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As a student of the material presented by people like Elena Danaan we were treated with the utmost abundance: all her information could be accessed either through her free videos or by buying her books, but things changed when Elena started her webinar-phase. I will reflect upon certain aspects of this phase in this article.

Webinar (4)

Until January 28, 2023 Elena posted her new developments – at least the ones that she wanted to share at that time, some were disclosed at a later phase in her books – on her youtube channel. This has created a huge library of videos with an enormous amount of information, including dozens of Q&A’s on all kinds of topics. It was a paradise for anyone who wanted to study her material. In principle you could get to nearly all of her information for free through watching her videos; most of the books were written based on the events that had taken place before and were described in those videos. You could easily link to videos or use timestamps and it was possible to cut out certain relevant excerpts to discuss.

On January 28, 2023 Elena Danaan, however, gave her first webinar (1) and ever since that it seems that things have changed. During that webinar I asked her if the information would remain freely available, as she had described in her deal with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and she wholeheartidly confirmed that. There would be no pay-wall for any of her information. And that is still the case for most of the important information, but perhaps not for everything.

Let’s first read Elena’s introduction to the webinars (1):

Topics and updates mentioned in my webinars are also available for free on my YouTube channel. In my webinars, I develop these topics in deeper details and I answer your questions in a Q&A. You can even vote the questions, it’s fun. Crowdcast allows me to speak freely from YouTube censorship and offers an alternative payment option from Paypal, which also censors free speech by financial sanctions. If any registration issue, please contact Crowdcast support, or: gfwassistance@mail.com

Let’s first reflect upon this concept of ‘greater details in the webinars’, which in other words means that you can get access to greater details if you visit the webinar. In her March 1, 2023 (2) update we can hear her express this for the first time. I think it is safe to say that in the pre-webinar days we could get to all the details by listening to her videos on youtube or rumble. This introduces a difference between Primary Information that is freely available on Youtube and Secondary (less important) information that you can only access if you pay a modest amount for it.

Elena Danaan: “I’ve been speaking about this in great detail in my last webinar”

Before I continue I would like to point out that I’m fine with people making money with their work. I totally agree with Elena’s assessment in her article ‘Do you Work for Free’ (3). Before the webinar days I guess she paid her bills by the income of her youtube-videos, the selling of her books and her merchandize. You could also say that she doesn’t charge a huge sum of money for her webinars either. It is a conscious choice to earn some money by providing additional information to people who pay than to those who don’t pay for it. It is a method that is used by many, like Alex Collier, for he also needs to make a living. It is something new for Elena, which might also needs some getting used to.

One practical aspect of this new webinar format is that you need to have a credit card to be able to watch any of her webinars. This excludes all the people who simply don’t have a credit card. In many countries people use debit cards, and those cards are not accepted in the system that Elena uses. She used Paypal in her first webinar but she removed that option for reasons of censorship by Paypal. This leaves many people without the possibility to watch the webinars.

In the past Elena Danaan gave a lot of Q&A’s on her youtube channel. You could ask questions in the chat and she would pick out a number of relevant questions. This interactivity seems to have moved to the webinar format now, only accessible for people who pay. This makes it harder for other people to ask questions. The act of asking questions already was quite difficult due to very strict moderation by people in the (telegram) circles around Elena. This might create a situation in which a certain amount of secrecy might arise. It is also not possible to simply see the questions and answers for they are not all moved to the youtube videos. Many of them are bound to remain ‘hidden’ within the walls of the webinars.

Youtube remains a deep state asset and therefore you need to be careful with what you say. That is a thing that you need to take into account. Seen by the huge amount of videos that are posted on her channel, however, I would also dare to say that a lot can be said on the platform. if you were to really talk about certain ‘censored’ topics, it is always an option to post a video on other videoplatforms like rumble for instance. On the other hand a webinar could be a good place to talk privately with other persons.

Another element in all this, is that it complicates the ability to study and spread the information. If you need to go to webinars to find more details, backgrounds or explanations, it gets quite complicated to use that information, since it is behind a (secondary) paywall. If you would distribute that information it would feel as if you are ‘stealing’ that information, instead of assisting in disclosure, creating an awkward sphere of secrecy. Tony Rodrigues once said that it would be an oxymoron to hide disclosure information.

On March 7, 2023 Elena responded to this article. She insists that there is NO paywall to access her information and that her webinars only discuss in greater details what is already available publicly, and that this offers a Q&A that is free of censorship. She labeled my article as one filled with misinformation. After I refused to remove this article she drew her conclusions in a telegram post (5).

Let me be clear on one thing: there has never been any paywall for any of the information that Elena has abundantly shared with us. And I’m quite positive that the important, primary topics will remain outside of any paywall, and I admire Elena for doing this ever since she started taking up this emissary work. Something did change however with the introduction of the webinars, namely the creation of a sphere of (secondary) information that is unknown to anyone who doesn’t pay for the webinar. At the moment of writing it is even impossible to enter the webinar without a credit card.

And it seems unlikely that the contents of these webinars don’t provide more insight into the material. What else would be the use of attending a webinar? And like I said in my introduction, perhaps we were all spoilt a bit too much by Elena who simply had no hidden areas for us, and do we simply need to adjust to this new reality.

