionality. He said that the ‘meat’ from these replicators actually tasted better than the real thing (7).

Would the food replicators become part of the technology boost we will receive after the Deep State has finally been kicked out (8), just like the med-beds, the anti-gravity vehicles (9) and the free-energy technology?

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(3) On the Connection between Thor Han and Elena Danaan – See the second video on that page to hear Thor Han say ‘Yes’ all of a sudden. On March 12, 2023, Elena added a link to a man in the US who looked a lot like someone from Erra, the planet Thor Han was born (although a few centuries in our future). You can watch him at the bottom of (4)
(4) Getting Acquainted with the Ahil
(5) To have a Drink at a Bar or Cafetaria in a Spaceship – In this article is a link to a (long) video in which Jean-Charles Moyen and Elena Danaan exchange their spaceship experiences with each other.
(6) Passengers (2016)
(7) Emery Smith – I hardly know this man. It might be interesting to delve into him a bit further. I did notice that there were all kinds of things going on around him, and of course I can’t judge what is right and wrong about all those articles.
(8) The Deep State is Fast-forwarding towards its Own Destruction
(9) Dr. Michael Salla posted a link to a speech from (president) Donald Trump in which he talked about the introduction of vertical vehicles. See Agenda47: A New Quantum Leap to Revolutionize the American Standard of Living

Children’s Classes in a Spaceship

Mélanie Charest – screenshot from (3)

While I was working on the fascinating Japanese account by Jean-Charles Moyen (1) I added a link to his Youtube Channel (2), where I discovered an interview with his wife Mélanie Charest. In that particular video she describes her own experiences with off-world people. Since I would like to add more people to the group of people that provide credible testimonies I heartily welcome her story to Galactic Anthropology.

Mélanie Charest is not completely new to this website. You might remember this moment when Jean-Charles met Thor Han for the first time (4,5) on the Excelsior (6). This turned out to be a Mélanie Charest from a future timeline though. Let’s read along from an article from Exopolitics where Jean-Charles describes how he ended up on that ship (7):

“I felt tingling all over my body exactly the same sensation as when you sleep on your arm and the blood comes back in it. You know that scary tingling sensation. Suddenly I was up in a ship, in a big control room with a huge view of space and Elena was next to me and she said to me, you saw, it’s beautiful the view, I like to come here, it relaxes me to see the earth like this, it calms me.

And there in the middle stood Melanie [Jean Charles’s wife] in a silver tight suit! Who said you were surprised to see me here, honey !!!! Elena and I have known each other for a long time and we are friends, but I’ll let you continue your visit and she teleported herself!!!!”

Mélanie Charest also played in the movie ‘South Shore Origin’ with Jean-Charles Moyen (7)

In the interview from April 2022, Mélanie describes what she remembered during a hypnosis session. She says that she – as a 4-year old – was taken by some blue-skinned beings who took her on board of a spaceship. In that ship she encountered a woman who was dressed as a nurse, but who was not human. She then goes on to talk about her getting to a compartment that was filled with children who were taught all kinds of things. This all happened in a very good atmosphere. Watch a relevant part of her testimony below (French with English subtitles):

Mélanie Charest talks about what she encountered on a spaceship (3)

A bit later in the interview Mélanie makes a jump in time and continues when she herself was about 17-20 years. At that age the tables were turned: now she had become the teacher for children from Earth. I was impressed to see how Mélanie got emotional when remembering how beautiful it felt to be there in that spaceship as a child: as if she had returned to her real family as opposed to the relatively boring conditions on the planet.

A Class in a Spaceship – Screenshot from Connexion Alien (3)

In the above excerpt Jean-Charles makes the connection with his own experiences. During an interview with Dr. Salla (8), both Jean-Charles Moyen and David Rousseau shared the same story: they both were part of a class on a spaceship. For them it was the Solaris (6) and one of their teachers was Maria Orsic (9).

