The Red Haired Giants from a World near Vega

A red haired woman (looking more attractive than the images of red haired giants I came across, 5)

I was going through a video by Elena Danaan in which she explained the history of our world, at least from the perspective of Enki (1), which is also covered in her seminal book The Seeders (2). I used parts of this video earlier to write the piece on a few tiny peculiarities (3). When she was at the stage that the Anunnaki entered our global scene, she said that although the Anunnaki were bigger than humans then, they weren’t really as big as the Red Haired Giants (4). Well, in these times of Giants I considered it worthwhile to pay some attention to these Red Haired Giants.

This website has multiple goals. One of them is to introduce people to our galactic kin. Another goal is to try to connect them with our history and current events. Since the topic of alien intelligent life is still quite controversial for most of humanity I always try to add many links to topics that have already been covered before, in order to assist people in getting used to this amazing realm of galactic anthropology.

It would be odd to start to talk about these red haired giants before mentioning all the giants that would have been recovered lately, some of them in the process of waking up. For those who have missed it, there would be a bearded sleeping giant below the surface of Florida (6) and there is word of a sleeping giant near Nippur in Iraq (7) and one in Slovenia (8). They would be bearded Anunnaki-hybrids. Ever since the arrival of Elena Danaan we learned that the Anunnaki actually are not bearded at all, but bald (9).

In the video-excerpt (4) Elena says that the Red Haired Giants are actually descendants from the Noor. So, who are the Noor? In Elena’s The Seeders (2) they are mentioned as the 15th race that contributed to the original primate ever since the beginning some 65 million years ago (10). The first 11 contributors were not from this galaxy, but from all kinds of galaxies, but the Noor are from this galaxy.

The Noor – Drawing by Elena Danaan from (18)

The Noor originated as all humanoids did in this galaxy from the Lyra constellation (11). This doesn’t mean that there weren’t any humanoids in other galaxies before. You just have to take a look at Oona from the Altea (12) that humanoids were very present indeed. Like most other humanoids in the Lyra constellation the Noor had to flee from the Ciakahrr (13) after the Lyran Wars (14). They ended up on all kinds of planets in various star systems, like Proxima Centauri, becoming the Meton (15) or on the planet Alkhorat that orbits Taygeta, a Pleiadean star.

When you take a look at the Noor from Meton or from Taygeta it is quite obvious that they are blonde, not red-haired, although they are indeed fairly tall (2,4 meter, or up to 8 feet). So, whatever happened to those Noori to become red haired?

The answer is given in A Gift from the Stars’:

A branch of descendants from the Noori, adapting to conditions of their new world near Vega, evolved to have red hair. This race of Noori also visited Terra, where they interbred and were remembered as the giant red-haired legendary people.” (18, p.190)

We have encountered the star system of Vega before when we talked about those people who we would later remember as the ‘blue gods from India‘. They are called the Adari and their dark (Taal) skin developed some blueish tints because of the presence of the blue Vega star. You might start to think that this star has some powerful influence on the biology of both the Taal and the Noori, although it is not said that the Noori colony actually is on a planet orbiting Vega; only that they are in the vicinity of it.

If you hear people talk about giants, you might ask yourself if they are referring to the bearder Anunnaki hybrids or the red-haired giants that are Noori who interbred with humans.

If you have any information to add, please do so in the comments below.

(1) Galactic History: Elena Danaan Discusses Anunnaki, ET Root Races, Atlantis and more
(2) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders
(3) A Few Tiny Peculiarities
(4) In the following excerpt from (1) Elena mentions the Red Haired Giants at the end and links them to the Noor.

Elena talks about the Anunnaki, the Black Heads and the mentions the Red Haired Giants/The Noor (from 1)

(5) I have been looking for a picture of red haired giants but couldn’t find any that I liked, so I opted for this picture which looked a lot better than those big, evil red-haired giants. I took the picture from Pinterest
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(15) On december 16, 2022 Elena met Haben, a Meton man on his ship. Watch her describe that experience at CONTACT Ep. 19 ~ THE FUTURE 20 YEARS FROM NOW – with Haben of Meton. She has met this Meton captain before. See (16,17)
(16) On Meton Walls, Windows and Doors – On this page you can find the story of Elisabeth Klarer who married Haben’s Meton brother Akon.
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6 thoughts on “The Red Haired Giants from a World near Vega

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  2. Annunaki human hybrid is called Nephilim in a general term. Some are real bad, some (200)were working with ACIO, they used a code name “Corteum” that was revealed in Voyagers and Wingsmakers material.

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    • That’s indeed an interesting link between the Corteum and the Anunnaki, especially in connection with what we come to learn the last couple of months…to what group of Anunnaki did they belong? What was their interest in that Wingmakers-group from the future? Why did they try to portray themselves as the ultimate species from which everything came forth, as you can read in the adapted interviews.

      The whistleblower probably was Dr. Anderson from the institute with the same name. On his site he mentioned the Wingmakers as well. I published a wingmakers page on this site too:

      The guy who would have led the ACIO, Fifteen, is probably the now deceased A.R. Bordon who published a book that you can download here from this site at

      In that book he describes all kinds of things about the Anunnaki. I dedicated a few end notes to this aspect while reading through that book. See endnotes 48-53. He even mentioned Ningishzida and Marduk in his book in which he even describes the internal quibbelings within the Anunnaki family during the Middle ages on board of their ship 🙂


      • Well documented !! thanks. The death of Dr. A. R. Bordon was suspicious , and may not cause by nature since he was an outspoken person. The agenda of Annunaki – Marduk group could trick ACIO/Labyrinth to develop a Blank State time travel technology. I downloaded ebook of “The link” at the time reading of Wingmakers material but have never finished it.

        Dr. Anderson (the website)may not be the same one who was a defector(Peruvian) handing two interview papers to Anne, then disappeared from the air. The content of two interview papers were altered, and so as the rest of three interviews. A long time researcher(since 1990) wrote an article on this twisted story behind the true story, if I found the article, I will post.

        The leader of Corteum group, James Mahu not only altered the Wingmakers interview materials but also created a brand new of his art /technology website since he is good at art, science and technology. Voyagers has warned not to listen to his music as it was coded.

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  3. I don’t know which ET doesn’t have agenda on humanity, the guinea pigs in the human experiment. The human culture and drama was established on many regions by Draco/Reptilian in the first colonized on earth. Alex Collier even said during an interview , Draco created the earth primate physical body.

    The seeders (p549), 1000 years from now, human will not look like what we are known today. He or she doesn’t look like human but a hybrid of some sort. Is this implying the end of human race ? Here is the ages of humanity chart from Ascension Glossary.

    May be they have figured out from many cosmic/earth wars, after all, human can’t live with reptilians/hybrid on same planet.


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