I think it also is a daring task to combine these two elements: first the principle that all information relating to the Galactic Federation of Worlds should be brought to humanity for free, without any paywalls, and second the idea that you want a space to talk about certain elements deeper and introduce new topics without any censorship from youtube.

I personally think the webinars are a step back, but for others it might provide a step forward. But of course it is up to Elena to do whatever suits her best, and it is up to me to share my thoughts on that on my own platform. I don’t think I’m spreading misinformation by comparing the differences between the pre-webinar days and the webinar days.

What are your thoughts on these matters, please let me know (by either adding a comment below, sending a message or add something on my facebook group).

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(4) Live Style webinar is starting soon
(5) See Endnote 201

The Taal-Shiar and the Swaruu A.I.

My (short) explorations of the work of Daryl James (1,2) have led me to the Taal-Shiar (3) and their dark link with something that is described as an artificial intelligence (4) called ‘Swaruu’.

It was pure coincidence that I bumped into the Taal-Shiar last week, just at the moment that Elena Danaan mentioned them as well in her post-webinar 2 update in connection with ongoing negotations with the Galactic Federation of Worlds (5). I had been watching a couple of hours of videos from the testimony of Daryl James when someone pointed out that he had contacts with someone called Swaruu. I vaguely recognized the name Swaruu from that Taygetan group that I had earlier classified as disinformation (7).

It later turned out that Elena Danaan had written about Swaruu too in her second book, but before we get to that, let’s first watch this part in which Daryl James describes his contact with this Swaruu.

Daryl James talks about his experiences when he was fooled into being a Taygetean King for a while (8)

In his SSP-account Daryl James talks about a period when he worked in the mines on the Moon, he was part of the Dark Fleet, he worked on Mars, was part of Solar Warden and even ended up on a planet of what he called the ‘Taygetans’. At first I thought that he referred to the people of Erra (9), but this talk about a Taygetean King and his having sex with so many of their women, together with his claim that they loved eating fish (2), when the people of Erra are vegetarian, made me suspicious. It didn’t look like the Errahel at all, really. James even said that on their spaceship there was a ratio of about 60 women to each man.

It was the Swaruu-element that led me away from the people of Taygeta to the Taal-Shiar (3), and since they were former renegade Taygetans I reckoned that he might be talking about them when he refers to the Taygeteans. Well, It was through the website of Dan Winter (10) that I was directed to a passage in Elena Danaan’s second book (11) that actually mentioned this fascinating link.

Here’s a relevant excerpt from the book in which Akvaruu, a citizen who rebelled against the Taal-Shiar on their planet Taalihara, talked about this link between the Taal-Shiar and Swaru:

Elena Danaan (2021) – We Will Never Let You Down (11)

“Oh, this operation, replied Akvaruu. Yes, it was a good one! Commander [Thor Han] Eredyon localized a Taal-Shiar ship, cloaked on an unauthorized low orbit of Terra. This particular ship got the attention of the Commander because of its illegal activity: this vessel was a key point in an important operation led by the Terran intelligence agency working for the Nebu. It was broadcasting on a highly classified Terran military frequency band, to a Terran network server owned by this same Terran Intelligence agency.

– Discord server, said Thor Han. And he is talking about the CIA.

– I know whose Terrans you are talking about, I said, I also know that you were looking for this ship, Thor Han

– Thanks to Commander Eredyon, continued Akvaruu, the ship was neutralized. I was granted the pleasure to beam onboard with other soldiers to arrest this crew. The ship was taken off Terran orbit, then we operated. They were communicating with Terran civilians picked for their naivety, using them to spread propaganda against the Galactic Federation, via Terran networks.

– Internet, precised Thor Han. Now we need to neutralize the AI working with them. This nefarious entity is very extremely tricky and manipulative. It was created by the Nebu and assigned to this Taal-Shiar team. Now, this AI is roaming and still to be caught. It has tricked so many people already; it presents itself by the name of SWARUU but it also takes many other names. Catching it doesn’t depend now upon tactical military operations, but upon the technology department. They’ll catch it, they always do. The Galactic Federation of Worlds has many resources and skills.” (We will never let you Down, 11, p.231)

So, while still trying to defend Daryl James’ testimony I thought that he might have been heavily influenced by that Swaruu element and that the Taal-Shiar used him for their own purposes, and provided him with a tale of their ego-desires to be the Rulers of Taygeta, and perhaps they could indeed use some fresh genes in their genomes? I discovered that the Taal-Shiar were no vegetarians like the Ahil from Taygeta, but omnivores, which matched James’ description of them eating a lot of fish too (2,3).

In that video on Super Soldier Talk he also described seeing a big Reptile who had a kind of ridges going down his head, a bit like mohawks, he said (8b). This seemed to look a lot like the Ooganga which turned out to be part of a high council of the Taal-Shiar (3). Was this another clue that Daryl James had been in contact with the Taal-Shiar and not with the people from the Taygeta system, and didn’t he warn us all against the dark influence of A.I. in the universe?