They were the only human children in their class. I haven’t heard Mélanie talk about the specific species of her fellow children students.

In the interview Jean-Charles Moyen mentioned another contactee that was new to me: Tricia Brett. In a book she describes her experiences with her Ohorai-guide Jor’Esh (10,11). You might hear more of her too in some future articles (12).

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(11) In 2021 Tricia Brett wrote the book ‘Meet Jor’Esh: or the Reconnection to my Soul‘.
(12) I have read her book and it didn’t really resonate with me. As far as I’m concerned there are too many differences with the work of those I study on this website.

Two Extraterrestrial Perspectives on Jesus Christ – Yeshua

( Два внеземных взгляда на Иисуса Христа — Иешуа )

In earlier articles we spent some time on the god from the Old Testament. We raised some doubts about the vengeful nature of that god (1), we wondered if you could consider is blasphemous to say that God was an alien (2), and of course there was this link with the Anunnaki half brothers Enki and Enlil, the latter probably responsible for most of the hardships that humanity has suffered the last couple of hundreds of thousands of years (3,4).

So, the various roles of the biblical god were dubious to say the least. According to Elena Danaan both Enki and Enlil were sometimes referenced in the bible as being god. Enki would have been the god who created Adam and Eve through genetic engineering of the then present primates (5), he would have tried to save the people from the flood, whereas Enlil would have been the one that would actually have created the floods (3).

Jesus with Thumbs Up

But what about the main player in the New Testament? What to say about Jesus Christ from an Extraterrestrial point of view? In this article I want to start off with this question by providing two perspectives: the one that we can found in the work of Elena Danaan and the one that is given by the Thiaoouba as they were encountered by the French contactee Michel Desmarquet

In the Seeders (7) Elena dedicates a short chapter to Jesus and his bloodline. I would advise you to read that chapter to get a more detailed perspective. Elena argues that Jesus’ mother Mary would have been part of a bloodline that would go all the way back to Enki’s Adam.

She builds her argument on the Doctrina Jacobi (6) which was written in 634. She writes: “Some notable points in Mary’s lineage are that she was a descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…significantly Luke traces Mary’s lineage all the way back to Adam (verse 38)” (8)

As we have learned Enki would have created humanity out of the primate that contained the genomes of 11 star races from other galaxies (9) some 370,000 years ago. This account of Jesus’ bloodline implies that this bloodline managed to survive 368,000 years to finally flow through the veins of Jesus Christ (9)

On the way of the conception of Jesus, Elena shares a few thoughts too. Let’s read along:

Regardless of Mary’s specific lineage, that Jesus is a descendant of David and Judah is beyond doubt. My conclusion on that, is the suggestion that Mary, carrier of the royal Enki bloodline, was abducted in the aim of reinforcing the off-world genetic lineage via artificial fertilization. Would these elements alone, among many others, be the reason why the extraterrestrials themselves kept the true history of Earth hidden from Humanity for such a long time, until we are ready to hear it without losing our minds? ” (7, p.517)

In Enki’s account of our history and Elena Danaan’s analysis the Anunnaki and especially Enki plays a pivotal role in the genetic characteristics of Jesus. Mary’s egg would have been infertilized artificially by off world people. This couldn’t have been Enki since Enki had already left some 9,600 years earlier after Enlil flooded the whole place (3). This is another question that needs to be answered in the future: who added whose genes to Mary’s egg in this account of Jesus’ heritage?

I have come to admire the information that was given to another French contactee, namely Michel Desmarquet. In his book ‘The Thiaoouba Prophecy’ he describes how he was taken in a spaceship by people from a planet called Thiaoouba to their home world. I was inspired to write a few articles based on this perspective which seems to be partially at odds with Enki’s account of our history (11-13). It turns out that the Thiaoouba also have an interesting perspective on Jesus.

