On the Other Side of the Bermuda Triangle

Michel Desmarquet (3)

(De l’autre côté du Triangle des Bermudes)

It was Lisa (1) who directed me to a fascinating book written by Michel Desmarquet in 1993 (2). I think that Elena Danaan and Alex Collier have made it possible for more people to take books like this more seriously than ever before. I am only in the beginning of the book, but came across enough to think that this book might indeed be a true story. It is a good thing that we pay attention to other trustworthy sources to back up the amazing information that is being shared by Elena Danaan on a weekly basis. This current article is about Desmarquet’s short visit to a parallel world where people would live who would have passed through the Bermuda Triangle.

Michel Desmarquet was born in France (4) in 1931 and moved to Australia in 1971 where he was taken aboard a spaceship in 1987 and brought to a planet by the people of Thiaoouba. It took him three years to write his book and hardly anyone believed his story. I think the time has come to validate his story by linking it with other recent information.

Before we get into Desmarquet’s account I think it can be useful to name a few accounts of people who have had contact with beings from other planets (besides Elena and Alex and SSP-members). Recently I wrote about that secret mission to planet Serpo (10). There is the account of Elizabeth Klarer with the Meton (11) and don’t forget ‘Stefan Denaerde’ and his meeting with the Iarga (12).

Desmarquet’s book starts off with him meeting a fairly large woman about 2,90 meters (almost 10 feet)(13) who introduced herself as Thao coming from a planet called Thiaoouba. She was wearing the kind of one-piece-suit we have become accustomed to (14). Michel describes her as follows: “I have already mentioned her hair, which was long and silky, golden-blond in colour, which fell to her shoulders and framed a face that was perfectly oval in shape. She had a large, slightly protruding forehead. Her blue-mauve eyes and long curled lashes would have been the envy of many women on our planet. Her eyebrows curved upwards, similar to the wings of a seagull, adding a unique charm. Under her eyes, which sparkled and sometimes teased, was her nose, well-proportioned and slightly flat at the bottom, which accentuated a sensual mouth.” (2, p.22)

The first place Thao takes Michel Desmarquet is a parallel world and she says that this parallel world has a few funny characteristics, like that people who live on this planet only die by suicide or accident. There are men and women and animals who can easily live up to 30,000 to 50,000 (Earth) years. She says that time had stopped for him, in the sense that he could live there for twenty or fifty years and then return to Earth as if you had never left (2, p.7) (15).

Parallel Worlds (23)

We have had our fair share of parallel worlds on this website as well. The first parallel encounter was with the home world of the Anunnaki in a parallel world where the star system Immaru is situated (17). The Anunnaki could probably travel between their world and our universe using the Orion Nebula M42 Portal (18,19).

Another parallel world was visited by Elena Danaan when she was near Neptune. You can read all about her encounter with the Koldasii at a parallel Neptune in her book the Seeders (20) and at (21). When you want to know the difference between a dimension (or a parallel world) and a density see (22).

When Michel was in this parallel world with his extraterrestrial female Thao he was told that this world he was in was actually a place where people and objects ended up when they passed through the portal in the Bermuda Triangle. Let’s hear it in her own words, after Michel asks who all those people are (some even dressed in prehistorical clothes):


“Michel (M) ‘But why are they here and how did they come to be here? Where were they born?’

‘Thao (T) On Earth. . . they are all here by accident.’

‘(M): By accident? What do you mean?’

‘(T) It’s very simple. You have heard of the Bermuda Triangle?’ I nodded. ‘Well, quite simply, in this spot and in others less well known, this parallel universe becomes confused with your universe so that there exists between them a natural warp. ‘People, animals or even objects finding themselves in the immediate vicinity of a warp are literally sucked into it. Thus, you can have, for example, an entire fleet of boats disappear in several seconds. Sometimes a person, or persons, can pass back into your universe after several hours, several days or several years. More often, however, they never return.” (2, p.7)

She then goes on to explain that as soon as they do die their soul will be reintegrated in the (normal, terran) reincarnation cycle again. She calls this phenomenon of a portal from the Bermuda Triangle to that parallel world ‘one of the accidents of nature’, just like the existence of the human appendix. The people in that world do not need to drink or eat and they feel no pain.