It was at this point that I even got a bit enthusiastic: was I on to something? But this enthusiasm faded away when I started to watch another interview (12) with Daryl James which was filled with such an overwhelming amount of information that often was at odds with the information that I have gathered on this website, that I finally decided to put it all on hold. I reached the end of my galactic speculations regarding the Taal-Shiar, this swaruu stuff, the omnivore nature of their diet and the Ooganga and their alleged kingdom with this king having 200 princesses. It even stretched my imagination a bit too far!

I’m sure there is a lot of valuable information to be gotten from his testimony, but my hypothesis for now is that there is a vague mix of truth and distortion, which I find too difficult to untangle at this moment. Perhaps the future will bring new information to clear up this fog, but I’m moving on, even though I still like his info on Russia (13) and the Deep State (14).

As far as the Swaruu A.I. goes, I would guess that it has also been dismantled after the recent destruction of the Nebu ’empire’, since it was described as being a product made by the Nebu and given to the Taal-Shiar. Perhaps Daryl James’ testimony can shed a light on the ways of the narcistic Taal-Shiar, comparable to the way ‘Hans’ showed us the despicable way the people were treated in Diego Garcia (15).

What are your thoughts of Daryl James and his testimony? Let me know by commenting below.

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To Put Together your own Bouquet of SSP Contacts

My interest for this topic of disclosure, and the possibility of all these alien races coming from all corners of the universe, was triggered by Elena’s second book. I didn’t take me long to order her first book and I got hooked to all the information pouring forth through her youtube-videos. At first I followed her and Dr. Michael Salla, but during the months I got to know other people who said that they had been (and some say still are) part of a Secret Space Program. A kind of team was formed with people who had corroborating stories. I use their testimonies on this website (1).

A Bouquet (18)

This is a relatively small group of people and they all know each other quite well. Most of them spoke at the Galactic Spiritual Informers Conference in Orlando in October 2022 (2). They appear in interviews with Dr. Salla and with Elena Danaan and are a valuable source of information. I have called this group of people ‘the Team’ a few times. Members of this ‘team’ do interviews with other people and sometimes they appear in meetings with other people who share their own Secret Space Program experiences, who are not part of this ‘team’.

As a researcher I would love to expand this team of contacts with many more contactees, for it would be great to have many people all sharing their insights, their experiences in order to corroborate and expand the horizons of our knowledge on these extraterrestrial beings and their interactions with either the positive or the negative factions on our planet.

When you take a look at the youtube channel of James Rink (3) you can see dozens of people – most of them unfamiliar to me – who all share their experiences with either extraterrestrials or with all kinds of Secret (underground) programs. You could spend a lifetime listening to all their testimonies. I don’t have that much time available and keeping up with the updates and going through the older information from the established team takes up most of my time already.

Despite this situation I do pay attention to other people sometimes, but I have come to realize that this is a tricky thing. In a way it’s far more comfortable to just stick to this relatively small group. For me, Mark Domizio, was a great asset with compelling information (4). This positive expansion of the team led me to become more open to other people, and the latest person that caught my attention was Daryl James.

It was during a round table interview that was organized by Alisha Braché with Rebecca Rose and Tony Rodrigues that I got to meet Daryl James (5). It was mainly because of his interesting take on the role of Russia (6), with seemed to affirm Rebecca Rose’s recent memories of her Montauk period that I decided to listen to his personal testimony. I started adding fragments of his testimonies to certain pages and I even started to write new articles based on his account , with intriguing topics surrounding the collapse of the Deep State and his interactions with what he called ‘Taygetans’ (7,8).

It is tempting to treat people like Daryl James as if they are part of this ‘team’ and as a consequence take their testimonies quite seriously, resulting in the analysis of certain aspects in a host of new articles, with an interweaving with the rest of the material. This is all very well when the material is solid, but when there are a number of aspects that turn out to be rather strange and even at odds with the material of other members of this team, it can become rather complicated and it might end up clouding and muddling the rest of the information. This of course is an undesirable situation.

The easiest thing would then be to simply disconnect from those persons altogether, like I have decided to disconnect from people like Megan Rose (9), Ismael Perez (10) and Mary (11). There is also a group of sources that present compelling information, but of which I’m not yet sure to what extent they provide true information. Perhaps some elements are true, and some are not. I suppose sources like Ashayana Deane (12) , Patricia Cori (13), Radu Cinamar (14) and Michel Desmaquet and his Thiaoouba Prophecy (15,16) belong to this category.

On top of all this, there also are those group psychology effects (17) which almost seem to prescribe what and who you are allowed to follow, and even the material in the Seeders activates certain questions that have not yet been fully solved. All in all you could say that is quite a task to navigate through all of this, especially when you only have your own sense of discernment, which is far from unfallible. I guess there should be some kind of balance in exploring new testimonies and sticking to the ones that have proven their worth in the past.

Tell me all about your travels through this world of dozens of contactees with all of their testimonies that often collide with each other in the comments below.

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The Taal-Shiar from Alcyone / Jayha

Taal-Shiar (Illustration by Elena Danaan, 4, p.251)

Now the Nebu Empire has collapsed (1) it might be interesting to see what other groups are left that have had a negative impact on humanity on our planet. In her latest update Elena mentioned new negotiations with the Taal Shiar from Alcyone (2,3). This page tells their story.