Pregnant Mary (15)

In the historical accounts of the Thiaoouba the Anunnaki are not mentioned at all. According to them the Asian and Black races came from a planet called Bakaratini some 1,3 million years ago (12) and another race colonized Mu about 250,000 years ago (13). When talking about Jesus they are clear as well: Jesus came from Thiaoouba.

Let’s hear about their account. Here’s Thao talking to Michel:

Our plan was to capture public imagination by sending a messenger of peace. The story of the birth of Jesus, as you know it, with the Virgin Mary as mother, is quite true. The appearance of an angel at the Annunciation is correct in every detail. We sent a spaceship and one of us appeared before the virgin, who was indeed a virgin, telling her she was going to become pregnant. The embryo was implanted in her while she was under hypnosis.” (14, p.140)

As you can see the bloodline of Mary seemed unimportant, since she was not artificially impregnated in the way that is described by Elena Danaan. A whole complete embryo is put into Mary’s womb, making Mary more like a surrogate mother, not having any direct genetic link with her son, Jesus.

According to the Thiaoouba, his mission was to impart a message of love and goodness – ‘love one another’ and also to enlighten the people in regard to the reincarnation of astral bodies and immortality. This was all distorted by priests in the time that followed and numerous disagreements led to the rise of the many sects which claim to follow the teachings of Christ. (14, p.145)

In order to retain complete control of their mission a being from Thiaoouba, called Aarioc, cast off his (hermaphrodite) body to enter into a human being, which was created by the Thiaoouba, which allowed him to fully hold on to all the knowledge and abilities from their home world, like resuscitating the dead and curing the blind and the deaf.

Well, what to think of all this? I guess we should ask Jesus himself to get the final answers on what really happened. Both accounts agree on the virgin birth of Jesus. They also both stress the importance of Jesus Christ in human history and the role of extraterrestrials in his birth. In Enki’s account the Anunnaki play an important role through their bloodline and through their artificial impregnation of Mary with unknown genomes (16).

This probably allowed Jesus to perform his miracles. In Thiaoouba’s account Jesus was able to do this because he was fully made by the Thiaoouba’s with all their qualities (except their hermaphrodite character). Both physically and with a Thiaoouba ‘soul’. We don’t get any specifics about the origin of the soul of Jesus in Elena’s account, at least not yet (17).

There sure are a lot of pieces of the puzzle still missing, but I’m confident that one day it will all be made clear to us. Let me know your thoughts on this.

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(8) Luke 3:38 (Bible Hub) On this website you can get all kinds of translations and versions of this verse. I could detect one version that actually talks about Jesus and his link to Adam. Below are a few of them:

American Standard Version
the son of Enos, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
Son of Enosh, son of Shayth, son of Adam, who was from God.

Contemporary English Version
Enosh, and Seth. The family of Jesus went all the way back to Adam and then to God.

Douay-Rheims Bible
Who was of Henos, who was of Seth, who was of Adam, who was of God.

English Revised Version
the son of Enos, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, the son of God.

(9) Our Intergalactic and Genetic Genomes
(10) As far as I understand it, Enki first hybridized human beings with Anunnaki genomes and the genomes of the primates that had those genomes of the Seeders hidden in them. This was done 372,000 years BC (see 6, 495), afterwards at about 360,000 BC he decided to actively add his own genome to the whole, creating the Adamic man. (see 6, 496). Am I correct in concluding that everyone that was born out of this adamic ‘product’ can be said to be part of the Enki bloodline? Or is there a more specific bloodline that Elena Danaan is referring to when she speaks of Enki’s bloodline? Or did Enlil kill off most of this bloodline?

For if humanity would mainly come from Enki’s ‘second experiment’ than most of humanity would be of Enki’s bloodline, wouldn’t it? And what did Enlil do to this ‘divine man’? He somehow managed to shake up the whole genetic household of these humans to make them a rather simple ‘2-stranded human’ that would mainly be used to work for and obey Enlil and his men. If the DNA is shaken up, does that imply that Enki’s bloodline is gone, or just mixed up?