Much has been written about the Bermuda triangle. I won’t go into that. On December 25, 2022 Dr. Michael Salla referred again to the Atlantic Ark that was found near the Bermuda Triangle in a beautiful video (24). The species of the Killimat-Arr are said to have a post in the Bermuda Triangle (25). Let’s hope for them that they didn’t lose too many of their people in that vortex to this parallel world.

(1) Lisa is a frequent visitor to this website who also adds valuable comments. She introduced this book The Thiaoouba Prophecy (2) to me in a comment on the article on Planets Shifting Orbits in our Solar System. She also was the first one to ever donate some money to this project to express her appreciation for this work. This has led to an upgrade of my account which allowed for the introduction of videos that could be embedded in the articles, which are not hosted on youtube but on the wordpress servers.
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The Iarga – Not mentioned in Elena’s Gift from the Stars (12)

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A Third Account on the Destruction of Atlantis – The Radu Cinamar / Apellos Variant

Welcome to the final part of the ‘Destruction of Atlantis‘-trilogy. You can find the other two in the links section (1,2). This third part is based on the material by Radu Cinamar. Radu Cinamar is a pseudonym for a Romanian who has written a series of books that started off with ‘Transylvanian Sunrise’. Dr. Michael Salla has had a number of interviews with Peter Moon who is the publisher and co-author of the first books (3,4,5). I also wrote a few articles based on this source (6-11). Elena Danaan mentioned him as a valuable source as well (12).

Image from Forgotten Genesis, p. 205

In the sixth book of the series called ‘Forgotten Genesis’ Cinamar dedicates a chapter to Atlantis (13). In the book Radu Cinamar is given the unique possibility by people from Aleppos to use advanced technology that enables him to holographically watch the history of mankind. With a kind of glass he is also able to tune into those elements that he finds more interesting, or that require more information. The holographic experience is truly interactive with his own consciousness (14).

Radu places the total disappearance of Atlantis at 11,500 B.C. He says that “…the continent already began to sink dramatically and crumble into islands about 1,000-1,200 years before the final cataclysm” (p.202)

He also adds: “Atlantis therefore did not die ‘in one day and one night’ as has been said. Her submerging went a long way and went in stages, her last vestige disappearing in to the water about 13,500 years ago.” (p.203)

After reading the chapter once again I can confirm that there is NO mention of the Anunnaki in it at all. There is a lot of talk about the wise E-N-L branch and that Atlantis belonged to that branch, and the genetically inferior E-N-K branch.

The destruction of Atlantis does not appear to be the result of human actions, but came as a result of changes at the crust level of our planet: “The sinking of Atlantis was also due to major changes that occurred at the Earth’s crust level during that period. I saw the holographic images depicting the rearrangement of the Earth’s crust. Basically ‘it rotated and then arrived at its current structure.” (p.204)

There is word about a certain disconnection that would have taken place between the etheric and the physical realms, and also about the emergence of a more materialistic group on Atlantis. All that, however is not mentioned as a cause for the final deluge and destruction of the continent.

Bermuda islands (according to the account of Radu Cinamar Bermuda is one of the remnants of Atlantis, 16)

In Cinamar’s chapter there is a group that performed some unwanted experiments; they are called ‘the rebel E-N-L group’:

“In Atlantis, all human beings belonged to the E-N-L branches. After a while, and due to some subtle influences, some of those beings began to turn towards less orthodox actions, pursuing personal interest; and in particular, seizing the power of leadership and control of very advanced technologies. Thus they began to engage in strange cross-breedings between species, using E-N-K beings for this purpose as they were considered underdeveloped and, in their mind, could serve as guinea pigs for those strange hybridizations.

The main mistake of the E-N-L beings who rebelled in this way during the Atlantean period was that they ignored one obvious fact: they, like the E-N-K evolved from the same DNA structure. The E-N-K beings were therefore their genetic brothers.