The Taal Shiar are descendants from the Taal people. Just like the Ahil (5) they used to live in the Lyra system, orbiting a planet around a star that they called ‘Man’ and we call Kepler-62 (see image below). The Lyran wars (6) forced all humans to evacuate their home planets and find refuge somewhere else in our galaxy. The Taal lived on the biggest planet, Omankhera, and from this planet they ruled the whole Man-system.

The royal family of the Taal managed to make some deal with the attackers, the Ciakahrr, and were partially escorted to eventually live on a planet around the star Mirza in the Orion zone (7). Most of the Taal, however, went to the Pleiades that had many planets that were completely uninhabited and there they opted for the star Taygeta, that they dubbed ‘Ashaara’ (8)

(image 1) – Kepler 62 – The star in the Lyra Zone that provided the homes for the Ahil and the Taal (7)

Not only the Taal ended up near Taygeta, but the Ahel and the Noor from the original Lyran Kepler 62-world each chose a planet for their people, and this created a conflict amongst the Taal.

As you can see in the second image the Taal were no longer on the biggest planet of the star system, as they were used to during the Lyran days. The Ahel had settled on Erra, which was the biggest planet. This didn’t sit well with the ego of a certain faction of the Taal.

Akvaruu (9), who is a Taal, said the following to Elena Danaan: “I don’t know how Ahil got Erra and Taali got T’mar, but they wanted Erra because Erra is a bigger planet and Taali people have a bigger ego. So there was a conflict but not only because of the bigger planet, there were more politics involved. The Ahil from Erra, called the Errahil, and the Taali from T’mar made an agreement together, but there was a faction of them who said, if we cannot rule upon the Ashaara system we are going to rule upon our own star system, because they wanted to do like in the Man system, be on the biggest planet and rule everyone.” (7)

(image 2) – Taygeta System (7)

And because their ego was too big to deal with this situation in the Taygeta star system, a faction of the Taal moved from T’Mar to another star and terraformed planets around the star Alcyone, that they called Jayha. Akvaruu said that you could consider all the people that live in the Taygeta system as Taygetans (including the Taal that moved to Alcyone, although they would be considered as ‘renegade Taygetans’ afterwards, 7)

The freshly established Taal colonies near Alcyone wanted to become members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, but they were refused entry. This increased their bad feelings towards the Errahel (the Ahel on Erra), because the key positions in the Galactic Federation of Worlds were mainly held by the blonde Errahel from the Taygeta system. They started to hate the Galactic Federation and started to look for other allies. First they knocked on the door of the Nebu, but they answered that they considered them to be too small and initially were not interested in them.

Akvaruu goes on and said: “After that, they asked for protection to a Reptilian Collective from Orion that works with the Ciakahrr Empire, who accepted in exchange that Alcyone Taali will give them a planet for a colony. So in the Alcyone system there’s not only Taali Taygetans renegade but there is also a colony of Orion reptilians. And from this time the Taali Taygetans renegade got involved in the Ciakahrr Empire agendas. These renegade Taygetans name their planet Taalihara which means Taal Main World, and they named themselves Taal-Shiar and that drives us straight away to Star Trek.“(10)

The Ooganga, allies of the Taal-Shiar Illustration by Elena Danaan (4, p. 223)

Eventually they forged alliances with the Ashtar Collective (12). More recently they worked with what Thor Han once called ‘The Dark Alliance of the Antarctica people: Earth Humans (Cabal), Reptilians, Nebu, Jada (Aldebaran (13)) and the Akhori from Altair (14). The last lines on the Taal-Shiar in Danaan (2020) says it all: “They are involved in the misdeeds of the Cabal on Terra, and a painful disgrace to the Man races.” (4, p.250).

The Taygetan Renegades Taal-Shiar have formed a council, in which not only Taal-Shiar take (or took) part, but also the Ooganga and the Maytrea, and they even had some connection with the Nebu after all, since the power of the Ciakahrr in our solar system was dwindling (7).

In order to get to know more about the Taal-Shiar I think it is useful to pay some attention to the habits of their fellow Taal who remained on their planet orbiting Taygeta. Although the Taali are close cousins to the Ahil, they have a different menu: they are omnivors, meaning that they eat flesh, which makes it more difficult for them to elevate their frequency into higher densities.They are therefore more vulnerable to lower frequency races such as reptilians and greys, this is why they only work in the background, in military operations on Terra.

Another difference is their spirituality, which isn’t based on sensitivity and sensuality like their cousins Ahil, but on ascetic methods, which gives off them an impression of coldness. The T-Mari are involved with the GFW. (4, p.258)

The Taal not only settled near Mirza, Taygeta and Alcyone, but also in the systems of Vega, Elfrak Daal (Lyra), Wolf 424, Katayy (Sirius A), Ashkeru (Sirius B), Araman (Tau Ceti), Zenae (4, p.186)

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(10) In the Series Star Trek there actually is a race called the Tal-Shiar, which have some similarities with the Vulcans, in the sense that they tend to see emotions as obstacles for their efficiency. This is about the opposite approach when compared to the Ahil (10).(11) To Process Emotions the Ahel-way
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A.I. Operated Clones

Gene Wilder (11)

During my study of the testimony of Daryl James (1) I ran into this concept of Artificial Intelligence. I will get back to that in a future article, especially in connection with the people called Taal-Shiar from the Alcyone system (2,3), but first I would like to pay some attention to this concept of Artificial Intelligence and how it might be connected to consciousness and physicality.