If Enki says he is the “Father” of humanity wouldn’t this imply that we all carry his bloodline in a way? Thinking too much about this gives me a headache, so I’ll leave it at this. If you have anything to explain all this better, please comment below this article.

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(14) Desmarquet, M. (1993) The Thiaoouba Prophecy. You can buy the paperback at amazon, or you can download the pdf. For the Chinese community I recommend the work of Samuel ChongOn February 16, 2023 Dr. Salla had an interview with Samuel at: Thiaoouba Prophesy – Contact with a Hermaphrodite ET Race
(15) The Gospel and the Virgin Birth
(16) Elena Danaan doesn’t specify by whom Mary would have been impregnated. Which Stellar race was this? It couldn’t have been the Anunnaki from Nibiru because Nibiru was in the hands of the Enlil faction, and Enki had left Earth right after the flood, some 9600 B.C.
(17) This changed in March 2023. Elena told the Japanese Miyoko Sano what was the soul origin of Jesus. Read all about it in this article: On Jesus, Jehovah, the Hoova and Thioouba

Would we Recognize a SSP Parody?

I love the material provided by Elena Danaan, Alex Collier and Dr. Michael Salla and all the contactees that either partook in the SSP or in other ways contacted beings from other worlds. The information is often breathtaking, but despite the amazing nature of it all it has shown quite a high degree of consistency, even though there are still a number of questions that need to be answered. While watching Dr. Michael Salla’s interview with Mary from January 4, 2022 (1,2) I felt a slight unease entering my system. I decided to make extensive notes on what Mary told Dr. Salla and I want to share the most striking things she said with you. I am curious to hear if you experience this same unease as well, or perhaps not at all. Let’s go

(general/CIA Director (lef) and his wife with her brother who was also the grand father of Mary). Screenshot from (1))

Sometimes it happens that people who are chosen to partake in the Secret Space Program have family members who are also part of the military. Take for instance SSP-experiencer Rebecca Rose whose father was also a miltary in a classified aerospace program (3-7).

In Mary’s case her father was in the military and her grandfather’s sister was married to a former deputy general of General Eisenhower during WWII, who also turned into a CIA director for a couple of years (8).

There is also a Masonic link in the sense that both her grandfather and grandmother were part of this secret society (9). They would have monitored Mary and thought of her to be a good candidate for the Secret Space Program (SSP). Mary describes her grandmother as her handler.

She then goes on to describe how she was put through a program of abuse as a preparation for her job in the SSP. This terrible and gruesome abuse and humiliation was eloquently described by Tony Rodrigues as well (10). Mary says that if you survived this abuse you were entitled to enter the SSP. A few minutes later, however, she says that every person on the planet gets taken by the SSP, for they need a lot of people in all kinds of jobs.

2, 5, 20 or 100 YEARS AND BACK
Until now there was this recurrent theme that members of the SSP would serve a period of twenty years after which they would be age-regressed back to their starting age and continue their life at the moment that they were taken (11). Chris O’Connor claimed that he had signed for two additional ’20 year-and-backs’ (12), but Mary says that this 20-year program is by no means necessary. She says that there are 2-years-and-back, 5-years-and-backs and there is even a 100-year and back program possible due to the medbed-technology. It shouldn’t be surprising that she later on says that she could technically be somewhere between 2,000 and 120,000 years old. She would have had 5 of these regression programs.

She adds that men are limited to 3 of these programs at the most (so, no fourth round for Chris), but that women can have more, because somehow they can use the future kids of these women as a kind of energy for these women to have more of these 20 or 100-years-and backs.

Fetus Development (15)

While we are ‘future kids’ it is easy to talk about something that she described a bit later in the interview (at about 49′). She says that she was created in the time of Christ and that King Herod was killing off all the apostles (13) and that he was wiping out everyone of the bloodline of Christ.

Aliens were not allowed to interfere, but it seems as if they went back in time to take 7 unborn fetuses from parents who were about to die at that time.

