Effects of Liberation of Moon in 2021

I was triggered to write this article by a telegram post of Elena Danaan on March 12, 2022 (1). I have spoken about the Moon before on this website on various occasions. One of the reasons for building this website was to provide an introduction to the extraterrestrial connections we would have as humanity. Because of the extraordinary nature of this information it can be quite useful to spend a few moments on a certain aspect in order to establish more understanding. If one explores new territories it is wise to sit back occasionally. Let me invite you for a trip to the Moon.

(image grab from (9))

The Liberation of the Moon
In February 2021 the Earth Alliance would have removed all the alien regressive presences on the Moon, just like these aliens were chased off of the surface of Mars (2) with the assistance of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Ceres would have been liberated back in august 2021 defeating not only regressive alien groups, but also people from the Nachtwaffen (3). Tony Rodrigues talks about his trips to the Moon and his experiences on Ceres and Mars in his fascinating book (4). One of the things that would have been done on the Moon before it was purged, was surgery by Grays. Here’s a part of his book:

What I do remember however, was being constantly wheeled down never ending hallways on a gurney by a typical gray alien – from one surgery to the next….The bits of the surgery that I do remember were things being done through the back of my neck and behind my ears. The Grays were performing the surgeries and they would have telepathic conversations with each other during them. They didn’t speak of anything too compelling, just their everyday lives. They were talking about being late and over scheduled, simple things like that.” (4, p.51)

One of the things that would have been implanted was a language translation device (and probably all kinds of tracking devices)

Effects of the Liberation of the Moon
With the regressive aliens gone from the bases on the Moon, the Deep State/Cabal has lost powerful allies (5,6). I have spoken earlier on about certain effects this liberation of the Moon would have had. I talked about the dismantlement of the ‘movie projector‘ that would have kept us in a ‘matrix-reality’ that was favorable to these Alien groups (7) and we would have been released from a kind of ‘Earth-bound reincarnation-trap’ (8).

Cislunar Highway Patrol System
On March 12, 2022 Elena Danaan reposted a link from Dr. Michael Salla (1) to the Cislunar (=between Earth and Moon) Highway Patrol System (9,10).

This system will be launched in 2025. Here’s an excerpt from the website of the AF Research lab:

In the next decade alone, the amount of traffic to the Moon as well as the lunar surface, is expected to increase significantly. In the same way that the DoD monitors activity in space near the Earth, monitoring spacecraft above GEO is necessary to ensure safety of operations and to provide attribution if any harmful actions are taken by an adversary. CHPS will provide much needed space domain awareness data to the Space Force, and assist NASA with its mission to land astronauts safely on the Moon, as well as identify and track potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroids.” (10)

I would like to think that this is another step in preparing humanity for its role as part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. For finally we will be allowed to see all the bases and activity that is taking place on the dark side of the moon. We won’t find that Gray doing his evil surgeries again though.

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The Liberation of Ceres

On January 9, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla released an interview with Tony Rodriguez (1). I have referred to Tony before on the page dealing with the 20-years age-regression phenomenon (2). Tony Rodrigues also has had an interview with Elena Danaan back in July 2021 (3), and he has recently published a book on his experiences in our solar system (4).

Since Rodriguez has spent 13 years of his life (he lived 20 years twice, although under very different circumstances) on Ceres, I considered it to be a splendid reason to collect some ‘Danaanian’ information on this tiny planet in the asteroid belt.

Snapshot from (6)

In a Q&A on June 16 (5), we can hear the following on the history of Ceres and how it became the main outpost of the Dark Fleet in our solar system. I haven’t mentioned the Dark Fleet yet on this website. Dr. Michael Salla has made an excellent video on the origin of the Dark Fleet, which has its roots in Nazi Germany (6), and he has written a book on it as well (7).

The Dark fleet has Ceres as its main outpost in the solar system, Thor Han, confirmed it. It was a Gray outpost, a nebu orion outpost in this solar system and since the 1940s it has been offered to the Dark Fleet as a shared residence. There’s a lot of water on Ceres surprisingly and they work together. Ceres, it’s a planetoid in the asteroid belt. But the big headquarters of the dark fleet are on in the Aldebaran system, and the Aldebaran headquarters have just abandoned the ones here because as Thor Han told me, it is in their mentality to cut an infected limb.” (5)

Nearly a month later we get another update on the situation on Ceres, in an update in a video on the Boötes system (8):

There are three enemy factions in our star system: the Ciakahrr reptilians, the Nebu gray orion and the Dark Fleet, which is earth-based. Well Earth dark fleet, we know they have been kicked out of Antarctica. There are still some on Ceres and other outposts in the solar system, but they have lost forces.

They are really taking a hit and they have been cut from their headquarters in Aldebaran. But they are still remaining here, still trying to fight their last chance. It’s not yet done with the dark fleet, not yet done. It’s not yet done with the greys, the greys have been kicked out from the moon. There’s still a gray and reptilian presence on earth in the underground, still fighting with the alliance, the Earth Alliance is still fighting the orion greys and the reptilian Ciakahrr in the undergrounds of earth.

Artist’s impression of Ceres – image taken from Sci-News: ‘Ceres: Water Vapor detected on dwarf planet” (9)

And finally near the end of August we can read about the final liberation of Ceres in Elena’s book ‘We will never let you Down’ (10):

“The liberation of Ceres started to this day. The operations are highly sensitive , because this planetoid is highly populated. No time or opportunity there, regarding to how things are set on Ceres, to apply the usual tactics of training and empowering the locals. The Alliance attacked the armed forces of the Nachtwaffen directly, in a precise and tactical punch operation

The reason why it took that long for the Galactic Federation to intervene on Ceres, is precisely because it is a tiny place dense in civilian population. Thor Han told me that the civilians, eager to taste freedom, are happily cooperating with the Alliance. He said it is very messy and chaotic, but the Alliance is in control. The Nachtwaffen officers have chosen to fight to death but a lot of their personnel are being evacuated safely with the help of the Alliance.” (10, pp. 252-253)

There’s also a wonderful interview available in which Dr. Michael Salla talks to both Elena Danaan and Tony Rodrigues on the Liberation of Ceres, which I discovered after writing this article (11). In February 2022 Elena Danaan had another interview with Tony Rodrigues, focused on his book (4,12)

Update March 20, 2022: Mysterious Dwarf Planet Ceres May Have Originated in Outer Regions of Solar System, Study Says (13) (thanks to Elena’s Telegram channel)

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