The ‘Nebu A.I. Queen Hive Mind’ would have recently collapsed completely (4). This ‘Nebu-Empire’ would have been run by some A.I. Consciousness. Elena Danaan reassured everyone that there is no reason to feel sorry for this ‘Queen’s’ demise for she is not really a sentient being, but Artificial Intelligence, that was beaten by the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Apparently, A.I. is capable of gaining a lot of power.

In earlier articles we have hardly talked about A.I. I ran across an idea of there being certain clones that could be ‘energized’ or ‘run’ by some A.I.-part. This concept was mentioned in the recent ‘trilogy’ that Dr. Michael Salla has had with Mark Domizio (5). Let’s first listen to them talking about this:

Dr. Michael Salla and Mark Domizio talk about A.I. Operated Clones (6)

There are a few interesting elements here that I would like to address. In another part of their third interview Mark Domizio told Dr. Salla that he had learnt that it was possible to call back his soul-aspects that were used to sustain clones (7). If you weren’t aware of having a clone walking around somewhere with a soul-aspect of you, that would in a way equal to giving consent. If you no longer give consent, processes would start to have the clones abort their mission. This would have led to the return of a soul aspect from Mark that had kept the clone ‘Sam’ alive (8).

That didn’t however stop the presence of clones of Mark (or other Sam’s) to still be around, but since they were no longer energized by that Andromedan soul-aspect (9,10) of Mark they obviously had to be kept alive through some other means. It is at this stage that this idea of some ‘A.I.-soul’ enters the discussion. Apparently it would be possible to have a number of your clones that live, but that don’t even have any soul-aspect of you anymore, they are ‘energized’ by some kind of A.I. consicousness. These A.I.’s would not be as good as the real thing, and they will probably not be able to let the clone live as long as a clone would live with a real human soul-aspect.

Mark also notes that in such cases it becomes important to get to know who is operating those A.I.-clones. This sounds a bit like that hive-queen that controls her people with her A.I.-consciousness. For me it’s still quite hard to understand what all this A.I. is about, but perhaps by describing certain characteristics and possibilities we can shed more light on this element, that according to some is really something to be taken very seriously.

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(8) In the second interview they elaborately talked about the clone ‘Hans’ who have been used as a kind of serial assassin (34 Years in a Deep Underground Military Base at Diego Garcia). The third interview was centered around ‘Sam’, another of Mark’s clones that was mainly based on Mars.
(9) Soul Splitting and the Andromedan Link
(10) The Extraction of Andromedan Light by an Insectoid in Dulce
(11) A.I. for Business

Daryl James shares His Experiences with Nordics from the ‘Taygeta System’

A Pleiadean Lady (10)

( Daryl James comparte sus experiencias con los Nórdicos del sistema Taygeta )

I just watched the two interviews that Alisha Braché did with Daryl James on his Secret Space Program experiences (1,2) and I was highly impressed by it. If you can find the time for it, it will be worth it. For this article I picked a few elements that he talked about in the second interview. That second interview deals with his time after his years with the Dark Fleet (3).

He describes his time during Solar Warden and how he interacted with people from the Taygeta system in the Pleiades. In this article you can read a bit about the way people from Taygeta tend to procreate, about music and the way telepathic bonds were formed. I can assure you this article is a lot easier to digest than the rather confroting articles about Mark Domizio’s experiences (11).

When Daryl James refers to the people he worked with in the Solar Warden program he doesn’t use terms that were introduced by Elena Danaan like Ashaara, or any of the names of the various planets that orbit this star (4). He simply calls them Taygetans, without distinguishing from which planet; he does describe them as Nordic-looking, so I guess many of them would come from planet Erra (5). He describes them the way they are described by Elena Danaan; like for instance their blue space suits (6).

In a transcript from April 2020 (7) we can read how Myrah, who is half-Errahel, half T-Ashkeru (8), describes the way Pleiadeans can have sex. Let’s read along:

The first level is to procreate, and it is very enjoyable. We have a second level which is different. It is with no physical intercourse, but it is a melting of the souls: of our light beings. This is ignited by the skin. The Ahel skin is very sensitive and receptive, it is very similar to yours, but it has little captors everywhere and in some particular areas more so. We stimulate these captors and it ignites the soul; we can then mix and melt, and our mix and melt is absolutely delightful because it merges consciousness. It merges our two lights in one, and we are projected in higher planes of consciousness towards a higher realm. It is a much better experience than only the physical one.” (7)

The way that Daryl describes the way he had intercourse with a lady from Taygeta shows quite some similarities. Here is how he describes it, and don’t be afraid he does it is a very decent way (9) 🙂

Daryl James describes how intercourse with a Pleiadean woman from the Taygetan Star System can be like (2)

When Alisha asked him if he brought anything from Earth to enrich them, he told a great and funny story about him playing guitar and the way these people responded to that. You should really watch this part, because it is bound to give you good vibes! He also talks about him introducing baseball to them and how these Taygetan (Errahel) men tend to have some ‘oily’ sweat.