Mary’s mother was actually killed by the Knights’ Templars, and seven of these unborn fetuses were pulled out of their dying mothers and the whole uterine sack with the fluid in it, was taken to the 20th century where she was ‘hyperjumped’ to Area 51 (although she often talks about Area 52 and Area 54 as well) in Nevada (14). She was the only one that was eventually put in her mother’s womb. There was no adoption record retrieved of it, she added.

The other six fetuses were placed by Illuminati families (51’52”). One might wonder if that is a safe place to put a child after having gone through so much trouble getting these fetuses from the Christed bloodlines from dying mothers some 2,000 years earlier.

She said that a lot of miscarriages are preplanned and that they know our future because they have looking glass technology.

Underground Tunnels (17)

Like I said her father was part of the military. A sign of proof was shown in the video. She said that he had worked in Area 51 and that he had been traveling around in the underground bases and tunnels. Elena Danaan has described a lot of these underground bases in her excellent book, A Gift from the Stars (16), and I’m not questioning the existence of these extensive tunnels, but Mary did say something that raised by eyebrows a bit: she said that her father used anti-gravity vehicles that were able to fly about a feet off the ground and that they flew with the speed of light from Nevada to Alaska for instance. I did some calculating but that would amount to moving from Area 51 to Alaska in about 1/100th of a second. Now, that is quite fast indeed. It didn’t cause any physical problems though, she said reassuringly.

She had served for 8 years in the military – although no proof of her being in the military could be found at the agency that provided proof of her father’s military history – except a picture of her, wearing army clothes. If I have understood her correctly it was during those years that she served in the Delta Force where she was an assassin. At about 22’40” she says: “I can remove obstacles pretty quickly, I never checked…if they were alive or not, because you need to get out what you can, because that could save the country.

When she was returned after one of her X number of years-and-back program she had troubles adapting. She explained that the adult experience of the Super Soldier had to be put back in a 5-year old girl and that this caused a lot of trouble. She was brought back to this girl with an injection which contained the ‘jaguar mutation’. For every time she was age-regressed she had a kind of DNA-upgrade bonus. It was because of this SSP-adult coming back in her young body that she was later diagnoses as mentally retarded with severe ADHD.

Later – in 2019 – she had contact with someone from Washtington D.C. who helped her regaining her memories. Because all the memories were coming back too fast it led to a brain aneurysm. Luckily she was also a biotechnical civilian scientist and she overcame her aneurysm by injecting herself with white blood cells (47’50”)

During one of her programs – I’m not sure if it was under Washington D.C. or below Area 51 – she witnessed a huge light blue-being with a size somewhere between twenty to thirty feet (18). This being was more dead than alive. Somehow people were ‘reverse engineering’ his soul away (“or whatever a giant has”, 34’55”). She goes on to describe this being as an angel but she warns that if you would get too close to that being you would simply explode yourself.

Phoenician Alphabet (20)

One of her specialties was her knowledge of the phoenician language. In the SSP training she was assigned to the linguist academy, which was highly needed because there was a lot of intel that needed to be translated. She says that there are two kinds of Phoenician: the ancient phoenician and the paleo-phoenician. She was specialized in the ancient phoenician and didn’t understand much of the paleo-phoenician that is most common. She says that there are about 6 to 8 people who are able to speak the ancient language.

The language that she could speak was 75,000 years old, and she even got introduced to a version of phoenician that was 120,000 years old (19’53”). She said that it was considered as the first language of the human beings on the planet (19). It appears as if her prime motivation for knowing that ancient ‘language of the gods’ was to be able to write secret messages back to the US in case she got caught somewhere during one of her missions.

One might wonder how useful it is to know a language that is so secret that only about 6-8 people know it and to use that language to send a kind of SOS with location-information, as she said: “So that I could give locations in the case that I was caught”. If it were mainly for the location coordinates learning the numbers in Phoenician would seem sufficient I would say.