…Due to the fact that the rebels were beings who already possessed great powers and advanced knowledge, their negative actions and intentions had very strong reverberations throughout the world. By accumulation, a terrible shock came to human civilization as the frequency of energy dropped sharply.” (pp. 211-212)

When comparing the three versions it is interesting to note that both Ashayana Deane and Patricia Cori share information that puts the cause of the destruction of the continent in the hands of groups that are highly influenced by the Anunnaki, either genetically or through agreements. It would have been human actions that would have caused the end of Atlantis in a very rapid way; only allowing the people to flee underground or through spaceships in what appears to be not much more than a day or two, just like Plato would have said (15).

The account of Radu Cinamar is different. He says that Atlantis took more than 1000 years to sink, and he is a bit vague about the ultimate cause of the final flooding. He mentions a major change in the Earth’s crust; he talks about disconnections between etheric and physical realms and he describes the E-N-L rebel group. What also is noteworthy is that Cinamar doesn’t talk about any role of the Anunnaki in the final days, but he does talk a lot about the wise and spiritually advanced E-N-L group and the genetically primitive E-N-K group.

Somehow this rings some alarm bells…for is it just mere coincidence that the first three letters of these groups highly correspond with Enki and Enlil? And isn’t it odd that there is no mention of Enlil or Enki in the book? Isn’t it odd that the Anunnaki are only shortly mentioned in the last chapter, and only in a very favorable light? Could it be that Radu Cinamar was shown a certain ‘edited’ edition of our history by these beings from Apellos in order to whitewash the role of the Anunnaki in the destruction of Atlantis? Let’s wait and see what Elena Danaan has to say about the causes of the destruction of Atlantis in her upcoming book!

See Endnote 135 for a perspective that (to me) is more realististic about the Anunnaki group that came to downgrade our genetics. Endnote 138 provides a part of the perspective by Alex Collier on the Fall of Atlantis, which can be called the fourth variant, which is again different than the three accounts that I described.

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The Killimat-Arr from Gamma Crux and their facility under the Bermuda Triangle

As soon as the video on the fantastic exploration of the Ark under the Atlantic Ocean was released by Dr. Michael Salla (1,2) I started to look for possible links in the Danaan-material. JP talks about little Mexicans who were able to enter certain ‘rooms’ in the Ark, whereas others were not able to do so. The Chinese delegation was somehow stopped by – as it seems – the consciousness of the Ark, which was apparently able to distinguish between these ‘little Mexicans’ and the Chinese.

Illustration of the Killimat-Arr by Elena Danaan (4, p 139).

JP says that these Mexicans did not speak Spanish but some other dialect. He connected it to some Aztec-language. I was looking for that alien race that was involved with people from Latin America in the past and someone who commented on the video (1) reminded me of the Ramay. This is convenient since I have already made a page on these Ramay or Nacaals from Capella a few weeks ago (3). They are said to have been at the root of the Mayan civilization.

I was not able to find anything related to the Aztec directly. There are also the Puxhity who were remembered as the ‘Olmek’ star people (4, p.208)

The rest of this article focuses on the Killimat-Arr since they are said to have a facility under the Bermuda Triangle, which is ofcourse very close to where this Ark would have been activated. A reasonable excuse to introduce these people.

They come from a planet with the same name that orbits a star called Gamma Crux (or Gacrux), which is the highest point of the Southern Cross (see image below).

The planet Killimat-Arr is a quasi-aquatic environment in which was developed an advanced civilization. These blue, translucent, amphibian humanoids are part of the Galactic Federation of Worlds….We know very little of them as they are very secretive….They possess a facility of their own, not linked to any Terran or extra-Terran government, under the Bermuda Triangle, area where the still active vortex is of great use for them (as well as for many)” (4, p.138)

Star map (5) containing Gacrux (orange), close to Alpha Centauri and near Vela (which we know from the Kiily Tokurt (6))
A Phograph of a Killimat Arr? – Taken from Reptilianos.info (7)

I was able to find a possible photograph of a Killimat Arr from a Spanish website (7), which seems to fit the description given by Thor Han in Elena’s book.

A few hours after the release of the video by Dr. Michael Salla (1), Elena Danaan responded with another video in which she talks about the Atlantic Ark and a few other topics, like the med-beds that would be freely distributed to mankind (8).

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