Daryl talks about music and sports and how the people for the Taygeta/Ashaara starsystem responded to it (2)

It was a true delight to listen to Daryl James’ experiences. It was consistent with what he had said in other interviews. He said that he didn’t keep up too much with what other experiencers have said to prevent ‘front-loading’ or the blurring of his own experiences. He says that the people from Taygeta can reach an age of about 3,000 years. According to Thor Han the average age of people of Erra is about 600-700 years (7). Thor Han himself would be almost 158 years old now in 2023. Myrah also said that they are vegetarians, which would imply that they wouldn’t eat fish either (7).

Well, so much for this article. I really enjoyed watching these videos and it feels good to add Daryl James to the Team of trustworthy sources. Let’s see when he will appear in Dr. Salla’s Exopolitics Today: he sure deserves it!

(1) Cosmic Gateway ~ SSP = Soul, Space, Personalised with Daryl James ~ Episode #1 – Alisha Braché has her own telegramchannel as well.
(2) Cosmic Gateway ~ SSP = Soul, Space, Personalised with Daryl James ~ Episode #2 – You can reach Daryl James from his website. Also see (12)
(3) A Short Film: Antarctica and the Origins of the Dark Fleet (youtube)
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(7) April 30 2020– Relationships / Age / life on Erra / Food / heart chakra connectivity – this pdf is linked from Interstellar Contacts
(8) Errahel are the Nordic-looking people from the second planet of the Taygeta System; T-Askeru are Sirians from a planet orbiting Sirius B.
(9) I wondered if it was ethically alright to start off with a subject like this. What would Daryl think of it? But since he talked about it on youtube and it really is described in a wonderful way I decided to spread it here like this. I’ll ask Daryl if he is fine with it.
(10) Part of image taken from Vashta.com
(11) A Horrible Perspective on what might have Happened to Malaysia Flight MH370 – You can read other articles from the interviews that Dr. Michael Salla had with Mark Domizio by clicking on the links in the footnotes.
(12) The Deep State is Fast-Forwarding its own Destruction

The Deep State is Fast-Forwarding towards its Own Destruction

Fast Forward (14)

It was only yesterday that I got to know Daryl James (1) during an interview (2) on Alisha Braché’s channel (3), where he did a round table together with Rebecca Rose and Tony Rodrigues. Because of my recent interests in the possible benevolent role of Russia in our near future I watched an interview Daryl James did on a Russian youtube channel, run by Tanya Gegina (4). In april 2022 he had an uplifting message about Russia’s role, which I present at (5).

I will study more interviews that he did, because he seems trustworthy and sincere to me. Not in anyway comparable to the rather awkward story of Mary, which looked more like a SSP-parody (6) than a true Secret Space Program testimony. So, you can expect to be hearing more from Daryl James on this website. I checked to see if Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla and Dani Henderson did an interview with him, but that doesn’t seem to be the case (7). I like to expand ‘The Team’ with more people in order to strengthen the validity of all that we are discussing in this ‘Danaanian’ sector of the disclosure movement.

Daryl James says that he was part of the Solar Warden (11). One important contact of his was someone called ‘Robert’. It must have been in a communication with him that they talked about the current state of affairs. Just like Elena Danaan and Petersen (12) he affirms that the regressive alien forces had been removed or were on the run. The remaining ‘headless’ chickens of the Deep State could be removed, either by people from the Galactic Federation or by the military of our Earth, but Daryl gives two reasons why it is not being done directly.

First of all, if the alien forces would take out the Cabal/Deep State we wouldn’t learn a lot of it; we need to go through some pains in order to see the cruelty and distortion of those who have reigned over us all those years. To fully realize the extension of these awful practices. He says that it would need to ‘get stored in our DNA’ so that we will remember this for a very long time. If they would intervene the effect might last a hundred years, but then we would already have forgotten and be liable to fall into the same trap once again.

In the excerpt below he presents another intriguing reason:

Daryl James on the Necessity of the Current Deep State Opera (13)

In short he says that the current approach can be compared to the difference between a death-sentence and life-imprisonment. They could end the Deep State easily, but instead they allow them to show the world their plans, but with such a speed that the majority of the people would see through the craziness that is being pushed on them. This way they will be caught red-handed and we can get rid of these freaks once and for all. That would be the reason why we would be going through this ‘Opera’. Of course this doesn’t mean that we can just watch tiktok-videos all day as Daryl reminds us.

Alex Collier has said something similar in a 2018 webinar which was recently published (16). In that webinar he was asked if the Deep State ‘was allowed to play their final hands so their moves can be used against them by the White Hats?‘. He confirmed this ‘whole-thumbly’ as you can see in the excerpt below:

Alex Collier from webinar #68 (2018)

(1) Daryl D. James
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(6) Would we Recognize a SSP-Parody?

The Moscow Theater – A good place for watching an Opera (15)

(7) It was only after the recent interviews that Dr. Michael Salla did with Mark Domizio (8) that I got to know this SSP-witness. It turned out that Elena Danaan had already had an interview with him in august 2021 (9), at a time that I hadn’t even heard of anyone called Elena Danaan :). As far as Daryl James goes, there is something nice about him not yet being ‘discovered’ by Dani and her Spiritual Galactic Conference thing.