She talks about James Rinks and Dr. Johnny Delirius and Phoenician tablets thate were found in New Mexico (54’13”). She also says that she is very aware of not using the same patterns in her daily life. As an example she says that she often walks different paths through her house to avoid becoming trapped in patterns.

Transformers Bloodline: Ratchet (21)

When Dr. Salla asked her about our gods, Mary said that there actually are thousands of gods and she is part of the bloodlines of the Primes, a bit like in the movie Transformers, she added (21). We all would stem from the Phoenician Realm, although she can’t say who exactly were part of the Phoenician creation, but it was more of the pure bloodline of the creator god and then from the second wife of the creator god.

His first wife was responsible for creating the unintended imbalance between good and evil. The second wife did a better job and that’s where Yahweh and Yeshua (Jesus) come in (see 56′).

She introduced the christmas tree as a metaphor for creation, in the sense that from every spike new spikes grow and on top of the tree would be our creator (55’58”)

Mary had sent some phoenician script to Dr. Salla and he had this shown to JP and he actually recognized the letters from the Atlantic Space Ark (22). So apparently some Phoenician was actually used by those connected to at least one of the Arks. Mary said that she had the feeling that there were about 75 Arks on our planet, with the biggest one being ‘between the Pacific and Russia‘ (55’).

The script that she had sent to Dr. Salla talked about the creation of life, “At the seventh day, you know, there was light and man. It’s a biblical verse” (56′). She said that every soul had the opportunity to go into a vessel, this can either be grass, a tree, an animal, a human being, but it can just as well be some machinery, like a spaceship. We did talk about a certain level of awareness that was encountered in spaceships (23), as if they were alive, but an actual soul incarnating in a spaceship is another fascinating new concept introduced by Mary.

Towards the end of the interview she said that she was ‘ghosted’, just like 183,000 other people like her.

Well, these were the highlights of this fascinating interview between Dr. Michael Salla and Mary. It sure was an elevating ride. What are your thoughts on the matters discussed? Please share them below and if you like this article share it on social media (24)

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Does James Webb Telescope Image of Jupiter show Galactic Vessels?

In a short message, Oona – a representative of the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds (1) – has commented on a picture that was published on July 12, 2022 by NASA of Jupiter (2).

Jupiter Image by James Webb Telescope –
snapshot from (2) – Also see (3)

In her message she says that there are at the moment 138 star nations present in our solar system, each with a mothership. They are all part of the Nataru-Alliance (Galactic Federation of Worlds, 4) Together there are thousands of craft. On top of that there are also 550 vessels from the Intergalactic Confederation in our star system, stationed near Jupiter. Four Intergalactic Confederation vessels are presently orbiting Earth (Terra).

Oona said: “The recently disclosed image of your planet Jupiter displays the cloud of orbital rocks plus the defense grid of the ships from the Ashtar outpost (5) plus some of our motherships. The majority of our fleet is behind the planet Jupiter, hidden from your sight. The disclosure of this image is not an error, but a move from the Terran Alliance in charge of the program. Terran instances may name our ships ‘cold spots’. There is truth. More visuals to come. The plan is on schedule. One step at a time.

We are holding your hand and you must not look back, instead look up. In the greater design of the universe you are already on the other side of the bridge. In love, Oona” (2)

Update July 15, 2022: Dr. Michael Salla has written an excellent piece on these Jupiter pictures, focusing on another picture of Jupiter in which a ‘shadow’ can be identified. According to Victor, Jean-Charles Moyen’s (6) contact, that shadow would indeed be a huge mothership. (7)

Update August 1, 2022: The James Webb telescope produced more pictures on Jupiter. In that picture a cilinder-like object can be detected. Would that be a huge spaceship with the size of over a thousand miles or even bigger? Read the information from JP and Elena Danaan in an article by Dr. Michael Salla (8).

See Endnote 96 for more on Technosignatures; Endnote 101 for a telling experience related to the Dutch ‘Scientias’-site

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