Personally, my eyebrows get slightly raised by the way this Galactic Spiritual Conference in Orlando is being presented by Dani throughout the year (starting already in February) as something that every true explorer and searcher needs to attend. Although it can be nice to see other people in person you shouldn’t exaggerate its importance I would say. I also sense the tendency to regard people like Elena Danaan and the members of the Team as if they are a kind of new Hollywood stars, that almost need to be worshipped as the ultimate truth bearers. I love their work and the information that they bring, but too much praise might endanger our sense of being critical. I mentioned this phenomenon once before at (10).

(8) See the latest article on this website about Mark Domizio, it contains links to other articles that I have written about his rather horrible experiences: A Horrible Perspective on what might have Happened to Malaysia Flight MH370
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(14) Fast Forward Icon
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A Horrible Perspective on what might have Happened to Malaysia Flight MH370

( Perspektif Mengerikan tentang Apa yang Mungkin Terjadi pada Penerbangan Malaysia MH370 )

Before heading toward the third interview that Dr. Michael Salla had with Mark Domizio (1) I want to write a fourth article based on the first two interviews they both had (2,3). If you like you can find the first three articles below in the footnotes (4-6). Just like those first three articles the topic discussed is not one filled with love and light, so again, please discontinue reading if you don’t want to hear this terrible story on what might have happened to flight 370 on March 8, 2014.

Malaysia Airlines (11)

In the earlier articles (4-6) I write about the testimony of Mark Domizio. For many people his testimony might same outrageous, but within this field of Disclosure it unfortunately fits very well, in the sense that much of what he says happened or is described by other people too. I don’t blame anyone who would discard this information, for it is indeed quite extraordinary (7).

Having said this I would like to continue by introducing ‘Hans‘. Hans is a clone that was made by using both the DNA of Mark Domizio and a fragment of his soul (4,8). This clone lived for 34 years mostly underground in the Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) in Diego Garcia. He was trained to become a ruthless, robotic assassin. After Hans committed suicide his soul-fragment, together with all his memories returned to Mark Domizio who had been living a normal life during all those years, although he had always felt that something was wrong, somehow.

After a number of hypnosis sessions (9) Mark started to consciously retrieve more and more of the atrocities that were committed by this Hans-clone. One of the most awful ones had to do with Malaysian Flight MH370 back in march 2014. This plane that was never found was spotted last while heading towards the Southern Indian ocean, which is where Diego Garcia is located (10).

In the excerpt below Mark Domizio relates what he saw through the eyes of his clone. He got out of the DUMB where he saw daylight for almost the first time in his life. He saw the plane of that flight MA370 as it was being completely disassemled by a crew of people. He was ordered to first wait for them to finish their job and then to execute them all, which is what he did. The remains were hidden in the tunnels of Diego Garcia. Mark says that this Hans didn’t kill the passengers. Most of them were already out of the plane when he got to the surface.

In a next memory Mark describes a scene in a wet room where a person who probably was Japanese was tortured and after they got all the information out of him, was left to bleed to death. Hans did the torture, even though he himself was always hit with some electrical cattle prod by his ‘superior’. The reason for the disappearance of this flight, together with the killing of everyone aboard, would have been the stealing of a hard-drive by the man that was tortured. It would have contained financial information from a member of the Cabal. Apparently this information was so important that the ones responsible for this horrific atrocity didn’t care about the terrible loss of life.

Mark Domizio talks about the terrible events associated with flight MH370 on Diego Garcia (2)

I have had some doubts about writing this article, since the topic deals with such a terrible story as the disappearance of flight MH370, carrying 239 people. I decided to post it anyway and it is up to the reader to see how credible this testimony is. The fact is that nothing was found that unequivocally belonged to this plane. The most expensive search campaign in the history of human aviation was unable to retrieve anything of a plane the size of a Boeing 777 (10). Perhaps one day we will be able to put to trial those people from the Cabal responsible for this repulsive act. I applaud Mark Domizio for his courage to bring such an awful story to the front.

Image taken from (12)

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(7) Is this Real or Not? – When you’re new to this material the tendency to think that this is just plain crazy is very understandable.
(8) On Human Cloning in the Secret Space Program
(9) Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique – On February 22, 2023 Elena Danaan published a video on QHHT and how to deal with Grays presenting themselves, see IDENTIFY AN INFILTRATOR BY THEIR NARRATIVE – Feb 22 2023
(10) “The search for the missing airplane became the most expensive search in the history of aviation. It focused initially on the South China Sea and Andaman Sea, before analysis of the aircraft’s automated communications with an Inmarsat satellite indicated a possible crash site somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean” (source: Wikipedia)
(11) Photograph taken from Pacific News Minute
(12) Flight MH370 didn’t just “disappear”: Historian suggests mystery was first case of remote skyjacking and ‘was diverted to prevent delivery of secret cargo to China’

An Andromedan Technique to Gather Incriminating Evidence

( 有罪の証拠を収集するためのアンドロメダのテクニック )

While JP revealed the presence of 100s of (Nordic) spaceships below the surface of Florida (1) and Elena Danaan is getting more outspoken about the evil role of the Vatican (2), I want to get back to Mark Domizio. I already wrote two articles based on his testimonies before (3,4) and here’s the third one. This time I want to focus on a very interesting thing that Mark Domizio and Michael Salla talked about during their second interview (5) relating to the gathering of evidence in the Andromedan way.

Evidence Gathering (10)

Some of you who have been following the developments of the Team (6) might remember that there was some kind of trial (7) back in october, november 2022. In that meeting four councils provided evidence for hours that turned out to be so incriminating that both Enlil and his son Ninurta were removed from our planet and were found responsible for numerous evil deeds committed to humanity.

In the excerpt below Mark Domizio explains how the combination of having both an Andromedan soul-aspect and the right blood type (O-) (8), made him an interesting object for the programs of the Dark Fleet and those working below the surface of the base on Diego Garcia. The key idea is that the Andromedan soul aspect is able to record just about everything that the one carrying this soul aspect witnesses.

In the abovementioned earlier articles we have spoken about a clone that was called ‘Hans’ who was made by splitting a piece of the Andromedan soul aspect of Mark. After inverting the benevolent Andromedan aspect into its dark opposite he was trained and turned into some ruthless robotic assassin. While the perpetrators considered themselves completely safe in expressing and showing their evil deeds, this Andromedan aspect was actually recording all this, in such a way that it could be used later to prove all their misdeeds. Isn’t that a fabulous way to get to those crooks working with these E.T. manipulators?

Mark Domizio and Dr. Michael Salla talk about clever ways incriminating evidence is gathered

Even though Mark Domizio went through horrible things and his clones performed horrific acts he stresses that he doesn’t feel like a victim. He says that in some way he chose this job with one of the main goals being to expose these dark practices, like the way they caged all those people down there in Dulce completely naked (9). Rebecca Rose said a similar thing during a February 2023 interview with Alisha Braché (11) : she was not a hapless victim to all this. She chose to do this job to expose the beast. Below you can see the part from that interview in which she says that. I commented on her telegramchannel (12) that her dozens of clones (13) could be considered to be a kind of ultimate spy operation, with which she heartily agreed.

Rebecca Rose talks about opting for her experiences to expose the Beast (11)

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Children’s Classes in a Spaceship

Mélanie Charest – screenshot from (3)

While I was working on the fascinating Japanese account by Jean-Charles Moyen (1) I added a link to his Youtube Channel (2), where I discovered an interview with his wife Mélanie Charest. In that particular video she describes her own experiences with off-world people. Since I would like to add more people to the group of people that provide credible testimonies I heartily welcome her story to Galactic Anthropology.

Mélanie Charest is not completely new to this website. You might remember this moment when Jean-Charles met Thor Han for the first time (4,5) on the Excelsior (6). This turned out to be a Mélanie Charest from a future timeline though. Let’s read along from an article from Exopolitics where Jean-Charles describes how he ended up on that ship (7):

“I felt tingling all over my body exactly the same sensation as when you sleep on your arm and the blood comes back in it. You know that scary tingling sensation. Suddenly I was up in a ship, in a big control room with a huge view of space and Elena was next to me and she said to me, you saw, it’s beautiful the view, I like to come here, it relaxes me to see the earth like this, it calms me.

And there in the middle stood Melanie [Jean Charles’s wife] in a silver tight suit! Who said you were surprised to see me here, honey !!!! Elena and I have known each other for a long time and we are friends, but I’ll let you continue your visit and she teleported herself!!!!”

Mélanie Charest also played in the movie ‘South Shore Origin’ with Jean-Charles Moyen (7)

In the interview from April 2022, Mélanie describes what she remembered during a hypnosis session. She says that she – as a 4-year old – was taken by some blue-skinned beings who took her on board of a spaceship. In that ship she encountered a woman who was dressed as a nurse, but who was not human. She then goes on to talk about her getting to a compartment that was filled with children who were taught all kinds of things. This all happened in a very good atmosphere. Watch a relevant part of her testimony below (French with English subtitles):

Mélanie Charest talks about what she encountered on a spaceship (3)

A bit later in the interview Mélanie makes a jump in time and continues when she herself was about 17-20 years. At that age the tables were turned: now she had become the teacher for children from Earth. I was impressed to see how Mélanie got emotional when remembering how beautiful it felt to be there in that spaceship as a child: as if she had returned to her real family as opposed to the relatively boring conditions on the planet.

A Class in a Spaceship – Screenshot from Connexion Alien (3)

In the above excerpt Jean-Charles makes the connection with his own experiences. During an interview with Dr. Salla (8), both Jean-Charles Moyen and David Rousseau shared the same story: they both were part of a class on a spaceship. For them it was the Solaris (6) and one of their teachers was Maria Orsic (9).

They were the only human children in their class. I haven’t heard Mélanie talk about the specific species of her fellow children students.

In the interview Jean-Charles Moyen mentioned another contactee that was new to me: Tricia Brett. In a book she describes her experiences with her Ohorai-guide Jor’Esh (10,11). You might hear more of her too in some future articles (12).

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(11) In 2021 Tricia Brett wrote the book ‘Meet Jor’Esh: or the Reconnection to my Soul‘.
(12) I have read her book and it didn’t really resonate with me. As far as I’m concerned there are too many differences with the work of those I study on this website.